Breed Guide: The Corgi Husky Mix

corgi husky mixes are a wonderful hybrid breed

Get ready to meet one of the cutest hybrid breeds ever - the Corgi Siberian Husky mix - or as we like to say… the Corgski. Who would have thought that you could find a pup with the adorable Corgi butt and the gorgeous Husky eyes! Well, look no further. The Corgski, also known as the Horgi and Siborgi is the best of both worlds.

Not only is this fluffy puppy too cute for words, but it is also the ideal lap dog! Corgi Husky Mixes are similar in size to purebred Welsh Corgis, so they only grow to about a foot in height and weigh around 20 pounds. They are the perfect size for cuddling!

The Corgski sounds pretty great so far, right? Let’s dive into the details and learn even more!

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corgis are adorable and fluffy

Origin Story: How the Corgi Husky Mix Came About

Both parent breeds have deep roots and arrived in America at some point in the 1930s. The Corgis are known for their short little legs and big personalities, while Huskies are admired for their beauty, strength and energy.

About 25 years ago, Corgis and Huskies were crossbred for the first time and it was a perfect match! And as designer breeds become more popular, the Corgski is enjoying a surge in popularity.

Due to their size differences, first generation Corgski mixes are bred from a pure Welsh Corgi male and a pure female Siberian Husky. Mating large dogs with much smaller breeds can be dangerous, but ensuring that the mother dog is a Husky helps avoid these issues and provides you with a happy, healthy pup!

And of course because the Corgski is a hybrid breed, no one can really say exactly what they will look like, but most tend to favor the Corgi parent when it comes to size, while they usually have the eyes and ears of the Husky. One way to get a better idea of what your Corgi Husky mix will look like is by getting one that is a second generation or later. This means that each parent is also a Corgski.

We should also note that because this adorable dog is a mixed breed, it cannot be registered with any major kennel club like the American Kennel Club for example. But don’t worry - this definitely does not make the Corgski any less adorable or loveable!

In fact, the Corgi Husky Mix was bred specifically for being the perfect companion. And as we mentioned earlier, they are well suited for curling up in your lap and snuggling in for a nice nap!

On average, Corgski pups go for around $650 USD but they can sell for $1000 or more based on what generation they are. Second generation and later sell for much more for, example. But of course, shelters and rescue organizations are full of wonderful hybrids and you can find a Corgi Husky Mix there for much less while also saving a life! There are several options to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect Corgski to complete your family.

Next, we will look closely at both the Welsh Corgi and the Siberian Husky so we can provide a better picture of the Corgski.

Corgis are friendly and intelligent

Parent Breed: The Welsh Corgi

Two types of Corgis exist - the Pembroke and the Cardigan. While Cardigan Corgis have tails, Pembrokes do not. They are born with no tail or very tiny, almost invisible tails that are then docked. Pembroke Corgis are where the classic “Corgi Butt” obsession comes from. And we have to admit - they are pretty cute!

The Cardigan Corgis arrived in Britain with the Celtic people around 3000 years ago and interestingly, “Corgi” comes from the Celtic word “kergie” or dog. The Pembroke Corgis are named after a town in Wales where the little dogs are wildly popular. Both types of Corgi worked as cattle herding dogs and were interbred until about 1934 when they were officially recognized separately in America.

Both types of Corgi may be used for creating Corgi Husky Mixes, so it is best to consult with your breeder if you prefer one type over the other. Either way, Corgis have wonderful temperaments and personalities. Aside from being absolutely adorable, they are playful and never meet a stranger! While they do not make a very good guard dog, they are certainly suited for friendly and outgoing owners. They want to play with everyone at the dog park!

And though they are small, they do love to run and exercise. Due to their herding background, Corgis are very alert and love to chase small animals like squirrels and bunnies. They may even try to herd your other pets!

But not to worry, Corgis are highly intelligent and you can easily curb their herding tendencies with consistent training.

What is not to love? The Corgi makes a great parent breed to your Corgski. Now, let’s look at the Husky!

Husky dogs have gorgeous eyes

Parent Breed: The Siberian Husky

Huskies are pretty high up on the Most Popular Dog Breeds List , so it is no surprise that they are quickly becoming a favorite when it comes to creating designer breeds. Take a look at the Gerberian Shepsky for example - talk about majestic!

Similar to Corgis, Huskys have a deeply rich history as working dogs. These beauties were bred over 3000 years ago in Russia and arrived in America around 1908. In Alaska, they worked as sled dogs and won hearts across the country with their fierce loyalty and dazzling eyes.

But be warned - Huskies are not for the faint of heart. Not only are they quite large, clocking in at an average of 50 pounds - but they are also highly energetic and do best with experienced owners. Unfortunately, if Huskies are left alone for long periods of time, or do not receive enough stimulation, they become destructive. They may dig, try to run away, or howl for hours on end.

They are certainly a handful and deserve to be cared for by attentive and experienced owners who are dedicated to their well being. In the right environment, Huskies thrive! They are loving and gentle giants.

So what does this combo lead to? Let’s take a closer look at the Corgski temperament, appearance and needs.

Deep Dive: Corgi Husky Mix Characteristics

With the playfulness of the Corgi parent and the intense energy of the Husky parent, the Corgski is the perfect mix! Both parents pass on their super smarts to this fluffy hybrid so they require lots of physical and mental stimulation.

Corgi Husky Mixes are friendly and loving and do well with other pets. However, they do best in homes without small children. They also prefer to be with their pack. And like their Husky parent, Corgskis do not appreciate being left alone. Unfortunately, loneliness brings out unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing, and scratching. But this can easily be avoided by hiring a dog walker or doggy daycare service!

Caring For a Corgski

Like we have mentioned before, the Corgi Husky Mix typically looks like a Husky in the face - bright eyes, perky ears and wolfish features - while looking more like a Corgi when it comes to size. However, the coat is usually more like the fluffy Husky as well.It is so cute - kind of like a short-legged Husky puppy that stays the same size forever!

Exercising and Training Your Corgski

As working dogs, it is true that both Corgis and Siberian Huskies have lots of energy and love to play. And of course they love a mental challenge as well!

General recommendations include incorporating about an hour a day of exercise into your Corgi Husky Mix’s routine. However, it is important to work up to this amount over the first year of life to avoid overexertion and potential injuries in puppies. Some vets suggest only exercising your new pup for 5 minutes per month of age. So, a six month old puppy would exercise for 30 minutes.

Fun ways to provide stimulation for your Corgski is of course walking, running, playing fetch, and setting up brain training games. These little puzzles are interactive, challenging, and can keep your Corgi Husky Mix engaged for hours! It is a great way to avoid boredom.

In fact, making sure your Corgi Husky Mix is well exercised and entertained is a great way to help avoid potential behavioral problems! And sticking to a consistent training routine will take care of the rest.

They are pretty easy to train, thanks to their intelligence from both parents. Some owners find that using small treats are quite helpful in motivating their pups to perform the desired tasks. This fits right in to the recommended rewards based training methods that we support! Lots of positive praise in the form of “Good Girl!” and vigorous petting will also help your pup understand what you would like her to do.

Corgi Husky Mix Appearance & Grooming

Similar to the Corgis, many of the Corgskis are red and white. However, some are brindle, Sable like a German Shepherd, or the classic grey, white, and black of the Husky.

And like we mentioned before, their adorable little faces look more like a Husky. But their bodies are more like their Corgi parent - long, squatty, and fluffy!

Because Corgskis are a hybrid breed, it is difficult if not impossible to predict all their characteristics. For example, the tails tend to vary. Some take on the long tail of the Husky, while others have no tail or a very short tail like the Corgis.

When it comes to grooming your Corgi Husky Mix, it is best to keep it light. They only require baths about 4 times a year. Bathing them too much strips their coat and skin of the natural protective oils. Instead, simply spot clean them with a damp rag when they get dirty between bath times.

Additionally, you can brush their coats out once or twice a week to keep them from matting. This will help maintain their natural shedding patterns and increase the health of their gorgeous coats!

Corgski Health Considerations

Unfortunately, short-legged dogs tend to have back problems and the Corgi Husky Mix is no different. Intervertebral Disc Disease is a common issue with Corgis that can often be treated with medication, but that sometimes requires surgery. To avoid this, it is best to make sure your puppy’s Corgi parent has a clean bill of health free of these issues. However, you can also help by making sure your puppy receives all of his vet exams.

Corgi Husky Mixes can also be prone to obesity. Unfortunately, this is also a trait of long, short-legged dogs. On the plus side, this issue is pretty easy to combat. Simply feed your Corgski a high-quality food in the recommended amount. Your vet can help you with this, but in general your pup should eat about 900 calories worth of kibble per day. And keep in mind - if you use food rewards for training exercises, be sure to account for these extra calories!

Keeping up with annual vaccinations, preventative medications like heartworm and tick pills, and regular teeth cleanings will also help your pup live a long and healthy life with you!

Breed Summary: The Corgski Review

This fluffy puppy looks like a mini wolf that never grows up! The Corgi Husky Mix is intelligent, friendly, and loyal. They do well with other pets when they are socialized from early puppyhood. However, they are not always well suited for homes with small children.

They come from a working background and have boundless energy that requires a good outlet. They love playing outside and chasing a tennis ball! But do not forget their mental stimulation needs - puzzles are always a great idea!

Corgskis thrive with positive training methods and catch on quickly. You will easily be able to correct any troublesome behaviors with a little training effort!

Overall, the Corgi Husky Mix is an ideal companion! They love to cuddle. They are a great size. And while Huskies are not well suited for first time pet owners, Corgi Husky mixes certainly are!

So what do you think? Is the Corgski the perfect pet for you? Let us know in the comments!

Fact Detail

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years


12-15 inches tall; 20-50 pounds




Very intelligent and easy to train


Friendly, Loyal, Loving, Curious

Health Considerations:

Obesity, Back problems

Activity Level:

High energy; require 60+ minutes of exercise per day plus mental stimulation

Overall Rating:

Wonderful for energetic families without small children

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