Do You Adore Golden Retrievers? These Are the Best 16 Gifts for Golden Retriever Lovers

August 7, 2020

Do You Adore Golden Retrievers? These Are the Best 16 Gifts for Golden Retriever Lovers

Do love all things Golden Retriever? Or maybe know someone who does? Then it’s time to explore: here are the best 16 gifts for Golden Retriever lovers.

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their healthy, glossy coats of fur that give off an almost golden sheen- hence the breed’s name. But what about the “Retriever” part of their name?

Well, that is connected to the origins of and the original purpose of Golden Retrievers: they were bred as gundogs to hunt (retrieve) dusks and other waterfowl.

Today, if you have a Golden Retriever you know that they are friendly, energetic dogs that you’re more likely to see catching a frisbee in midair than a bird!

Frisbees are plenty to keep a Retriever occupied for a while, but as a human, you’d probably enjoy snagging other things like… some great gifts for you and your Golden Retriever, which we’ve highlighted below!

So go ahead, explore the options, and maybe you’ll find a gift (or two or three!) that you’d like to retrieve for you and your Golden Retriever or another Golden Retriever lover in your life.

1. Personalized Golden Retriever Book

We believe that every pet is unique and has its own interesting, important story.

What better way to tell that story than in the form of a book! A Golden Retriever book is a fantastic keepsake for yourself or another Golden Retriever lover.

In your personalized book, you can design everything from the look of your pet to the storyline, and can even add up to 2 extra furry friends!

2. Custom Golden Retriever Blanket and Pillow

Goldens are some seriously floofy pups!

When it gets cold out in the fall and winter months, all of that fluffy fur helps to keep them warm.

As a human, you don’t have that luxury and may be left wanting some fluff to keep you warm, just like your Retriever.

While you won’t be able to grow fluff from your arms and legs, you can get pretty close to that with a custom Golden Retriever fleece blanket!

A custom blanket is great for snuggling up on the couch with your doggie, and you can even use it to keep warm if you lay down your head for a nap (on a custom Golden Retriever pillow, of course!).

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3. Custom Golden Retriever Socks

Need even more warmth? Order some custom Golden Retriever socks to match your blanket and pillow to keep your toes from turning into toe-sicles when it’s cold out.

Don’t worry about your feet being too big or too small- we have socks in sizes six through 15!

4. Golden Retriever Plush

You thought the furry, soft Golden Retriever fun ended with pillows and blankets?

Well, think again!

Golden Retriever plushes are yet another adorable, squishable way for Golden Retriever lovers to honor their dogs.

5. Custom Golden Retriever Mask and Face Covers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected life all around the world and has brought on a whole new set of rules and regulations.

In addition to social distancing, wearing masks out in public is probably one of the biggest changes we’ve had to adjust to.

While they may feel uncomfortable at times, masks are necessary, and there are still many ways to make your mask a bit fun. Some people choose floral patterns, or bright colors, or maybe animal prints.

But why not make your mask fun and personal by incorporating something near and dear to your heart into your mask design? Something like… your beloved Golden Retriever!

We can help you to do just that with our custom face covers (scarves) and masks that you can personalize with an illustration of your Goldie.

The atmosphere of the pandemic may feel sad and gray, but your mask doesn’t have to be!

6. Custom Golden Retriever Portrait

A great addition to your collection of family photos is a portrait of your Golden Retriever (and other pets, if you have them); after all, she or he is a member of your family, too!

You can upload a photo of up to 3 pets (as is the case with all of our products) for our artists to recreate on your canvas and pick a background.

We have 3 canvas sizes:

A pet canvas is a great decoration for inside of your home or office and could make an awesome gift for a fellow Golden Retriever lover.

7. Custom Golden Retriever Mug

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate; whatever drink you prefer, why drink it out of a boring mug when you could be drinking it out of a personalized Golden Retriever Mug?

You can design your mug by sending in a photo of your Golden Retriever (and 2 other pets if you so choose) for our artists to turn into the artwork on your mug, and by selecting a background for your custom artwork (the donut background is a fabulous choice if you like to drink coffee).

A custom pet mug is not only a great gift to self, but also to give to someone else for a birthday, anniversary, office secret Santa, or holiday. Share the mug fun with your friends, family members, and coworkers, too!

8. Personalized Golden Retriever Ornament

For many, the holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with family and jolly feelings.

A Golden Retriever Ornament is a great way to decorate your home during the holiday season. Also, to add an extra splash of joy and excitement to someone else’s holiday season, you can give a personalized pet ornament as a gift.

Beyond the holidays, a Golden Retriever ornament is a nice way to accessorize in your car (by hanging the ornament on your rearview mirror) and it could also be hung on a plant.

9. Custom Golden Retriever Phone Case

We’re sure your Golden is picture-perfect, so while you’re on the go together, you probably always have your cell phone on you to snap endless amounts of photos for Instagram posts and memories.

If that’s the case for you, it’s a good idea to protect your phone from damage so you and your Golden Retriever can continue to pose for pics. We have cases to fit every phone from the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and from the iPhone 6/6s to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

With a custom Golden Retriever Phone Case you can keep your photo-taking phone safe in an appropriate way (the phone case can deck out your phone with an image of the very Golden Retriever it takes pictures of!).

10. Custom Golden Retriever Tote Bag

With a pet art tote starring your gorgeous Golden Retriever, you’ll have a way to carry around your belongings and flaunt your pet at the same time.

Our 15”x15” custom totes have a capacity of 2.6 US gallons (10 liters) and are made of durable 100% spun polyester fabric so you can enjoy your tote and be reminded of your Retriever for a long time to come.

11. Golden Retriever Jewelry

Did you know the Golden Retrievers made their debut in England at the Crystal Palace Show in 1908?

Evidently, Golden Retrievers and crystals go well together- yes, in shows, but also in jewelry! Keep your Golden close (literally and emotionally) with Golden Retriever earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

12. Custom Golden Retriever Clothing (For Hoomans!)

Golden Retrievers not only have lovely, friendly, and sociable personalities, but they also have equally cute and inviting faces to match.

Upon seeing a happy-go-lucky Golden, it’s hard for one’s face not to break out in a smile. You may not be able to bring your Golden Retriever everywhere with you, but you can brighten someone’s day with your dog’s face on a piece of custom Golden Retriever clothing!

We have:

All of which you, the creator, can design with the art of your Golden’s face set against a background of your choice.

And, since you can never add too much happiness to the world, we have t-shirts in youth and toddler sizes available so the whole family can bring a smile to someone’s face!

13. Custom Golden Retriever Towel

Seeing as in the past, Golden Retrievers spent a lot of time around water hunting waterfowl, it makes sense that today they love to swim!

So, after going to a lake or to the beach with your pup, you can dry off in style with a custom Golden Retriever Beach Towel!

We have so many ways that you can make the towel your own: if you submit a photo of your Retriever (and up to two other furry friends) our artists can turn it into artwork on your towel.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, you then can choose a background for the illustration of your Golden Retriever from our vibrant, upbeat selection that includes:

  • 10 solid colors
  • 10 custom text options
  • 10 pop culture patterns
  • 10 floral
  • 10 snacks
  • 10 mosaics
  • And 10 holiday patterns

With a custom Golden Retriever towel, beach days with your Golden Retriever are sure to go just swimmingly!

14. Custom Golden Retriever Pet Tags

An astonishing 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States!

You can prevent your Golden Retriever from becoming a part of that statistic with a pop art pet tag complete with your name, dog’s name, address, and phone number.

There will be no lost good boys on our watch!

15. Golden Retriever Puzzle Toys

Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent dogs (they are the fourth smartest dog breed). This means they are easy to train, but if they don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation, Golden Retrievers can be mischievous and cause trouble.

Getting your Golden Retriever puzzle toys is an effective way to combat this type of behavior and keep her or him busy.

For instance, frozen kongs make your Retriever have to think and earn their food through problem-solving, and hide ‘n seek puzzle toys are sure to capture your dog’s attention and hold it for long amounts of time (plus, it’s amusing to watch your dog play with it).

16. Golden Retriever Water Tracker Bottle

Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy that they need to let out, whether it be through exercise or play.

As a Golden owner, you’re probably extremely active along with your dog, so it is important to stay hydrated!

This water tracker bottle is a nifty way to track your water intake, and the fact that it is covered in Golden Retrievers is the icing on the cake.

These are the Best Gifts for Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever Fanatics: Which Will You Choose?

We’ve given you some great gifts ideas for Golden Retriever lovers, but it’s up to you to choose!

There are so many options to sort through, so we’ll send you off to make a Golden Retriever lover’s day with a cool gift or two. You can find our extensive collection of gifts for dog and cat lovers alike on our website. Good luck!

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