15 of the Best Gifts for Labrador Retriever Lovers

September 14, 2020

15 of the Best Gifts for Labrador Retriever Lovers

Is there someone you know who adores their Labrador Retriever? Here are 15 lovely gifts you could get them for any holiday or occasion.

Labrador Retrievers are the social butterflies of dogs; friendly, high-spirited, and incredibly playful, Labs gravitate toward strangers and other dogs in public and bond well with kids and family. It’s not hard to see why they are the most popular dog breed in America- 1 out of 196- for 29 years strong!

If you own a Labrador Retriever, we’re sure your dog is number one in your heart, regardless of whether or not Labs are number one in America. Show off your #1 dog, or memorialize him or her with these 15 lovely gifts for Labrador Retriever lovers.

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1. Personalized Labrador Retriever Book

Did you know the first dog to be featured on the cover of Life Magazine was a Lab? That is a pretty cool honor for the whole breed, but what if your Labrador Retriever alone could be featured on not only the cover of a book but star in it too?

You can make that a reality with a personalized Labrador Retriever Book! You can customize the design of your dog in the book (and you can add up to two other furry friends) and can even add three owners to the story.

While you could always get a personalized Lab book for your own enjoyment, this book is relatively kid-centric with its colorful illustrations, so it would also make a terrific gift for a baby shower or as a gift to a young family member as a keepsake to always remember their beloved pup.

2. Custom Labrador Retriever Socks

Keep your four-legged friend near everywhere you go when you’re wearing a pair of custom Lab socks!

Your socks will feature a design of your Lab set against a background of your choice.

We have 60+ vibrant, exciting backgrounds- such as simple but stylish solid colors, pop culture patterns, and floral patterns- all of which can help you to make the ulti-mutt custom sock to show off your doggie.

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3. Custom Labrador Retriever Face Mask and Cover

A face mask or scarf with your Labrador Retriever’s face on it is a paw-some gift to get yourself, or a friend or family member: as a necessary safety measure against the transmission of the Coronavirus, but also as a fashion statement.

Both the mask and scarf are breathable, washable, and reusable, and therefore a fantastic alternative to the hassle of finding a new mask to wear every single day.

As always, you have the freedom to choose the background for the design of your Labrador, as well (we think the “Slay” custom text is a great background to consider because you’ll absolutely slay your mask game with a new custom Lab face covering).

Say “goodbye” to boring, plain masks and scarves, and “hello” to exciting face covers starring your pup that are sure to wow everyone!

4. Custom Labrador Retriever Portrait

Many people hang up family photos in their homes to remember their loved ones when they’re away. A simple memento such as this can easily put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

We bet your Lab is a significant part of your family life, so why not memorialize him or her in the same type of way? You miss your pet just like you’d miss a human family member, after all. With a custom Labrador Retriever canvas, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your dog, always and forever.

Customize the artwork of your dog by choosing an artsy background- mosaic, perhaps- that will be displayed on a canvas in one of three sizes:

You can give custom artwork to a loved one with their pet’s face on it so they can have a reminder of their pet to decorate their walls with, too. They’re sure to love it!

5. Personalized Labrador Retriever Mug

If you like to start off your day with a cup of coffee or tea, you can look forward to a lot more than your daily dose of caffeine if you use a personalized Labrador Retriever Mug! Every time you drink out of your custom mug, you’ll get a regular shot and a shot of serotonin from the sight of your charming Lab’s face printed on your cup.

If mugs aren’t personally your thing, design a Lab mug for a friend or coworker (the donut pattern is a clever background choice if the gift recipient is a coffee drinker, and a floral background is appropriate if they like to drink herbal teas!).

They’ll appreciate the thought and creativity you put into their gift and its uniqueness, in addition to, of course, the reminder of their dog!

6. Personalized Labrador Retriever Ornament

For your Happy Howlidays and Feliz Navi-dog, you can decorate your tree in a special way with a personalized Lab ornament. Or, give a Labrador ornament to a loved one as a gift- it makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s holiday decorating.

You can customize the design of your pet, and of course, select the background (we have a whole set of background patterns devoted to the holidays, perfect for your ornament design!). What’s more, you can then choose whether you want your ornament to be round, snowflake, heart, or star-shaped. If you’re giving ornaments as gifts to family and friends, this comes in handy so you can tailor each ornament to each individual’s personality.

Even though dogs don’t have hands, your Labrador can feel like he or she helped to decorate in some way because they’ll be the highlight of the tree on your custom Lab ornament!

7. Custom Labrador Retriever Stocking

On Christmas morning, one of the most exciting things to wake up to is a stocking full of goodies! Kids, of course, love this pre-gift tradition, but who says dogs wouldn’t enjoy joining in on the stocking fun, too?

With this personalized Labrador stocking, they can!

This stocking will star a photo print of your Lab and your dog’s name. Fill your labrador’s stocking with doggie treats and toys so he or she has something to howl about along with the kids!

8. Custom Labrador Retriever Blanket

Since they tend to have such sweet dispositions, Labrador Retrievers make fantastic therapy dogs. Although you may not necessarily need therapy, it can still feel therapeutic to cuddle with your Lab - for both you and your dog. Stay warm and snuggly while relaxing with your dog with a custom Labrador Retriever blanket!

This plush, fleece blanket, which features an image of your gorgeous Lab on one side, comes in three sizes that work perfectly in a pet bed, as a throw blanket on the couch, and even as a king-sized bedspread.

Anybody could always use another blanket to keep warm with (especially one that stars their lovable pet- who wouldn’t want that?), so get a friend or family member a blanket for their birthday or just because! Whatever the occasion, they’re sure to fall in love with their new custom pet blanket.

9. Custom Labrador Retriever Pillow

There’s nothing more awesome for snuggle time with your pup than a custom fleece blanket, but there is something that’s equally awesome: a custom Labrador Retriever pillow!

Your pillow will boast a bright image of your Lab (and up to two other pets if you’d choose to include them) set against a background that you get to choose; so you can add a pop of color to any room, couch, or bed. Our custom pillows come in two sizes- 18”x18” inches and 20”x12” inches- so you can make your pillow work in any space, big or small.

10. Custom Labrador Retriever Tote Bag

Are you a busy Labrador owner? Maybe you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of your work life, or maybe you frequently like to be out and about shopping. If this sounds like you, or another Lab lover you know, then this custom Labrador Retriever Tote Bag is the thing for you. The artwork of your pet on your tote bag will bear an impeccable resemblance to your Labrador in stunning colors and will capture the attention of others everywhere you go.

With a capacity of 2.6 US gallons (10 liters), this tote is sure to be able to hold all of your essentials and is made of remarkably durable 100% spun polyester fabric so you can show off your Labrador Retriever for a long time to come.

11. Custom Labrador Retriever Clothing

What better way to honor your Lab by wearing him or her for all to see on custom clothing? (Hint: there is no other way.)

We have a multitude of clothing items that you can customize with your Labrador’s image:

Now your whole crew can proudly show off your Labrador, at school, work, the park, or otherwise!

12. Custom Labrador Retriever Phone Case

It’s 2020, and we live a large part of our lives in the digital world, so let’s be real: you and your cell phone are probably practically fused together. You might as well protect it with a case that’s both effective and has a cute design!

A custom Labrador Phone Case fits those requirements marvelously. There are so many phone models out there, but don’t fret! We have phone cases to fit phones from the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and from the iPhone 6/6s to the iPhone 11Pro Max, so chances are, your phone falls within our phone case umbrella.

Design your phone case with an image of your darling Labrador set against a striking background that you select. A bright, solid-colored background would look great if your Labrador is black, or if you have a chocolate Lab you could choose a snack pattern background to match.

13. Custom Labrador Retriever Beach Towel

We’ll bet you didn’t know this: Labradors have webbed toes! So technically, you don’t own a dog, you own a fish. Fish love to swim, and so do Labs, so you probably go swimming often.

On your next trip to the beach with your dog, bring a custom Lab beach towel. You can spread your 30”x60” inch soft cotton terry cloth towel out on the sand for you and your pup to lay down on or just use your towel to dry off with after a quick dip in the ocean.

You’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again, and your Lab will be glad he or she helped to make your towel truly unique.

14. Labrador Retriever Plush

A Labrador Retriever plush is a wonderful gift to get someone who is mourning the loss of a dog so they can always have a reminder of him or her.

This black Lab stuffed animal is too cute and is sure to warm the heart of anyone who receives it and put a smile on the face of anyone who’s having a ruff day.

15. Labrador Retriever Jewelry

Do you know a Labrador lover who likes to accessorize with bling?

Then get them Labrador Retriever jewelry for the next holiday!

If they like necklaces, this simple yet stylish silver Lab necklace is the gift for them. Do they like to decorate their wrist/hand area? Get them a unique Labrador ring or bracelet.

You can’t go wrong, regardless of which type of jewelry you pick.

These Are the Best 15 Gifts for Labrador Retriever Lovers: Which Gifts Will You Pick?

We’ve highlighted some of the best gifts for Lab lovers, but it’s up to you to pick which ones you’ll actually get for yourself and loved ones in time for the next holiday! So head on over to our website where you’ll find our extensive collection of custom pet products, and get shopping!

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