Top 10 Ways Turn your Dog into a Bitmoji

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As fun as it is turning yourself into a bitmoji for your Snapchat or text messages, you've probably dreamed of turning your dog or cat into a bitmoji or petmoji! Here’s some resources on how to turn your cat or dog into a bitmoji:


First, there's the awesome Bitmoji app. You can't customize your pet but you can use some fun dog and cat-inspired bitmojis alongside your likeness.

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PetMOJI: Turn your dog or cat into a petmoji based on the characters from the furrtastic movie The Secret Life of Pets. Check out our PetMOJI for our Petventures Custom Pet Book author P.J. Paws:

dog bitmoji

Bitmoji for dogspetmoji app

Here’s a hilarious Buzzfeed list of pets turned into Petmojis and Emojis.


If you can't get enough of your Shih Tzu try ShihTzuMoji for your smart phone.


Love Boxers? Turn your Boxer into an emoji with BoxerMOJI


Here are some other breed-specific pet moji makers:







How to Make Your Own Emoji: This article from CNET shows you how to turn your pet photos into a shareable pet moji or emoji.


Choose from an assortment of breeds using the smart phone app PetMoji Emoji Sticker Maker


Select your dog breed and give them sunglasses, using DogMoji Sticker & Emoji Maker


For a slightly different art style, check out DoggiEMOJI for more fun dog emojis.

If you you’re looking for more simplified pet emojis check out this list of Dog Face Emojis, Dog Emojis, Cat Emojis, and  Cat Face Emojis
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Why stop at creating an emoji? Create an epic storybook, starring your dog or cat with personalized artwork, your pet's name and hometown. Petventures Book lets you put your favorite pet into a full-color story appropriate for all ages and perfect for birthday and baby shower gifts.