Are You a Frenchie Fanatic? Here Are the Best 15 Gifts for French Bulldog Lovers

August 17, 2020

Are You a Frenchie Fanatic? Here Are the Best 15 Gifts for French Bulldog Lovers

Do you adore everything French Bulldog or know someone who does? Stumped on what to get as a gift for a family member or friend? Then click right here to find the best 15 gifts for Frenchie lovers!

French Bulldogs originated in England and France in the 1800s, the product of Toy dogs imported from England bred with local Ratter dogs in Paris. They are very similar to their English Bulldog counterparts with their people-oriented, playful, and sometimes stubborn personalities.

One thing that makes Frenchies stand out from other types of Bulldogs, however, is the distinct look of their ears; pointy and erect, French Bulldogs’ batlike listeners draw the attention of everyone around them.

This is lucky for Frenchies because, as any French Bulldog owner will tell you, it’s no secret that they absolutely adore having the spotlight thrust upon them 24/7. They can even become jealous if another dog or person has seized the limelight, like opera-singing Walter, who wanted his mom’s attention while she was having a conversation.

So, to satisfy your dog’s love of being the star and your Frenchie affinity, we’ve highlighted 15 awesome gifts for you and other Frenchie lovers that showcase your or their dog. You can see the rest of our best French Bulldog gift collection here!

1. Personalized French Bulldog Book

Although they’ve got very playful personalities, French Bulldogs are also perfectly happy to spend quality downtime with their loved ones, whether that means taking a nap on the couch together or maybe curling up and reading a book.

If you like to read books to your Frenchie, don’t read any old book to him or her! Unique dogs like yours deserve unique reads, and for a limelight-loving French Bulldog, what better a read than one that’s all about them? (Hint: Nothing!)

On our website, you can customize your own book featuring your favorite Frenchie (and up to two other pets)! Choose the look of your pet and put yourself or family members and friends in the story!

The ways you can personalize your book are endless, and you and your pup are sure to love it. With your personalized Frenchie book, you and your dog have lots of cozy readings sessions to look forward to!

2. Frenchie Socks

Socks truly are a fashion statement, and they can make or break your outfit.

Maybe you want to make a statement that you are a professional by wearing dress socks with your suit, tie, and dress shoes to work. Or, maybe you try to express to everyone around you that you love to be carefree and have fun by wearing fluorescent, mismatched socks.

If you own a Frenchie, you may want to use your socks as a way to express your love for your dog.

With our custom pet socks, you can do just that!

We have socks available for customization in shoe sizes six through 15, so everyone can show off their cherished pet!

Prepare yourself, because when you’re wearing socks featuring your adorable French Bulldog, people will be saying “awe” left and right from cuteness overload.

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3. Custom French Bulldog Face Masks

We’re in the thick of it when it comes to the COVID-19 global pandemic, which means lots of social distancing, online work and school, and of course, mask-wearing.

Masks have become not only a necessity but also a tool to accessorize for many. Besides plain blue surgical masks and black masks, there is a wide variety of colorful, patterned masks out there to fit every personality and taste.

For those of you out there with Frenchie loving personalities, we have French Bulldog masks and other face coverings that you can customize with an image of your dog’s face!

Now you can go out into the world with a mask to keep yourself and others protected while at the same time showing off your Frenchie’s face to anyone who is fortunate enough to see!

4. Custom French Bulldog Portrait

Another great way to showcase your Frenchie is by hanging a custom canvas portrait of them! Our canvases come in three sizes:

Design your canvas with an image of your precious Frenchie, and don’t forget to pick a vibrant background from our extensive selection, too!

A custom pet portrait makes a great gift for someone else, and you can hang yours up in your house or office to let everyone know how big of a deal your Frenchie really is.

5. Personalized Frenchie Mug

Are you stumped on what to get as a gift for someone for their anniversary? Christmas? A birthday, perhaps?

Well, if they have a French Bulldog or another pet they love, a personalized pet mug is an excellent choice!

Or buy a personalized mug as a treat for yourself so every time you go for your morning cup ‘o Joe, you can get your daily dose of caffeine and serotonin from being reminded of your Frenchie.

6. Custom Frenchie Blanket

French Bulldogs have beautiful, shiny coats of fur that are great for show, but unfortunately, not all that useful for keeping the dogs warm in the cold.

Even if you keep your Frenchie inside during the winter to stay warm, cold air can still slip in through the cracks of your windows and lower the temperature in your house, possibly to frigid levels.

To keep your French Bulldog warm and cozy in spite of this, get him or her a custom blanket to wrap up with!

Our custom blankets can star up to three pets and are fleece-lined for optimal comfort and fluffiness. They come in three sizes so you and your Frenchie can snuggle up together (the largest blanket can even fit a king-sized bed)!

7. Custom French Bulldog Pillow

No French Bulldog-human snuggle fest is complete without a pillow! And what type of pillow would be more appropriate for that then a pillow boasting your Frenchie?

We offer pillows that you can design in sizes 18”x18” and 20”x12”, and they include the pillowcase AND insert so you can wash your pillow and keep it squeaky clean for you and your Frenchie’s chill time!

Also, our custom pet pillows are not only comfy but are cute and make great decorations for around the house (or a fellow French Bulldog lover’s house) on your bed or couch, so don’t be afraid to order more than one or two pillows!

8. French Bulldog Tote Bag

Even if you’re not allowed to physically bring your dog with you everywhere you go, we have a loophole for you: you can still carry your Frenchie around (technically) in the form of pop art on a custom Frenchie Tote!

A custom pet tote is a perfect gift for any animal lover, whether you use your tote as a purse, book bag, or beach bag. As you can see, a custom Frenchie tote is extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any lifestyle. Plus, it’s made of extra-durable 100% spun polyester fabric and can hold plenty of your belongings- 2.6 US gallons full to be exact!

9. Custom Frenchie Clothing

Shirts can be such a fun way to show off your interests; maybe you have a t-shirt with characters from your favorite movie on it, or perhaps you have one that communicates important messages that you believe in.

We’re sure French Bulldog enthusiasts like you would love to be able to do the same kind of thing with your Frenchie...but how?

We know! With our custom French Bulldog Clothing!

We have:

Fret no more, our beloved Frenchie aficionados, now you and your whole crew can sport shirts boasting your cute French Bulldog!

10. French Bulldog Phone Case

These days, cellphones are a necessity. They are a tool that has many uses, such as holding our social lives, work use, and getting our news, among many others.

It’s important to protect such an important device, which is where phone cases come in handy.

You could always pick a plain case- it does its job, after all- but that’s boring!

Spice things up with a custom French Bulldog phone case that adds some flavor to your phone protection game and is effective nonetheless. You can be sure that we have a case to fit your phone, too- we have everything from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to an iPhone 11 Pro!

11. Custom Frenchie Beach Towel

Do you know someone who loves Frenchies and loves to swim? A beach towel with a design of their French Bulldog is the perfect gift for their birthday, a holiday, or just because!

You pick the image of the pet to be turned into artwork that goes on the towel, and you can also select the background!

At the pool or beach, whoever you gift a Frenchie towel to will never have to wonder which towel is theirs again, and they’ll always be able to show off their pet for the world to see (and who wouldn’t want to see that adorable face?).

12. French Bulldog Plush

They say, “Less is more,” but not when it comes to cute things like doggies!

Along with your actual French Bulldog, you can experience double the cute-factor with this soft, huggable French Bulldog stuffed animal!

Give it to your dog as a little squishy friend to snuggle with in his or her crate at night, or bring it into work to prop up on your desk and bring a smile to your face throughout the day.

13. French Bulldog Jewelry

For you more fashion-oriented Frenchie lovers out there, French Bulldog jewelry is a fantastic way to beautify your outfit and maximize your stylishness!

Bedazzle your neck with this precious personalizable French Bulldog pendant, or if necklaces aren’t your thing, adorn your wrist with a Frenchie bracelet.

14. Frenchie Welcome Sign

When you have guests over to your house, your French Bulldog will be plenty welcoming with its abundance of puppy love to give.

However, before your guests even step in the door, you can make sure they feel welcome already with a French Bulldog Welcome sign hanging on your door! Some signs display special messages, and some simply say welcome with an image of a French Bulldog.

Either way, your guests will feel thoroughly welcomed and feel warm and happy at the sight of the sign on your door.

15. French Bulldog Water Tracker Bottle

French Bulldogs are not dogs that require a lot of exercise; a couple of 15 minute walks a day is enough.

Even so, if it’s hot or humid, it’s still easy to work up a sweat while making sure your dog gets that little bit of exercise he or she needs, so you’ll need to make sure to rehydrate and stay hydrated!

This Frenchie water tracker bottle is the perfect way to make sure you get enough water throughout the course of the day, and the design is so cutesy!

These Are the Best Gifts for French Bulldog Fanatics: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted some of the best gifts for Frenchie-loving people like you, and you can find our extensive collection of custom pet gifts on our website! So, go forth and find some great gifts to wow your friends and family on the next holiday or birthday. We’re rooting for you!

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