The Top Gifts for Dog Lovers

there are many popular gifts perfect for pet lovers

At the start of the new decade the winter gift-giving season might be over... But you're not off the hook yet!

No, in fact—look at the gift-giving holidays in just the first few months of the year!

  • Valentine's Day in February
  • Holi in March
  • Easter and the start of Ramadan in April

And those are just the holidays listed on my calendar. You might also need to add in other holidays, birthdays, engagement and bachelor/ette parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceñeras, graduations, promotions, retirements... Well, you get the picture!

Trying to figure out what to get for so many events is hard, and it can be tempting to resort to a lot of gift cards—searching all around the web or driving from store to store is a pain... Who has time for that these days?

But broad gift cards are so impersonal. You want special presents to give loved ones on their special days!

Nothing's more special than presents personalized with the one thing everybody is guaranteed to love: their dogs.

Here's a list of tons of doggone thoughtful gifts for dog lovers that are guaranteed to be a hit at any occasion—dogs are never out of season.

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put your dog's face on a shirt. it makes a perfect gift for dog moms

Gifts for the Fashionable Dog Lover

Following big personalities, looks lead us to our pups. It's no wonder that dogs make great companions for fashion lovers. Poodles and chihuahuas might be best known for this, but there's a dog for every look.

Let’s not waste time deciding which are the most stylish—it's not why you came here. Check out these personalized gifts for the best dressed on your list, instead.

1. Personalized Dog Shirts

What's better than a fashionista stylishly proclaiming your relationship while strutting the sidewalk? Not much!

Tank tops are forever popular among the fashion elite as a flattering, versatile shirt.

But you don't need a supermodel's income to buy a tank to knock it out of the dog park with your fashionable friends, no matter their gender. Customize a tank top with their furry buddy and your gift will catch eyes in public before you know it.

You can get tees and long sleeve shirts, too.

customized socks with your dogs face

2. Dog Socks

Socks are sometimes joked about as a boring, unwanted present. With quality socks, that couldn't be further from the truth!

If they have dogs, even your most style-savvy friends are probably out of interesting socks. Our good dogs double as sock thieves, and it's less expensive to replace plain ones.

Here's how to knock those sad socks off: Make socks they won't risk losing. Warm your dear one's person paws with attractive, personalized dog socks!

White socks would be boring and probably unwanted by someone passionate about fashion. The uniqueness of these socks is what makes them the ideal present.

3. Pet Hoodies  

Hoodies are casual wear for any season, making them a great gift all year round.

This is why they stay in fashion, too. Dogs are similarly perfect… Combine them!

Give the fashion-conscious dog owners you know stylish hoodies featuring their dogs.

Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life

a list of gifts perfect for the creative dog lover

Gifts for animal lovers are personal presents by nature: You're showing the recipient you know their interests.

Personalized products are so easy to find online… That's the problem.

Custom gifts are everywhere! How do you make something to wow your artistic friends?

Here’s how: Give these meaningful, creative gifts.

4. Pop Art Dog Portraits

Most everyone knows someone crazy about famous pop artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein. But if a person likes them, they usually have merchandise already.

Plus, they're so well-known that a print might seem like an afterthought. If you want to impress, you should try something new.

Nothing's more personal than a dog portrait painting. But there are plenty of dog portraits available, so how is this special?

Well, you shouldn’t buy any old drawings of dog faces! The key is how well you know your loved ones' taste.

Even a smaller pop art pet canvas (a pup art pet canvas?) shows you’re thoughtful enough to immortalize Rover in their favorite art style.

pet pop art is a great way to display your dog

5. Pop Art Pet Tags

Your choices for dog artwork aren't limited to a pet picture on canvas. Instead, try custom art to put on the dog!

Quality pet tags give dog owners peace of mind. There's no reason this essential can't be an aesthetic statement, too.

Creative people resemble their pets so often—take these celebrity designers. Give human-dog teams you know personalized pet tags in pop art designs to help pooches match their artistic owners, too.

6. Custom Dog Towels

Your creative loved ones are trendsetters, soaking up the spotlight. They'll get good at soaking up the sun, too, when they bring a customized pet towel that shows off their puppy to the beach.

Jump on this chance to impress with your creativity! You might suggest some of America's most dog-friendly beaches, also.

Gifts for Dog Lovers in Love

7. Soft Puppy Sweaters

Sweater weather isn't over yet! Snuggle up with your sweetheart and your pup until it gets warm again in a couple's set you make of these super-soft, customizable dog sweaters, which you might also consider dog sweatshirts—if that's more your style.

custom pop art sweatshirts keep dog lovers cozy

8. Personal Pet Ornaments

Dog memorial ornaments are a common way to commemorate a lost pet, but your loved ones can just as well celebrate their living dogs on their Christmas trees with artful, high-quality customized porcelain pet ornaments. Regardless of circumstance, it will give lovebirds a heartfelt opportunity to bond as they think of their dogs in the warm, romantic glow of twinkle lights.

The ornaments are flat, too, so the recipients of your gifts can hang them on their walls or pretty much anywhere else since they're flat. This is great if they don't celebrate Christmas, or if they do, but it's any other time of year and they still want to display it.

That versatility makes this a great gift for anyone in any part of the year, not just the wagging tail end of the year.

custom pet pop art ornaments are a popular gift for dog moms

9. Custom Dog Blankets

Picture this: A frosty (or not so frosty) Valentine's Day morning, cozied up in bed next to your darling. Your dog sleeps under the covers at your feet, and a custom plush fleece blanket with a picture of him printed on it lies over you, keeping you all nice and toasty.

Sound nice? Of course it does. If you're not getting one for your own bed, you should do a favor for another couple you're shopping for. You never know, they might end up thanking you when they're still together going into 2030!

Gifts for Dog(-Loving) Parents

Parenting might be the most difficult work out there, and who’s caring for all the exhausted parents? But tiny changes can make a big difference, and that's where you come in!

Check out these essentials for the dog-loving parents in your life.

10. Dog Mugs

Raising a child is incredibly rewarding, but demanding work, so many parents are always tired. Keep their energy up with coffee or tea in a unique mug: one personalized with their pup.

11. Personalized Phone Cases

Another surprisingly simple thing that can prove crucial to staying sane through years of parental stress is simply investing in a quality phone case.


You take your kid to the store and give her your smartphone to look at while you shop. You've done it a million times before—so has everyone. Keeping kids engaged keeps them safe!

It's almost her birthday and she demands a stuffed dog toy that looks like the family pet. You already got her a birthday present you know she'll love (keep reading for ideas on that, by the way), so you say no. But she won't hear it... and throws the phone to the ground.

Well, so much for your new iPhone.

Stories like that are too common. Kids WILL be kids—that's why every parent needs a good phone case.

Tantrum-proof your loved one's cell with a cute dog photo phone case.

And hey... Maybe kiddo's puppy on your phone will stop her from throwing it in the first place!

12. Custom Tote Bags

Parents never have enough arms! Parents lug things around for their families every day, so recognize their work with a helpful present.

You can't gift extra limbs, and you can't always be there to help. Offer a personalized pet art tote bag and have Fido pick up the slack!

Gifts for Human Puppies, Also Known as Children

Maybe you've always lived with a dog, but if you haven't, do you remember how badly you wanted one growing up?

If you were one of the lucky kids whose parents gave in to your begging, do you remember how good it felt to finally get one?

Now you can give the kids you know presents they can look back to for years to come and reflect on the memories they made throughout their childhood dog-owning journey.

13. Custom Dog Art Pillows

This might sound silly, but: You'll likely never love pillows more than you did when you were little. No, not even when you're old and sore. Hear me out. As a kid, you have naps, pillow forts, pillow fights, and can comfortably sleep on a throw pillow.

That means that all you have to do to wow any kid you know is put a pet picture on a pillow. And what adult wouldn't want to remember their childhood dog that way? This is a gift that's sure to last.

snuggle up with a custom pet pop art pillow

14. Children's Clothes

Gifts of clothes for kids are often actually aimed at their parents. It's time for that to change. For your next gift, make custom funny dog T-shirts that will be a hit with both kids on the playground and the toddlers at daycare.

Supporting kids’ interests when you shop for them is a great way to support their creativity and become a positive figure in their lives. This might seem like a small gesture, but it could be the start of big things!

15. Personalized Pet Books

What better way to teach a child to read or encourage a love of reading than by creating a special book about the dog your young learner loves? With many opportunities to put your personal touches on the story, these children's personalized books will make kids feel like they and their pets are stars.

16. Travel Water Bottle and Dog Dispenser

To start off our 25 best dog gifts list, we have this travel water bottle with a dog dispenser. Whether you're going for a walk around the block or taking your best buddy on a lengthy hike, this will keep you both hydrated and replenished on your journey!

The attached dog dispenser at the bottom of the bottle detaches. When the pup is thirsty, you can pour the water from the bottle into the doggy dish and then reattach it after use. How easy!

17. Dog Travel Bag

Keep all of your dog supplies and treats together in a convenient travel bag designed for your pup.

Perfect for your long trips together, or for doggy daycare!

To be honest, the pockets are so handy and convenient, we may even use the bag for our own stuff!

18. Car Seat Cover

Have a shedding dog? Keep the hair and dirt off of car seats with no effort.

A car seat cover is the perfect gift for the pet owners you know. Pets are inherently messy, so help your friends keep their car clean by getting a car seat cover for dogs.

Another idea would be to get a divider for the car. If you or a friend have a dog that can't help but make their way to the driver's lap, look into a hammock car seat cover and divider for the back seat.

19. BarkBox Subscription Box

BarkBox is the ideal present for a pet lover and their dog! Each month you will get a delivery of treats and toys tailored for the dog's size and specific needs.

Join the thousands that sing Barkbox's praises. If you don't want to invest in a large income of toys and just want to get a collection of toys and treats, for now, try this.

20. Smart Dog Collar

A simple gift with many benefits! This smart dog collar has two-way audio, so you can easily hear what your buddy is up to.

There is also GPS tracking. We hope there is never a time where you need to use the GPS tracking, but if your dog does become lost you'll be glad you had it.

Plus, there is room to put your personalized dog tags on this collar. Let's make sure Fido gets home!

21. Decorative Pet Gate

Your dog might not be so pleased about this one.

If you have some areas that are a danger to doggy, or rooms you just don't want them in, get a stylish pet gate to block off the space.

There are many pet gate options to choose from in a wide range of prices to suit your needs and your budget. We chose the decorative pet gate because we love the modern look it can bring to your room.  

22. Dog Backpack

If you know someone who is obsessed with their dog, think about getting them a dog backpack for their furry friend.

This unique gift is a backpack that your dog wears itself. It works as a coast and as a place to store treats and bags and more!

If you're a dog lover yourself, make sure to show how much you love your pooch and keep them warm, and those treats handy, with this dog pack.

23. Dog DNA Test

Is your dog of Dachshund descent? Or perhaps a Staffordshire terrier?

The dog lover in you is dying to know what breeds your little mixed doggy are! Try this Breed Identification and Canine Genetic Health Screening Kit.

In addition to the breed identification, you can screen your dog for health risks they may be genetically predisposed to.

You owe it to your dog to give them the best health care. Learning what diseases they have a higher risk for can help better prepare you for their potential illnesses.

24. Wipe Your Paws Doormat

Wipe your paws doormat is the perfect addition to any home.

Keep your house clean by encouraging guests to wipe their feet with this doormat. Let them know as soon as they walk in that this is a dog person's house!

Maybe you can even teach your pooch to wipe their paws before coming in. We can dream, can't we?

25. Dog Dental Treats

Mmm yum, dental treats! Fresh breath for your dog isn't only a treat for them, it is a present for us, dog parents, too!

For fresh breath and a happy pup (and owner), give your dog this minty treat.

26. Pet Wand Shower Attachment

It is inevitable, your dog is going to get dirty and is going to need a bath. Bath time should be enjoyable for your pup!

Your dog shouldn't have to sit and be cleaned in a bathtub of its own filth while you wash them. Try the pet wand shower attachment for easier rinsing off your furry friend. With the pet wand shower attachment, you don't have to scoop bathwater out with an old cup.

Help give your dog the bath they deserve and the clean you desire with this neat shower attachment.

27. Pop Up Pee Pad

Potty training your pup? These pop-up pee pads work like your ordinary pee pads but have a fun pop-up fire hydrant for aiming purposes! How cool is that?

Help keep the mess to a minimum with these pee pads. The dog people in your life will thank you.

Keep your house nice and tidy. And also its perfect practice for peeing on the fire hydrants on the street!

28. The Perfect Picture Frame

For the best picture of you and your doggo, you need the perfect picture frame. Get a picture frame that shares just how much your furry friend means to you.

Like this "all you need is love and a dog" sign and frame. Put the picture of you and your best friend forever in here and display it for the world to see.

This frame would look perfect in your office on your desk. Let everyone know you're a dog person!

This may also be a good gift for someone who has recently lost a pet.

29. CBD Treats

They're all the rage for a reason. CBD has many benefits for humans, and for dogs too!

CBD treats are an excellent way to get your pup their daily dose while also snacking on some yummy treats.

The benefits of CBD for dogs include anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, and possible relief from seizures and muscle spasms. There is still a lot of research to be done on CBD for pets, but anecdotally people have sung its praises for animals that have been in a lot of pain.

30. "Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are" Bag

This bag is great for your makeup, pens, school, or maybe treats for your little friend!

"Be the person your dog thinks you are" makes me want to be a better person, how about you?

31. Recurring Food Delivery

Our pets deserve the best food. Have you looked at your dog food ingredient labels recently? Ick!

Would you eat what your dog eats? No, of course, you wouldn't. Then why are we feeding it to them?

Get them quality pet food and feed them natural products with Hills Diet on repeat subscribe and save delivery.

32. Heated Pet Bed

Where is your furry friend snoozing? If it isn't a heated pet bed, you're doing it wrong.

Your dog loves to cozy up to you for snuggles of course, but also your heat! Give them some warmth while you're away with a heated pet bed.

This gift may be one of the more practical ones on the list, but you can go ahead and choose from a wide variety of options to match your aesthetic and style, as well as your dog's size.

33. Doggy Raincoat

A raincoat may seem like overkill, but your dog will appreciate the coziness.

We get to stay warm and dry right? Why not offer the same luxury to your pet?

Don't worry about patting down your dog with a towel after a walk in the rain. A doggy raincoat is fashionable and more practical than anything.

34. Dog Memory Journal  

What are your dog's preferred treats? Where is there favorite place to play? How about their very best toy?

You can write it all down in your dog journal. Add pictures and memories for a keepsake that will last forever.

Ah, the inevitable happens and you have to bend down and grab your dog's business, with just a plastic bag between you and some doo-doo.

Don't scoop the poop with your hand, there is a tool for that!

A gift for your dog, but really for yourself, would be the good old fashioned pooper scooper. Never touch poop again.

36. A Clean Coat

Not all dogs love bathtime, but everyone will love the scent of this lavender oatmeal dog shampoo.

For a luxurious coat and a gentle but efficient clean, get this dog shampoo for your dog (and your nose!).

37. Zoo Supply

Z Supply, a clothing brand available on Amazon, knows what the dog lover needs: matching clothes with their dog. Don't fret. We found Z Supply is stylish but also will help keep your pup cozy in the cooler parts of the year.

So match your pup in a stylish camo sweatshirt or a fashionable striped sweatshirt. You're guaranteed to look cool, you're wearing the same clothes as a dog, after all.

38. Bob-a-Lot Interactive Toy

Want your pet to entertain themselves for a bit? Need a treat dispenser for when you're out of the house and your dog is being a good boy!?

If you need a break from throwing the ball in an endless game of fetch, don't look any further. We've got the toy for you!

The Bob-a-Lot interactive dog toy is the perfect gift for your active dog. This toy bounces around and dispenses treats for your pup while they run and play!

Exercise and a snack, you just can't beat it.

39. Odor Eliminating Candles

Have a naughty pup that likes to go potty in the house? Or maybe just an area of your house that smells foul (we're looking at you, cat people!).

Get yourself a candle, but not just any candle. An odor-eliminating candle!

This candle will tackle the toughest smells to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

So get the stink out, and the odor-eliminating candles in.

40. Pet Nail Filer

Trying to cut your dog's nails can be nervewracking. Avoiding the quick which carries blood in the nail is pretty difficult when your dog is thrashing back and forth.

A good gift for your dog or a dog lover you know would be a nail filer. No using clippers again! This file is gentle, quiet, and can trim the nails just as well as clippers, without the risk.

Now Go Fetch Some Presents!

I know you’re left reeling from this last set of holidays. You feel like you could go the entire rest of your life without giving or receiving another present, right? I think we all know the feeling, whether we want to admit it or not. It's an exhausting time of year!

But could you really? You just read not five, not ten, but a ton of great personal gift ideas to start the new decade on the right foot. And all of them are so cool.

You’re a great friend, a trusted family member, a perfect partner and an all-around awesome person to know, and that’s because you like to make the people you care about happy.

You have a proven gift-giving track record—you just wanted some fresh suggestions. Well, now that you’ve seen all these great gifts for dog lovers, you have no excuse not to get shopping! You have to start at some point, so why stall?

But you can do what you want… Just keep in mind that using the gift-buying resources available to you now means you won’t panic next time you’re expected to give a gift. Don’t forget that your next big occasion is right around the corner!

And if generosity isn’t your goal, well… Giving great gifts does mean you’ll get great gifts back!

If you have any questions about any of the products discussed in this article, you can click here to read some common answers, and then go here to ask any questions that you have left over.

The people you love and dogs they care about thank you!

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