Black Cats, Galore! Here are 15 of the Best Gifts for Black Cat Lovers

Black Cat
April 16, 2021

Black Cats, Galore! Here are 15 of the Best Gifts for Black Cat Lovers

The lively personalities of Black Cats have captured the hearts of many, and anyone familiar with these cats can tell you what a lovable - and loving - handful they are.

Black Cats are cats to take pride in, in every way. So, if there’s someone in your life who loves all things Black Cat - or maybe you’re a proud Black Cat lover yourself - keep scrolling to be enlightened to some great Black Cat gifts to get yourself or a loved one for the next occasion.

Also, don’t forget to get to shop our extensive collection of custom Black Cat gifts, which make fabulous presents for any Black Cat enthusiast or otherwise.


  1. Personalized Black Cat Book


Personalized Black Cat Book


Are you looking for a gift to give for a baby shower? Then a personalized Black Cat book is what you need!

You get to design the look of your Black Cat in the book and can even add yourself to the story! The storyline is amusing to people of all ages, and the vivid, colorful illustrations in the book are sure to captivate babies and young children.

You can also give someone a personalized Black Cat book as a gift to keep the memory of their cat alive forever and ever if he or she has passed.

With so many ways and reasons to give it to someone, a personalized Black Cat book is the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Custom Black Cat Socks


Custom Black Cat Socks


Socks truly are a fashion statement, and they can make or break your outfit.

Maybe you want to make a statement that you are a professional by wearing dress socks with your suit, tie, and dress shoes to work. Or, maybe you try to express to everyone around you that you love to be carefree and have fun by wearing fluorescent, mismatched socks.

If you own a Black Cat, you may want to use your socks as a way to express your love for your cat.

With our custom Black Cat socks, you can do just that!

We have socks available for customization in shoe sizes six through 15, so everyone can show off their cherished pet!

Prepare yourself because when you’re wearing socks featuring your adorable Black Cat, people will be saying “awe” left and right from cuteness overload.


  1. Custom Black Cat Face Mask


Custom Black Cat Face Mask


When you go out in public nowadays, it’s critical to take precautions to protect your health and the health of those around you! That means social distancing and mask-wearing, just to name a few. You can be safe in style and up your mask game by wearing a custom mask with your Black Cat’s face on it.

Our custom masks are super soft and comfortable and are both washable and reusable, so you can show off your Black Cat in public as much as you’d like!


  1. Custom Black Cat Portrait


Custom Black Cat Portrait


Let everyone in the room know how big a deal your Black Cat is to you with a custom Black Cat Portrait.

The pop-art artwork on your canvas will be based on pictures of your Black Cat that you provide to our artists, and per usual, you can make your portrait unique by selecting a vibrant background for your artwork. Background options include:

- 10 stylishly simple solid colors

- 10 custom texts like “Slay.”

- 10 pop culture

- 10 fabulous floral patterns

- 10 snack patterns (pizza, donuts, etc.)

- 10 mosaic

- 10 holiday-themed patterns

You also have three different canvas sizes to choose from to add a pop of color to any room:

- Small (12”x16”)

- Medium (16”x20”)

- Large (24”x36”)


  1. Personalized Black Cat Mug


Personalized Black Cat Mug


Imagine it’s 5 am on a Monday; you’ve just left your house to head to work, and you let out a big yawn. It’s time for your daily dose of caffeine! But what will you drink your coffee out of? Your new personalized Black Cat mug with your cat’s adorable face on it, of course!

When you order your custom mug, you design it, picking the picture of your Black Cat to go on it, and you also get to choose the background from a wide selection of patterns! (The donut pattern is an attractive and appropriate choice if you like to dunk donuts in your coffee, but maybe you’d prefer a holiday pattern or a witty custom phrase).

A custom Black Cat mug would also be a great gift to give someone a holiday or birthday with little treats inside. It’s sure to put a smile on their face and warm the heart with the thought of their pet!


  1. Personalized Black Cat Ornament


Personalized Black Cat Ornament

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree... your Christmas tree that’s decorated with personalized Black Cat ornaments, of course!

Design your ornament starring your cat to suit your tree’s style, be it funky, hip, or traditional. If you’re trying to design a festive ornament, we have holiday-patterned backgrounds to help with that. You can choose from four super cool ornament shapes: snowflake, heart, star, and heart, or get a whole bunch of ornaments in a variety of shapes!

From now on, your Christmas decoration will be a bit more personal, and you’ll be able to turn your ornament into a family heirloom to remember always your pet.


  1. Custom Black Cat Stocking

While we’re on the topic of Black Cat gifts that are very festive and Christmasy, let’s talk about Black Cat stockings!

Stockings are often very personal, so for a Black Cat lover, what could be more personal than a stocking with their beloved cat on it? (Nothing, that’s what!) A personalized Black Cat stocking stars your Black Cat in a quality print and can be personalized with your name or your cat’s name.

You could also get a Black Cat stocking for your cat and give him or her some treats to look forward to on Christmas morning along with the kids!

Happy Holidays to all, human and feline alike!


  1. Custom Black Cat Blanket


Custom Black Cat Blanket


What are the ingredients for a perfect snuggle time with your Black Cat? Love, togetherness, and the warmth and coziness provided by a custom Black Cat Blanket, of course!

Our lightweight custom blankets are made of supremely soft fleece that will, without a doubt, keep you warm while wrapped up in it. Printed on the top side will be a vibrant image of your Black Cat set against a striking background of your choice (a bold, lime green background, for instance, or a floral pattern).

Also, if a Black Cat lover you know is mourning the loss of their cat, you could get them a Black Cat blanket so they can always have a visual reminder of their Black Cat and feel connected to him or her, in a sense, while wrapped up in their blanket.

Our custom blankets come in three wonderful sizes:

- Small (40”x30”): great for cat beds

- Medium (60”x50”): twin/ full size, can be used for a chill time on the couch

- Large (80”x60”): king size

Whether you give a custom blanket just for fun or as a cat memorial, it is the ultimate gift for cuddling with your furry friend!


  1. Custom Black Cat Pillow


Custom Black Cat Pillow


We have a customizable pillow that is perfect for Black Cat enthusiasts!

You have the choice of either an 18”x18” or 20”x12” pillow to customize with your Black Cat’s image and background of your choosing (and believe us, there are a lot to choose from).

Stylize your bed or couch with a pillow that your Black Cat is sure to love (because he or she will be the star!)

  1. Custom Black Cat Tote Bag


Custom Black Cat Tote Bag


With a cat-art tote bag starring your gorgeous Black Cat, you’ll have a way to carry around your belongings and flaunt your cat at the same time.

Our 15”x15” custom totes have a capacity of 2.6 US gallons (10 liters) and are made of durable 100% spun polyester fabric so you can enjoy your tote and be reminded of your Retriever for a long time to come.


  1. Custom Black Cat Clothing


Custom Black Cat Clothing


Black Cats are the perfect pets to show off. We have an array of personalizable Black Cat clothing so you’ll be able to do just that, even when your Black Cat isn’t with you!

Our personalizable clothing includes:

- Black Cat Crew Neck Shirts

- Black Cat Long Sleeve Shirts

- Black Cat V-Neck Shirts

- Black Cat Hoodies

- Black Cat Sweaters

- Black Cat Tank Tops

- Black Cat Youth Shirts

- Black Cat Toddler Shirts

Show your Black Cat off solo or with a whole army of Black Cat-boasters if you buy clothing for your family and friends, too. Either way, your Black Cat will be proud!


  1. Custom Black Cat Phone Case


Custom Black Cat Phone Case


These days, cell phones are a necessity. They are a tool with many uses, such as holding our social lives, work use, and getting our news, among many others.

It’s important to protect such an important device, which is where phone cases come in handy.

You could always pick a plain case- it does its job, after all, but that’s boring!

Spice things up with a custom Black Cat phone case that adds some flavor to your phone protection game and is effective nonetheless. You can be sure that we have a case to fit your phone, too- we have everything from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to an iPhone 11 Pro!


  1. Custom Black Cat Beach Towel


Custom Black Cat Beach Towel


On your next trip to the beach or pool, bring along a towel unlike all the rest: a custom Black Cat beach towel!

Lay your towel out on a pool chair to dry off after a day at the pool with friends or across the sand to tan. Another perk of your towel is that it will be 30x60 inches in size, big enough to make room for both you and your pup to relax in the sun!

Beautifully colorful and vivid, and starring your Black Cat, and not to mention super soft, our custom towels are terrific in every way. From now on, you’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again!


  1. Black Cat Plush

When it comes to cuddly things, the more, the merrier! Maybe you have more than one Black Cat, but if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on snuggles.

A Black Cat plush is just as soft and cuddleable as the real thing, and you can bring it with you to work to sit on your desk to remind you of your real Black Cat at home, or you can leave it with your Black Cat, so he or she has a friend to cozy up with while you’re away.


  1. Black Cat Jewelry

Do you know a Black Cat aficionado who loves to accessorize with bling?

Then Black Cat jewelry is a great gift idea for them.

Maybe their taste in jewelry is more understated and simple; a Black Cat pendant would be an excellent choice in that case.

Or, perhaps they like loud, bright jewelry? Colorful Black Cat earrings are a fantastic gift for them.


These Are the Best Gifts for Black Cat Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve given you some great gift ideas for Black Cat lovers, but it’s up to you to choose!

There are so many options to sort through, so we’ll send you off to make a Black Cat lover’s day with a cool gift or two. You can find our extensive collection of Black Cat gifts on our website. Good luck!


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