Most Unique Gifts of 2021: Personalized Valentines Gifts for Him

October 12, 2020

Most Unique Gifts of 2021: Personalized Valentines Gifts for Him

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. Discover the most unique and personalized Valentines gifts for him for 2021 with this helpful guide!

You've probably heard people complaining about Valentines day at some point. They say it's a couple's holiday and often boycott it entirely. It may come as no surprise that fewer people are celebrating Valentines Day than ever before.

The amount of money spent on Valentines Day is going up. This may seem mind-boggling, but shopping for loved ones is hard work. Even people you've known for years can sometimes be hard to read.

This has left many people wondering what to get their partners. What are the best Valentines gifts for him?

The good news is that we're here to help. We'll talk about some of our favorite men's gifts in this article.

1. Dog-Themed Gifts

It's an adage that some people are cat people and others are dog people. We'll focus on cats in a bit, but for now let's talk about dogs.

There are some great gift ideas for them. You can find everything from dog-themed clothing, paintings, and even a shower attachment specifically designed for dogs.

You can even put your dog into a custom book, which is a great keepsake whether you two and the dog have a long history together or not. After all, why not recognize the third wheel that snuggles up to you two on date nights?

2. Gifts for Cats and Cat-Lovers

Many of us have cats, and we tend to get very attached to them. It's hard not to.

They purr, bring us 'presents,' and curl up next to us.

Cats are cute and fuzzy, sometimes friendly, sometimes annoying, and often hilarious. We've been accepting these fuzzy creatures into our homes since ancient times.

If you're in a relationship with a cat owner, getting used to the cat is going to be necessary. Getting a gift for the cat can go a long way towards showing that you've accepted them. It may even endear the cat to you.

That doesn't get you off the hook with your significant other, though. You probably still need to get them a gift, too.

There's a certain charm and humor to giving someone a cat-themed gift. A laser pointer, for instance, can bring hours of entertainment for cats and cat owners alike.

If you're wondering what kind of gift to give a cat or a cat owner, we can help!

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3. Beer Glasses

There are so many great beer glasses and liquor glasses on the market that it's hard to choose just one. Plus, everyone has their personal drink, and your significant other is likely among them.

The good news is that there are glasses for virtually every drink and every way to drink. Perhaps your sweetheart is a fan of shots or has a small glass of whiskey after work every day. Either way, there are glasses for him.

We understand that plain glasses can be boring, but there are a lot of decorated glasses available as well. Culver Glassware, for instance, is famous for its cups and glasses.

If your partner likes alcohol but doesn't like drinking out of a glass, there are also growlers and flasks. The great thing about these is that many of them are portable and can stay cold for far longer.

4. Airpods or Airpod Cases

The average American will spend about 3-and-a-half hours per day on the internet, and that number is going up. We are the connected generation, and for better or worse the digital world is a part of our lives.

With computers and cell phones being so popular, some of the best gifts are phone and computer accessories. One such gift is a set of Airpods.

Airpods were invented by Apple in 2016. They are wireless earphones that can sense when you're using them and pause when you're not. If your man is passionate about sound systems, Airpods may be the best choice.

Perhaps you already have a set of Airpods. If you do, then a storage case would be a useful gift. The Airpods ship with a case, which also works as a charger. The tiny sound amplifiers can be difficult to keep track of, though, even if you have a case already.

Also, since the Airpods need the case to charge, storing them together could be disastrous. What if you lose both the Airpods and the case?

5. Hot Sauce

Giving hot sauce as a gift may sound like a strange idea, but it can be awesome. Humans are one of the only animals that deliberately eat spicy food, aside from Chinese tree shrews.

The reason for this is that capsaicin, which gives spicy food its burn, will slowly destroy a neurotransmitter in your brain that is responsible for that type of pain.

Simply put, the more you eat spicy food, the more your body adapts to spice, and the less you can feel it.

You might get your loved one a hot sauce sampler, which will give them a whole range of spicy tastes. Certain plants produce capsaicin to keep from being eaten. When it comes to humans, it seems to have backfired.

If your significant other is also a cook, you could get them a make-your-own-hot-sauce kit. You can find one at Uncommon Goods.

6. 100 Movies Scratch-off Poster

Whether you're a film buff or not, certain films feel like a right of passage. You feel like you have to see them before you die.

To aid in this effort, you could buy your significant other a scratch-off poster of 100 awesome movies. Not every amazing, or even classic, movie is on the poster, but it's a great place to start.

Every movie you watch, you scratch it off the list until you've finished the whole poster. Each movie on the list is worth seeing, and you may come out of it with a greater understanding of how movies are made.

If your favorite guy isn't much of a movie buff, there's no need to worry. They make posters for a few different things. Perhaps he loves books, for which there's a bucket list poster of 100 books to read.

7. Personalized Cutting Board

It could be that the best Valentines gifts for him are gifts for both of you. A cutting board with your name on it is the perfect addition to a loving home. If you're married, you can even put the family name on it.

Who doesn't love having their name on things?

Like some other gifts on this list, though, your significant other won't have much use for it unless they cook, grill, or barbecue often. If he's the cook in the family, it'll get a lot of use.

It may even encourage them to start cooking. A lover who cooks is a fine addition to any household. Using a cookbook in the beginning stages is encouraged, though.

8. Grooming Kit

There's a common stereotype that men are Neanderthals who don't feel the need to take care of themselves. Let's leave that image in the past because most men do groom themselves.

We've been doing it for thousands of years, and the trend continues today. There was a brief time when unkempt beards and body hair were in style, but that ended after the 1970s.

At most other times in history, men were either clean-shaven or fashionably bearded. They took pride in their hair and beards and worked to keep them clean.

In the modern world, these trends have continued even further, giving birth to terms like 'man bun' and 'man-scaping'. For obvious reasons, we won't be talking about that in any more detail.

It's also given rise to grooming kits, such as those made by the Art of Shaving can help keep you clean, presentable, and ready for anything.

9. Soap/Skincare/Cologne

Continuing with the topic of self-care, we next come to soaps, skincare, and cologne. You have a lot of options in each of these cases, so you'll need to figure out what your significant other likes, and what you like.

Self-care has many objectives and advantages, and one of them is to impress and attract those you love. If you get him a soap or cologne you don't like, you're not doing him any favors.

This raises one major question: how do you know what your boyfriend or husband would wear without tipping them off? There are a few different ways.

You could just pay attention when they shop to see what kind of cologne and soap they look at, but that isn't a guarantee. Men often look at things because they're curious about them, which doesn't always mean that they're interested.

Some men don't pay much attention to soap or cologne.

They understand that soap, clothes, and similar things are important, but if they have to wander around a mall and shop, they're going to spend time looking at things they want rather than things they need.

If you don't want to deal with this issue, you should consider going with something popular and well-reviewed. Though expensive, Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf fits this description.

10. Robes/Slippers/Pajamas

Robes, slippers, and pajamas are a great gift. The only negative thing we can say about them is that there aren't enough opportunities in a day to wear them. Whether you're into a slim, jacket-like bathrobe or something closer to the classic robe made by Parachute.

Most people work 8 hours a day outside of the home. During that time, we have to dress up in presentable clothes and sensible shoes rather than what's comfortable.

Many of us have to run errands after work, buying groceries, and other things. That's even less time we get to spend in bathrobes and slippers. Add to that any additional tasks we have to do on a given day, and the result is too few hours in a day to wear robes and slippers.

It may help to give your special man an excuse to wear his bathrobe and slippers. Perhaps you can take a few days off from work and take a trip. Maybe you'd rather stay at home and spend time talking and learning about each other...and your cat.

11. A Watch

What's something that everybody needs? The answer is a watch.

Many may question whether watches are useful since the advent of cell phones. There's more to watches than just being useful, though. They also look stylish with almost any outfit, with the ironic exception being pajamas, slippers, and a bathrobe.

Watches come in many different styles, from traditional to digital, and each one of them can make a great impression. If you can't decide which watch is best, look into Watch Gang. It's a monthly subscription service that sends you a new watch every month.

12. A Fitbit

Fitness has become a trend in the United States, and that's a good thing. You're never wrong to try to be healthy, and one of the things that can help is a Fitbit.

Similar to a watch, a Fitbit fastens to your wrist. While a watch records time, a Fitbit measures steps. If you're serious about fitness, it's an awesome tool to have.

The only major downside of Fitbits is that they measure steps based on the movement of your wrist. Your wrist moves for many reasons though, whether you're walking, dancing, or thoroughly washing your hands. That means you may need to take it off when you're not going for a walk or run.

Finding Valentines Gifts for Him

You may be wondering about Valentines gifts for him. This isn't at all uncommon. Every year, people are baffled about what to get for people they've known for years or even their entire lives.

The good news is that many options can appeal to a wide variety of men. We've mentioned some of our favorites in this article, but we didn't have enough time or space to discuss them all. We encourage you to look around as much as you need to before making a decision.

If you want more information on pet-related gifts, or want to buy a book starring your pet please visit our site. We can tell you all about us and what we stand for if you're unsure.

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