Wild About Wiener Dogs? Here Are the Best 14 Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

August 2, 2020

Wild About Wiener Dogs? Here Are the Best 14 Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

Are you a Dachshund lover or maybe have one in your life? If so, then this gift guide is for you.

If you’ve ever been to the United States, you are probably familiar with the hot dog; found everywhere from baseball games to barbecues, or maybe even in your own fridge, hot dogs are an American staple and are loved by many.

Speaking of lovable wieners, let’s talk about the wiener dog! Did you know that Dachshunds were the 13th most popular dog breed worldwide in 2019? It’s not hard to understand why- with their energetic, affectionate, loyal personalities, these small sausage-shaped bundles of fur are impossible to resist!

Such an irresistible, loving dog deserves something special. Below we’ve listed some of the best gifts for the good boy in your life. Take a look, and treat yourself or a friend while you’re at it- good boys have good owners that deserve something special, too, so we’ve also highlighted some fabulous gifts for Dachshund lovers!

1. Custom Pet Clothing

Did you know that the first official Olympic Summer Games mascot was a Dachshund named Waldo?

Obviously, Dachshunds are dogs worth putting on display. You can show off your beloved doggie with our custom pet clothing! Wear your dog’s face at the beach, out to lunch, or just around the house with:

Make sure to add a special touch to you or your friend’s clothing by choosing a fun background for the photo of your or their pet.

2. Custom Pet Face Covers and Masks

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is crucial to be safe while out in public. This means practicing social distancing, washing your hands often, and, of course, wearing masks.

While having to wear a mask out in public can feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, you can still make a fashion statement while doing so with custom pet face covers! You can choose between a mask or a scarf to put an image of your adorable wiener dog on.

Order away, and soon you’ll be able to go out in style with a cool mask designed by you with an even cooler Dachshund on it.

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3. Dachshund Blanket

Dachshunds and other dogs are pack animals, so they value their families (their pack) very much. Just like a small child separated from their mom or dad, many dog breeds (including Dachshunds) are prone to suffering from separation anxiety if a member of their “pack” is absent.

Reminders of the loved one a dog suffering from separation anxiety is missing can help alleviate their stress, such as something that smells like their loved one like worn clothes or a warm fleece blanket.

4. Dachshund Keychain

Not only do dogs often miss their owners when they are gone, but their owners miss them too!

While out and about, Dachshund owners can keep their sausage dog near and dear to their hearts with a personalized Doxie necklace, or bling out their key rings with a customizable Dachshund keychain.

5. Dachshund Pet Tags

Furry friends like bling too! They also like being sure they won’t get lost (as their owners do as well).

You can help your Dachshund feel fashionable and secure by ensuring he or she has a pet tag on his or her collar. Better yet, an artsy pop art style pet tag (in the shape of a bone or a circle!).

That way, if your Dachshund does happen to stray and you can’t find him or her, others have a way to contact you and reunite you to your pooch.

6. Dachshund Tote

Most wiener dogs are pretty teenie weenie- the perfect size to carry around! Luckily, with our custom pet art totes, you can bring your wiener dog along for a ride wherever you go. 

Design a tote with an image of your pet’s full body and a background of your choice! Background choices include floral patterns, solid colors, holiday-themed patterns, custom text, and more.

By the way, dogs like having companions and are better in pairs- just like bags! A Doxie patterned wallet or backpack is the perfect counterpart to a tote bag.

7. Dachshund Mug

If you own a Dachshund, you’ve probably noticed how they seem to come with endless amounts of energy, as if they have a tank full of caffeine that never runs out. Unfortunately for all you Doxie owners out there, people don’t come with such amenities.

Coffee does, though! And where does coffee go? In a mug! Get your daily dose of caffeine by drinking from your very own personalized pet mug featuring an illustration of up to three of your pets set against your choice of background.

8. Dachshund Phone Case

We get it: maybe you don’t care about getting the hottest new phone model each year. Why get a new phone when the one you already have still works just fine and does exactly what you need it to do?

Or, maybe you’re the complete opposite: you’re very trendy when it comes to your phone (which you guard with your life, of course) and you can’t wait to get the newest iPhone or Samsung.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, you need a phone case. Chances are, we have a case to fit your phone model- one that not only protects your tech, but also boasts your beautiful doggie, cat, rabbit, or even fish!

From iPhone 6/6s to iPhone 11 Pro Max, and from Samsung Galaxy S7 to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, we’ve got the perfect phone protection for you.

9. Dachshund Pillow

Imagine: after a long day at work, you go on a jog and have finally arrived at home. As soon as you open your front door the AC hits you like a wave and your Dachshund greets you eagerly with puppy kisses and barks.

You shower, and then plop down on your sofa in front of the soft light of the TV as your dog snuggles up next to you. You would be wishing you had something soft to lay your tired head on and prop your weary feet up with but no!- you were prepared because you had two doxie pillows waiting for you.

We offer customizable pet pillows just like the ones you had handy in two sizes-18x18 and 20x12 - that are perfect for use on a couch, a bed, or in your dog’s crate to sleep on.

10. Dachshund Socks

While you’re lounging, keep in mind that you can accessorize with Dachshund lounge gear. That could mean putting on a pair of our custom pet socks, slipping on a pair of wiener dog-themed fleece slippers, or unwinding with a glass of wine out of your very own Dachshund wine glass.

You and your Dachshund could even snuggle up with a soft Dachshund stuffed animal.

11. Dachshund Book

We believe that every pet is special and has a unique story to be told. You can animate that story by creating a Personalized Custom Pet Book!

When designing your pet book, you can customize virtually every element of the story, from your pet’s look to the storyline. And, as with all of our products, you can incorporate up to three pets into your story!

A custom pet book also makes a fantastic gift for a family member or friend.

12. Dachshund Ornament

Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! Whether it’s May or November, Christmas always seems to arrive in the blink of an eye, often so quickly that you end up forgetting to get presents ahead of time!

Skip the holiday rush and get a leg up on your Christmas shopping by ordering personalized pet ornaments as stocking stuffers for your friends and family this holiday season. You can be sure they’ll be thrilled to receive a beautiful reminder of their Fido or Tom to hang on their trees!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas or want to use your ornament year-round, ornaments are also a great accessory on plants and rearview mirrors.

13. Dachshund Art

Looking to add pops of color and decorate around the house? We have just what you’re looking for! Put a smile on your face and make your dog’s tail wag by adding a painting (or two) of your dashing Doxie to your walls.

We offer 3 canvas sizes:

  • 12”x 16” (Small)
  • 16”x 20” (Medium)
  • 24” x 36” (Large)

Bonus: You can also choose the background of your dachshund painting! The pattern options are vibrant and plentiful:

  • Solid colors
  • Pop Culture
  • Floral
  • Snacks
  • Mosaic
  • Holiday-themed
  • And custom text such as “Bye Felicia” and “Slay”

You’re sure to slay your home decoration once you get your canvas!

14. Dachshund Beach Towel

Make a splash at the beach or pool when you use a custom towel with a picture of your wiener dog on it! Or, if that’s not your scene, brighten up your bathroom at home by hanging one up.

Our 30”x60” soft towels can show off just one of your furry friends, or up to three! And, per usual, you can select a background from a wide array of options (however, when using images of Dachshunds we recommend the hot dog pattern background- it’s only fitting!).

These are the Best Gifts for Dachshund Lovers: What Will You Decide to Buy?

There are so many dope Dachshund gifts out there - and they are all so different. It may feel overwhelming trying to decide between so many products, but no worries! You can take all the time you need to sniff out (get it?) which gifts are best for the Dachshund(s) or Dachshund enthusiast(s) in your life on our website, where you’ll find our extensive collection of personalizable gifts for dog and cat lovers alike.

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