How to Cartoonize Your Pet

Cartoonize My Pet And Dog

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Cartoonizing Your Dog Or Cat

Let’s face it, we’re obsessed with our pets! From our ridiculous nicknames, to dressing them up for Halloween, we can’t get enough of our dogs and cats! If you’re anything like us, you’ve dreamed of cartoonizing your dog or cat into a fun caricature or portrait to capture their unique personality. Here’s a handy DIY guide to cartoonize your adorable pet cat or dog! You may also want to check out our guide to turning your pet into a bitmoji as well!

After cartoonizing your pet you can also create a custom Petventures storybook featuring your pet or custom pet pop art blankets, canvas, socks, and phone cases.

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Table of Contents

Posing Your Pet

Design Resources

Step 1: Pose your Pet

Position your dog or cat in a room with ample lightning and make sure they don’t get distracted by every little thing. To get the best results we recommend taking a picture of your pet sitting or standing up and looking directly into the camera.

Step 2: No seriously, pose your pet!

Okay, so your dog or cat got distracted. No problem! Just tell them how much of a wonderful good boy or girl they are and use your superior pet parenting skills to get them to pose. Easy-peasy, right?

Step 3: OK just Bribe your pet to pose for your picture

So your dog or cat is getting too distracted, twitchy and restless for you to draw them? Well then, just bribe them with a tasty treat and make them work for it.

Cartoonize my pet

Step 4: Draw your pet as fast as you can!!!

Ready, set, go! It’s only a matter of time before your dog or cat gets distracted again, so draw them as quickly as you can!

Cartoonize my dog

Step 5: Admit you’re not an artist and get help

If you’re happy with your drawing proceed to step 6. If not, maybe it’s time to contract a professional artist for some help. If you don’t happen to know any, you can find some professional artists on websites like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer who you can work with to cartoonize your pet based on a picture of them.

Cartoonize Your Pet

Step 6: Cartoonize Your Pet!

At this point, you should have final art files of your cartoon dog or cat. For quick and dirty cartoonizing, you can use mobile apps like Insta Toon or Cartoon Yourself on your smartphone.


Cartoon Yourself

Recommended Products

Looking for a purrfect gift for that special pet or pet-lover? We’ve put together a list of recommended products below where we cartoonize your pet and make pop art designs for you!

Personalized Pet Storybook

Create a custom storybook, starring your pet. Design the look of your dog or cat, write a dedication, and add your name and hometown to create a uniquely personal adventure!

Custom Handpainted Pet Planter

A custom hand painted dog planter or cat planter using your pet’s image as a reference. All breeds are available, just upload photos of your pet! This is a unique, one of a kind, functional gift that can serve as a pet memorial to remind pet lovers of their pets everyday. Also available for all other animal types as a custom animal planter.

Custom Dog Planter and Cat Planter From The Cultivate Collection

Pet Pop Art Blanket

Looking for a fantastic way to snuggle with your fur-born? Create a custom blanket featuring your pet’s likeness. Perfect for pet beds, your bed, and couches!

Pet Pop Art Canvas

Do you love your pet enough to turn them into a work of art? Design custom canvas prints, featuring your pet, to display in your home. We work with you to capture the look of your dog or cat and select the perfect background from our collection of over 60 options!

Pet Pop Art Phone Case

Is your fur-born always on your mind? Create a custom phone case with your pet’s likeness on a variety of backgrounds. Show off your pet to the world and get tons of compliments on their cute face!

Pet Pop Art Socks

Pet Pop Art Tag

Need the perfect tag for your new furry friend? Make a custom tag with your dog or cat’s name on pop art backgrounds. Create an amazing tag to show off your pet’s personality to the world.

Pet Pop Art Mug

Pet Pop Art Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweaters

Turn your pet into a fashion statement! Make shirts, hoodies, tank-tops and more so you can show off their cute face everywhere you go.

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