About the Paw-thors

Petventures is a customizable children's book that tells the story of your dog or cat exploring a magical town filled with pets. You design the look of your dog or cat, write a custom dedication and add your name and hometown to create a uniquely personal adventure. We're constantly adding new dog and cat breeds so if you don't see yours, keep checking back or contact us.

About the Creators

Petventures was created by a group of dog and cat lovers in San Francisco, inspired by our amazing pets. While we occasionally growl and hiss at each other over the respective merits of our feline and canine companions, we are united by our love of art, storytelling and goofy critters.

Having adopted our fur-babies from rescues, we believe every pet deserves a home; even adventure-seeking dogs and cats who become mayors of magical towns eventually come back home to where they belong!

We love partnering with animal shelters and rescue organizations, so please contact us to learn how Petventures can support you.

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About the Paw-thor

P.J. Paws is the alias of a very furry and reclusive author whose genius wit and imagination is responsible for the world of Petventures. He likes greenies, belly rubs and chasing sparrows. P.J. came into our lives as a spunky little rescue pup and has inspired us to tell stories about critters like him.

About the Pawthor