20 Russian Blue Cat Facts

20 Russian Blue Cat Facts

Unlike the common Orange Tabby cat, the Russian Blue cat is actually its own unique breed. They are absolutely striking with their soft, blue gray coats and bright green eyes. In fact, they are on Insider’s list of Most Beautiful Cat Breeds!

It is no secret that Russian Blues are gorgeous, so we have put together a list of the more interesting facts about them here.

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1. The Russian Blue cat was shown at the world’s first Cat Show in London.

In 1875, Crystal Palace hosted one of the first cat shows. While the Russian Blues were not eligible to win any prize, they did start to make a name for themselves! Later on around 1912, Russian Blue cats found their way to America and became recognized as an official breed.

2. Russian Blue cats seem to have sparkly coats.

These cats have short, double-layered coats. While the under coat is soft and feathery, the outer coat is more dense and is flecked with shiny silver hairs. This gives the Russian Blue their characteristic shimmer.

3. Though they have emerald green eyes once fully grown, Russian Blue cats are born with yellow eyes.

Most cats are born with very light blue eyes that get darker as they age - eventually turning brown. Oddly, Russian Blue cats are born with yellow eyes instead! Around four months old, they develop the gorgeous emerald eyes that they are known for.

4. Russian Blue cats come from the Archangel Isles of Northern Russia.

These beautiful cats are a naturally occurring breed that freely roamed the wilderness of Northern Russia before becoming domesticated. Many believe that sailors brought the Russian Blue cats aboard their ships sometime around 1860. The friendly felines provided lots of love to their new found companions and quickly became a favorite in the Archangel Isle ports. This is why they are sometimes called Archangel Blues.

5. Legend has it that Russian Blue cats are Lucky Healers.

Old Russian folktales consider Russian Blue cats as good luck charms. It is even said that one of these unique cats once saved an ill Russian prince from his impending death! They are a favorite of Russian royalty and were also used to ward off evil spirits from the kingdom. In fact, Russian Blue cats were often given a place to sleep in nurseries to protect the newborn royals!

6. Russian Blue cats are actually black cats with faded coats.

Like we mentioned before, Russian Blue cats were a naturally occurring wild cat before they were domesticated. Eventually, black cats that carried diluted fur genes mated and produced the beautiful blue gray color. You see, Black cats have 1 of 2 coat genes - either “BB” or “Bb.” If two “Bb” cats mate, they can create kittens with “bb” genes. The “bb” gene combination gives rise to the shimmery diluted gray coat of the Russian Blue. If a Russian Blue mates with a black cat, they will produce a litter of black and gray kittens!

7. Russian Blues love sticking to their routines.

These cats really prefer to live by a set schedule - especially when it comes to their dinner time. They will certainly remind you if you’re only 5 minutes late feeding them! Russian Blues do not do well with changes like moving, or being adopted out to another family. They really only bond with one person and getting outside of their routine makes them anxious. They will not like traveling with you, but do not worry! They are pretty independent and happy to stay home without you. A Russian Blue will greet you lovingly once you return home.

8. Russian Blue cats have something in common with the Mona Lisa.

While we have acknowledged that Russian Blue cats have very beautiful fur, we should also note that they have a smile similar to the famous Mona Lisa. The slight up turn of the mouth and expressive eyes, both the Russian Blue cat and the Mona Lisa have such faint but sweet smiles.

9. Russian Blue cats are sort of hypoallergenic.

The Russian Blue has a low shedding coat, leading some to say that they are hypoallergenic. And tests show that these cats produce lower levels of the Fel d 1 protein. This protein is secreted in feline saliva and skin and it may cause wheezing, itching skin and watery eyes in humans. However, even very low levels of Fel d 1 can cause allergy issues so the Russian Blue cat may still cause problems for allergy sufferers - just less than other cats.

10. Russian Blues are known for their loving nature.

Like we mentioned before, Russian Blue cats are a one-person cat. But this just means they will only be deeply bonded to one person. It does not mean that they should only live in one person homes. They actually enjoy living in families, and can even live happily with other pets! Russian Blue cats are affectionate and love to sit right next to their owners. When these cats are feeling exceptionally loving, they will crawl up and curl right into your lap!

11. Russian Blue cats have a very high prey drive.

As a wild cat, the Russian Blues retain a high level of hunting instincts. This means you will need to provide plenty of toys and mental stimulation to keep them happy. Laser pointer anyone? If they are left outside alone, they may try to catch a bird, lizard, or other small prey. Unfortunately, this is how many cats become lost. So it is best to keep them inside, or to cat proof your yard!

russian blue cats love to hunt

12. Russian Blue cats can live for decades.

The Russian Blue cat’s wild genes also make them very healthy. Unlike other common house cats, these cats rarely suffer from kidney issues or UTIs. In fact, with regular veterinary check ups, your Russian Blue cat can live up to 25 years!

13. Russian Blue cats are Shy

While we have mentioned that Russian Blue cats are very loving to their families, they are shy toward strangers. They will typically find a nice spot to hide away if many visitors are over. However, they can warm up to other people in more intimate settings. By playing with one of their favorite toys, you may be able to draw the Russian Blue out his secret spot.

14. Russian Blues have impeccable grooming habits.

While many cats pride themselves on being clean and spend many hours grooming themselves, the Russian Blue cat takes it to the next level! Their long, thick hair means that they require extra attention to their coats. So you can help your cat out by brushing him once or twice a week. The Russian Blues are also notoriously fussy about their litter boxes - it’s best to keep them impeccably clean, or your cat may find a new place to go!

15. The Nyan Cat was inspired by the Russian Blue Cat.

If you are unfamiliar with the Nyan Cat, he’s a cat/poptart hybrid that flies through space, leaving a rainbow trail behind! The illustration quickly became popular in 2011 when Chris Torres shared it on YouTube. He stated that the animation was inspired by his Russian Blue cat Marty - aptly named after Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

Nyan Cat was inspired by the russian blue cat

16. The Russian Blue breed almost disappeared around World War II.  

When the war began, cat breeders lacked resources to continue producing Russian Blue litters. As a result, they almost disappeared as a recognized breed! But as the war slowed down, cat lovers from all across Europe set out to save this beauty. They crossbred the remaining Russian Blues with Siamese cats and British Blues to preserve their genes. Then American breeders began to develop the Russian Blue as we know it today.

17. Russian Blues are different from other Blue cats.

Though they were bred with British Blues, and even resemble other blue cats like the Chartreux, the Russian Blue is distinctly his own! They have remarkable emerald green eyes unlike that of any other cat. For example, British blues almost always have yellow or gold eyes and the Chartreux are known for their orange eyes. The Russian Blue also has much softer, silkier, shimmery fur! They also have much more sleek bodies. The other cats tend to be stocky and chubbier - just as cute, just different! Russian Blue cats appear more regal than other Blue cats. Perhaps this is why they were so popular with Russian royalty!

18. Russian Blue cats appear much larger than they actually are.

Russian Blue cats have very fine bones and dense double-layered coats. Though they actually have pretty slim frames, their beautifully thick fur makes them appear larger and fluffier than they really are. This will certainly be evident at bath time as their coats get wet and stick to their trim bodies.

russian blue cats have a double coat

19. Russian Blues are one of the smartest cats around.

While some animal lovers believe that dogs are the only ones that can learn tricks, the Russian Blue cat is happy to prove them wrong. All cats are intelligent, but the Russian Blue actually loves to learn new things! Unlike other cats who seem to have their own agenda, Russian Blue cats are easily trainable. Most Russian Blues love to play fetch with small balls and will happily roll over for small treats! They are curious and quick to learn. Teaching them tricks also satisfies some of their need for mental stimulation.

20. The Russian Blue breed is a very vocal cat.

Like we mentioned before, if you forget to feed your Russian Blue cat, you will receive a quick reminder. These cats are especially vocally expressive! We have also covered how loving and playful they are with their owners. If you talk to or make noises at your Russian Blue cat, they are almost certain to talk back! This just adds to the many reasons to love them.


We hope you enjoyed our list of interesting Russian Blue cat facts! And we are sure we have shown you that they are much more than beautiful. Do you have a Russian Blue cat that we should add? Comment below and let us know!

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