Handsome Hybrid: The Chihuahua Pug Mix

The Chihuahua Pug hybrid, also known as the Chug Dog, is tiny and cute! They are the perfect size for apartment dwelling and cuddling on your lap. These little pups have the best mix of Chihuahua and Pug genes - the fiery personalities and sass of the Chi, with the cute little faces and tails of the Pug!

They are becoming super popular and if you are looking to add a dog to your family, this little pup might be perfect! In today’s article, we will take you through all the details. We will lay out everything, including temperament, appearance, training tips and a care guide!

Keep reading to find out everything you should know about the Chi Pug Mix.

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What Makes a Chug Dog?

Like many of the most popular dogs these days, the Chug Dog is not purebred. This wrinkly-faced dog is actually a designer breed. The sassy and loyal Chihuahua is mated with the adorably gentle Pug to create the Chug Dog.

The resulting mix is friendly, loving and little - just perfect for snuggling on your lap! And with the Pug genes, they are even a bit goofy and googly-eyed. They are so cute and entertaining - the perfect family dog.

Understanding the parent breeds will give us a better idea of the Chug Dog, so let’s dive into some Chihuahua and Pug facts!

Standard Chihuahua

Like we mentioned in our Long-Haired Chihuahua article, Chi dogs are one of the oldest breeds still around today. And there is actually some confusion around where they come from. Their namesake, Chihuahua, is a state in Mexico. This fact leads most people to believe that these tiny pups originated there.

In reality, Chihuahuas date back to around 100 AD and their closest ancestor, the Techihi dog, is from pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. So while Chihuahuas are popular in Mexico, they are not from there.

Both Chihuahuas and their ancestors served ancient royalty as hunters and lapdogs. They kept rats and other small rodents away while providing valuable companionship.

In some of those ancient cultures, Chihuahuas were thought to be connected to the afterlife and were sometimes sacrificed or eaten. Shocking!

Thankfully, Chihuahua lovers these days would never dream of this practice! In fact, they are one of the most popular tiny breeds around. These sassy Chihuahuas found their way to America in 1800, were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1904 and have enjoyed great publicity and popularity ever since!

The Chug Dogs certainly have a little sass, but their personalities are a bit more tame thanks to the Pug genes. Let’s checkout parent number two - the adorable and sweet Pug!

Pug Breed

Like the Chihuahua, the Pug is a small ancient breed. But that is where their similarities end. Pugs date back to 206 BC, where they served emperors of the Han Dynasty in China. These little, wrinkly-faced pups were so prized by the royalty that they were sometimes guarded by soldiers!

China began freely trading with Europe in the late 1500s and shared their love of Pugs. Soon, European royals fell for these large-eyed cuddle bugs too! In the Victorian Era, Pugs soared to popularity. They were prominently featured in parlor paintings and other decor of the times. In 1885, the AKC declared Pugs an official breed in America.

Today, Pugs are known for their adorable faces and goofy personalities, sometimes referred to as the clowns of the dog world. They will do anything to make you laugh! And who would not love those curly little tails. Major Heart-Eyes.

So what makes the Chug Dog shine? We know they have wonderful parents, but let’s find out more!

Cost of a Chug Puppy

Oddly enough, sometimes the tiniest little dogs cost the most. But sometimes, they are the cutest, cuddliest, best dogs! So the price is well worth it.

For an average, first generation Chug Dog, you can expect to pay at least $600. This price can go up depending on the pedigree, generation, and general demand. If you have no preference on what your Chug Dog looks like, a first generation puppy is a great, cheaper option.

But if you prefer your puppy to act or look more like the Chihuahua or Pug, it is best to buy a later generation. It is difficult, if not impossible to determine how designer breeds will look or behave - it all depends on how the genes combine.

But, breeders can make predictions based on the generation. For example, when a Chihuahua mates with Pug, a first generation Chug Dog is born. If a Chug Dog mates with another Chug Dog, a second generation Chihuahua Pug hybrid is born. Overtime, the genes become more concentrated and have less variability. So it becomes easier to guess what the resulting Chug Dog will look like or act like.

So what does the Chug Dog usually look like?

Appearance: The Chihuahua Pug Mix

Like we just mentioned, it is not always easy to say what the Chug Dog looks like. But on average, the Chug dog is small, around 10 to 20 pounds and less than a foot tall. They typically have the smushed, flat and wrinkly faces of the Pug. Talk about cute!

Their ears are usually more erect than the Pug’s - more like the Chihuahua parent’s alert ears. Their coat is always short and high-shedding, unless they come from a Long-Haired Chihuahua. And when it comes to color, the Chug Dog is usually tan, brown, cream, black, or a combination.

They do not require much grooming, other than a quick brushing or two. But their wrinkles may get a little dirty between baths. So it is best to gently wipe them with a damp cloth if you notice any dirt or grime hanging around!

chug dogs make great family pets

Caring for Your Chug Dog

In this section, we will cover everything from training and grooming to feeding and exercise. In terms of care, the Chug Dog is pretty low maintenance, making them ideal for a first-time pet-owner. But like any dog, they do require lots of love and attention!

Chug Temperament and Training

This tiny dog is loyal, confident, and intelligent. With proper socialization and training, they easily make friends with people and animals alike. But like the Chihuahua, they sometimes do not know just how small they are! They might suffer from Small Dog Syndrome if they are not introduced to a wide variety of experiences from puppyhood. This can lead them to be aggressive and yappy toward strangers, small children, and other dogs. But do not worry, this can all be avoided by making sure your Chug Dog is comfortable around others.

If you happen to order lots of Amazon packages and do not appreciate your dog barking every time one is delivered for example, teach him that the doorbell is nothing to be feared. You can do this by ringing the doorbell, then giving your dog a small treat. This will help your Chug feel relaxed when the bell rings. And just like that, you have avoided having a yappy pup!

Overall, the Chihuahua Pug Mix is playful and loving. They adore attention and are super smart. They can be a bit stubborn thanks to the Chihuahua genes, but this can be overcome by a dedicated pup-parent.

When training your Chug Dog, it is best to keep sessions short and fun, so that they have the largest impact. These dogs are not known for their willingness to please or long attention spans, so they will do best with about 10-15 minute training sessions.

We always recommend adopting a positive training method that is based on a reward model. For example, find out what your Chug Dog values most - whether that be love and praise from you, small treats, or a favorite toy. Then, reward them with it when they complete the proper tasks or display the desired behavior. If your dog is highly food-motivated, make sure to account for the extra treat calories in their daily needs! Since Chug Dog are so tiny, it is easy for them to quickly gain unhealthy weight.

On another note, puppy classes can also be a great option for training! Most classes are structured to include brief bursts of training, with ample play time with other dogs in between. So your Chug Dog would have a great opportunity for socialization as well!

Feeding Your Chihuahua Pug Mix

These tiny little dogs have big appetites! And because they always seem to be cuddling in your lap, it can be tempting to feed them people food. But it is best to stick to feeding a high-quality dog food, formulated for tiny breeds. You can also supplement and provide variety by offering treats.

Surprisingly, Chug Dogs only require about 600 calories per day which equates to about one cup of dry food. Of course, this all depends on the weight and activity level of your Chug, so you can consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

To keep your Chug Dog from getting hungry throughout the day, we recommend splitting his daily food allowance into two meals. Feeding morning and night will help establish a balanced routine and keep your dog happy.

How Much Exercise Does a Tiny Dog Need?

Some tiny breeds only require about 30 minutes of activity per day and thrive with two 15 minute walks per day. But this is not true of the Chug Dog. These little guys are a bit more energetic and high-strung, and they require at least 45 minutes of activity per day to be happy and content.

We recommend providing three 10 minute walks throughout the day, combined with a more vigorous 15 minute play session. This could be tossing a ball or gently playing tug-o-war! As you get to know your dog, you can decide if he needs more or less exercise each day.

And as a quick note, it is best to leash train your Chug Dog and always keep them on a leash while walking. They have a pretty high prey drive and are prone to chasing after squirrels and other small animals. But, you can always let them run free in the fenced areas of a dog park! They will certainly appreciate the freedom.

chug dogs are playful

Health Considerations

Chug Dogs have an average lifespan of 11 years, but may live up to 13 years. They are pretty healthy, but unfortunately they are prone to the same breathing issues as Pugs. Because their faces are flat, their airways are short and it is difficult for Chugs to breathe in extreme cold, heat, or after extensive exercise. You can read more about this condition, known as Brachycephaly, here.

Chugs are also more prone to an eye condition, retinal atrophy, thanks to their Chihuahua genes. This typically does not become a problem until your Chug is much older, as it is a progressive degenerative disease. But you should keep an eye on your dog’s vision!

As always, we recommend staying on top of annual veterinary checkups and preventative medications in an effort to help your Chug Dog live his best, longest life with you!

Breed Summary: The Chug Dog  

This little dog is adorable, funny, and the perfect addition to your life! Their size and exercise needs make them perfect for apartment-dwellers. And they are pretty low-maintenance, so Chugs are a great dog for first time pet-owners.

They can be a little sassy and stubborn, but nothing that socialization and training cannot overcome.

Chug Dogs are gentle, loving, and loyal when it comes to their families. They want nothing more than to make you laugh!

So what do you think? Is the Chihuahua Pug Mix the perfect dog for you? Let us know!

Fact Detail


10-20 pounds; 6-12 inches



Health Considerations:

Respiratory issues, retinal atrophy

Life Expectancy:

10-13 years


Flat face, Short coat; Tan, Brown, cream, white, black, combination


Can be difficult to train; short attention span


Loyal, Loving, Goofy, Sassy

Activity Level:

Medium-Energy; 45 minutes per day activity required

Overall Rating:

Wonderful dog for first-time owners

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