Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

There's a reason cats rule the internet. Adorable feline videos attract millions of views per day from cat lovers all over the world.

It's no wonder the gifts for cat lovers are all about the cute factor. If you're in the market for a cat-themed gift, options are plentiful.

Take a look at these top gifts any cat lover would cherish.

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1. Personalized Pet Storybook

There are few options more creative than a personalized pet book for a cat lover. The Petventures Pet Book allows you to make your pet the star of the story.

Pet's can't read, but they can undoubtedly pose for photos with this adorable book in the frame. One of the best features of the pet storybook is the level of customization detail allowed.

Choose the pet's look, name, where you live, and how the adventure unfolds. The animal's breed and color can also be included in the book.

Are you buying for a cat lover with more than one pet?

Add more than one pet to the story to include the whole family. The custom illustrations turn the book into a keepsake that pet owners can keep for life to remember a furry friend.

Including multiple pets does require a surcharge. There is also an additional fee for hardcover books.

2. Matching Halloween Costumes

What could be cuter than sharing the same Halloween costume theme as your pet? Group costumes are a growing trend that can make an excellent gift for pet owners.

Simple themes are easy to pull off. Think Old West, pirates, or jungle cats.

Be sure to reference sizing charts based on the breed of the cat. Cats are often less forgiving than dogs when it comes to trying on outfits.

If the first costume is too uncomfortable, it'll be harder for the owner to get the cat to try a second version.  

3. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Turn playtime into feeding time with the SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser. Cat lovers can entertain their feline friends while playing to their natural hunting instincts.

The toy is essentially a ball with hidden places to store dried food. Cats have to "solve" the puzzle to get to the treats inside.

The goal of this toy is to help cats improve their killer instincts.

When cats don't get the chance to hunt for their food, they miss the opportunity to stay active throughout the day. This leads to overweight animals by taking away their chance to exercise.

The PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser is a great gift for the pet owner looking for ways to prevent obesity.

4. Laser Pointer

There is a positive relationship between cats and lasers. Give a cat lover an automatic cat laser toy.

The constant pursuit of the laser will keep the cat entertained while the pet owner is at work. It comes with five circling ranges to choose from, so the cat doesn't get used to the patterns.

The circling ranges also make it easier to use the device in smaller spaces where there's floor space to point the laser. Anti-collision technology helps the cat avoid injury while playing.

The automatic on and off preserves the battery once the toy is no longer in use. If the pet owner already has a similar toy, this version is suitable as a travel toy or to use in a spare bedroom.

cats love laser pointers

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Water Fountain

Cats don't drink enough water. The PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Water Fountain provides quick and easy water access throughout the day.

For most animals, running water is more appealing than a still bowl of water. Its large size means more than one pet can share the dish throughout the day.

Staying hydrated is a big deal for animals. Getting proper hydration could be the difference between a cat getting kidney stones or not.

Since most cats prefer fresh running water, this bowl provides the perfect well of hydration that can last for days without the need to refill.  

cats don't drink enough fresh water. this fountain will really help

6. Custom Pet Socks

Most people don't have enough socks. They are the last thing you think of buying when going to the store.

But socks can make or break a hiking trip or fitness routine. Give a gift with a dual purpose to any homeowner.

A worthy addition to any pet owner's wardrobe is a pair of custom crew socks. Choose a fun color blocking pattern by requesting it as a background for the pet's photo.

Cat lovers will enjoy the eye-catching socks that show their devotion to their pets. These socks come in both U.S. and U.K. sizes.

popart socks are such a cute gift for cat lovers

7. Canvas Wrap

Wall art is usually a bad option as a gift. Without knowing someone's exact personal taste, you run the risk of buying a piece that will end up in a closet instead of on the wall.

But when choosing artwork of their pet, you are buying what is essentially a portrait of a family member. The gift isn't intended to be a Van Gogh, but instead a sentimental offering.

Do choose a canvas color that complements the cat lover's decor theme. If you don't know what his or her place looks like, aim for neutral color tones that could easily blend in any room.

8. Fleece Blanket

Pet owners can stay warm with a cozy fleece blanket featuring the face of their cat. For owners who like to cuddle with their cats, this blanket provides the perfect backdrop.

The blanket can replace an existing throw on a couch or decorate the cat's bed.

Adding in a pair of matching toss pillows as accents creating a full-on cat theme for a living room or bedroom. Blankets and pillows are a good gift option for cat lovers of all ages.

9. Thermal Cat Mat

Cats are considered seniors once they reach age 11. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a cat in this age group, a thermal cat mat is the way to go.

Thermal cat mats are cushioned and heated help ease a cat's aging joints. During the winter months, older cats tend to have more trouble staying warm.

The heated bed gives them a cozy place to snuggle up during the day.

10. Cat Mug

One of the most common gift ideas for cat lovers is a mug. Funny sayings and memes on coffee mugs give cat owners an extra perk in the mornings.

Personalized mugs with images of the cat or the pet owner with the cat are a more affectionate touch. Rely on humor when choosing a gift for someone you don't know well.

Personal photos are sweet to gift to anyone close to you. Sneak a candid photo of the cat lover and pet to keep the gift a surprise.

The thoughtfulness of the surprise photo will be appreciated. Just be sure to allow a week lead time to get the mug adequately customized.

Starting early also means you can swap out the design if the mug doesn't turn out as expected.

custom cat popart is the perfect gift for a coffee loving cat person

11. Cat Bed

Cats sleep everywhere. But most pet owners love their cats enough to still designate a space in the house for them.

Gift your pet loving friend with a premier cat bed hammock complete with scratching posts. These beds give cats the option of fun or rest without having to stray too far.

If a pet owner has more than one cat, don't expect them to share. Cats are territorial and each one needs a spot to call their own.

Include several versions of cat beds alongside the bed hammock version when buying for multiple cats. Covered sleeping areas are a common choice.

The simplicity of the hammock bed design and color scheme makes the bed blend into any corner in a home. The bed also includes a swinging cat toy for added play.

Cat lovers will appreciate a gift for their pet that keeps them busy and away from unwanted scratching places like curtains and sofas.

12. Pet Sitting Gift Card

There comes a time in every pet owner's life when they need time away. The idea of leaving a pet can be as challenging as leaving a small child.

Luckily, leaving a pet with a stranger while on vacation isn't taboo. Look up highly rated pet boarding houses in the area where you can purchase a gift certificate.

Aim for an amount that covers 2-3 days worth of boarding. If you're on a budget, contacting a pet sitter for a one-day visit is also a good gift.

Be sure to check reviews online to find the best services in your area. Every pet has its own schedule and preferences.

Experienced pet sitters understand how to adapt to make pets feel at home when their owners are away. Choosing a pro lessens the separation anxiety on the part of the owner and the cat.

13. Automatic Cat Feeder

Cats need their independence. Help a cat owner out by gifting them with an automatic cat feeder.

Cat feeders come in versions that range from basic dispensers to high tech machines complete with infrared technology. Premium cat feeders allow features like voice recording where owners can record themselves calling a cat to come to eat.

Most devices can be programmed to dispense food at various time intervals. Choose a feeder that is leakproof to avoid a mess.

The option to operate on only battery power is another great feature that means the pet owner can travel without needing access to an outlet to charge the device.

To really take this gift to the next level, include organic cat food. Fresh cat food blends will be appreciated by any owners who only want the best for their pets.  

14. Cat Phone Case

Looking for a smaller token gift or stocking stuffer? Try a customized phone case.

Phone cases are always practical, helping to remind the cat lover throughout the day of her furry friend. Design options are plentiful when you choose from these pop art selections.

Be sure to check the model of your friend's phone as manufacturers continuously change phone sizes with upgrades.

You'll have to do some detective work to get the right information, but it'll help save you the embarrassment of a custom case that doesn't fit.

Phone cases make great stocking stuffers and gifts for new friends.

15. Plant Litter Box

Do you know a cat owner with more than one cat? Chances are, this person has run out of places to hide her litterboxes.

Most cat owners realize that sharing one litterbox can be stressful for kitties, but finding the right places to put multiple litterboxes is stressful for cat owners.

The Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter box gives cats a private place to do their business. It doubles as decor allowing you to spruce up the living room with greenery.

The plant pot is a neutral color helping it to easily blend in with the existing decor. Unfortunately, the greenery is fake, but that means less responsibility for the cat owner.

Cats of all sizes can fit through the large opening of the oversized box. The top comes off for easy access when its time to clean up after the cat.

Though it looks like it, the litterbox isn't made of real clay. It's a durable plastic that's lightweight and easy to move around the house to suit the best layout of a room.

16. A Cool Cat Carrier for the Pet Parents with Joint Custody

Traditional cat carriers are usually hard, bulky and uncomfortable for both cats and humans to use. There are a lot of different brands that make modern cat carriers. Companies like Naiver make next-level cat carrier brands.

17. An Interactive Pet Camera for the Owner with Serious FOMO

Pet cameras are perfect for the human who isn't a homebody and misses their feline companion while their away. There are a handful of different interactive pet cameras on the market. Furbo, Pawbo, and Petcube are some of the top-rated, treat-dispensing cameras, that allow humans to watch, speak to and engage with their cats.

18. Cat Date Night Kit: Cat Movies, Treats, and Wine

This is a creative gift that both cats and humans can enjoy together.

Step 1: Buy an assortment of some of the most iconic cat movies. "Cat's Eye," "Pet Cemetery," "The Cat from Outer Space," "Cat People," "Breakfast at Tiffany's, "Homeward Bound," "My Neighbor Totoro," "Kendi" and "Keanu" are a few classics.

Step 2: Purchase a bottle of your owner's favorite type of vino and a bottle for the cat from PetWinery.

Step 3: Get some snacks for humans and cats. Know if the cat you're buying for has any dietary restrictions before buying anything. Brands like Orijen and Wellness are some of the top-rated!

19. Matching Friendship Collars for the Cat Lady or Man Who's Bestie is Their Cat

Know a cat person who is always telling stories about their cat(s)? Who treat their felines more like family than pets? Pettsie makes adorable collars for cats, that come with a matching friendship bracelet for their humans.

There are over a dozen different designs to choose from, ranging from year-round to seasonal styles.

20. Or Luxury Cat Collars for Fashionable Cats and Humans

If you know a fashionista who would love to have a unique, luxury collar for their cat, but wouldn't be into the idea of matching bracelets, there is a whole world of options out there.

Found My Animal offers a lot of different colors, designs, and materials of collars for dogs and cats. They use cotton, rope, leather, leather alternatives, denim, velvet, cotton, and help rescue pets find homes.

21. Subscription Boxes for Gifts for Cats That are Hard To Buy For

Subscription boxes are perfect for the cats in your life whose likes and dislikes are more elusive than others. They're also great for cats who already seem to have everything, or want to try new things. Meowbox and KitNipBox, and Rescue Box are packed with treats, toys, and goodies all for cats.

cat subscriptions boxes are a great gift

22. Sustainable Cat Toys for the Environmentally Conscious Human

A human who tries to live as sustainably or zero waste as possible might want to cringe if you get them or their cat mass-manufactured plastic gifts. Not to mention that a lot of cat toys contain dyes, chemicals, and materials that can be toxic to cats. If you know someone who is extra sensitive to this kind of thing, consider toys and gifts that leave less of a carbon footprint.

One of the most popular materials in earth-friendly cat products is wool. Earthtone Solutions produces toys and cat beds made out of wool, that are also made with fair trade practices in place. Twin Critters is a company founded by a veterinarian and a physician that aims to make pet-safe products like cardboard balls. You can also opt for toys from The Natural Pet Company, that uses conscious materials in their toys and packaging.

23. Feather Wands for the Cat Who Really Wants to Kill a Bird

Do not underestimate the power of feather toys. They aren't every cat's toy of choice, but they are especially loved by cats with a little bit of feral blood in them. If you have a cat who gets serial killer eyes whenever it thinks it sees prey, a feather wand that you can whip around like a bird will be its favorite thing. Brands like Pet Fit for Life and MeoHui make some of the most highly rated feather toys on Amazon.

24. Exercise Wheel for the Cat Whose Human Has a Peloton

You've likely seen cat wheels on the internet at some point over the past few years. They are basically giant gerbil wheels that don't only exist for entertainment. Oversized wheels are designed to help indoor cats stay active and healthy.

One Fast Cat makes large cat wheels, while Neko-Cat tree makes a wheel that duals as a scratching post. They are large, so purchase a cat wheel that blends into the style and color palette of the human's home. There are affordable and more high-end options.

25. Agility Training Equipment for the High Energy Cat That Acts Like a Dog

Despite the stigma of cats some people have, many cat breeds are highly trainable and intelligent. But, like dogs, some breeds are more inclined to have a stronger drive, motivation, and trainability than others.

For the highly energetic cat that's always zipping and leaping around the house, start simple, with a clicker from PetSafe, teaching your cat positive reinforcement when they hear a "click." When they're ready to take the next step, purchase some equipment from Cheering Pet or Better Sporting Dogs.

26. Books About Cat Behavior for the Armchair Behaviorist

To someone who isn't familiar with felines, cat behavior can seem unpredictable. They are selective with who they like, what they like, and what they do. The process of getting to know each individual cat's quirks is one of the reasons people like cats.

Some books to consider are:

27. A DNA Test for the Cat Whose Origin Story is a Mystery

Like DNA tests for dogs and humans, a cat DNA test can help us understand what makes each cat special, by looking into its genetic make-up. A DNA report will show you the major breed groups that your cat's DNA is composed of. It will also tell you what wild cats share the most similar DNA with your cat.

Basepaws is the leading genetic test for cats. It can also reveal any genetic mutations your cat might have, and what health problems it might be at risk for.

Even though you get a lot of useful information from these tests, it's important to know that the ancestry and breed component isn't as detailed as it is for dogs and humans. Simply because cat breeds haven't been researched as much, and the science isn't there yet.

28. Stainless Steel Water Fountains for the Cat Who Loves Drinking Out of the Sink (or Toilet)

Animals often favor drinking out of sources of running water, like sinks and toilets, because they associate running water with fresh water. A water fountain bowl that circulates water is a great way to tap into your cat's natural instinct.

Stainless steel is more sanitary than plastic and will collect fewer bacteria over time. The stainless steel fountain bowl from PetSafe is highly rated. Just know that some cats might be afraid of the new sounds and movement from the bowl.

29. A Hair Grooming Kit for the Long-Haired Beauty Plagued with Dingleberries

Long-haired cats can sometimes unknowingly carry leftovers from their litterbox session on their backsides after they've done their business. This is especially common in long-haired cats that are missing a limb, since the whole kneeling and squatting to go to the bathroom thing can be difficult for them.

You can take your cat to get "sanitation shaves" for this reason, or you can buy a trimmer and do it yourself. Crenova makes grooming kits perfect for cats, which include sheers, trimmers, brushes and more!

30. Pet Nail Caps for the Cats Who Can't Help But Ruin Everything

Cats are notorious for their love of stretching and scratching on all types of furniture, carpets, and rugs. Fun fact about cats: they do it as a way to trim their nails, leave a scent and simply to stretch out their flexible bodies. But, doing so often destroys the items the like to scratch in the process.

Since declawing is considered to be an inhumane practice, humans with cats who don't respond well to "NO" or a spray bottle of water might want to seek out some extra assistance. This is where Purrdy Paws nail caps come into play. They are simply plastic covers you can slip onto your cat's nails, to protect your home from their sharp nails.

31. Scratch Guards for Cats that You Can't Get Nail Caps On

Nail caps don't work for every human or every cat. Scratch guards are made for sofas, walls, doorways, and carpets that pets have delegated as their "special" scratching spot. The Furniture Defender comes in a lot of different sizes, and even though it isn't as exciting as some of the others on the list, but it's very effective and usable for any cat owner.

32. The Quintessential Scratch Post for the Practical Cat Owner

A cat can never really have too many options for scratching posts. Over time, scratching posts get worn down and eventually need to be replaced. A classic scratching post from SmartCat that blends into the color and style of a home is always a great gift for cats.

33. Chic Furniture for the Owners Still in Denial That They're Cat People

Classic, carpeted cat trees are not very attractive centerpieces in a home. But since they are huge, they are difficult to hide if you don't have a room designated for cat belongings. Luckily, there are what seems like an endless supply of products and ideas for modernized cat trees that look more like art.

Vesper and New Age Cat are two cat furniture brands that are a step-up from the common carpet coated pet cat accessories look. You can find everything from sculpture-looking cat trees, to cat shelves, discreet litter box cabinets and beds.

Catastrophic Creations makes modern, treehouse inspired shelves and wall hangings that are a minimal-style alternative to a cat tree.

34. A Window Perch for the Cat Dreamer

Two common traits in cats are their need for personal space and their love of watching birds and other potential prey from the window. A window perch from PEFUNY is perfect for multi-pet households since it creates a special space that only the cat can access. A window perch also creates a space for the cat who likes to daydream about hunting.

35. For the Cat with the Human always Complaining About Doing Their Cat's Litter

Did you know that you can train a cat to use the toilet? It's a little strange to some, but it can be a great option for busy humans. But it's a learning process, and the Citi Kitty is a great training tool that can get any cat using the toilet in just a few months.

36. Speaking of Litter: Enter this Sleek and Modern Igloo Box  

If training your cat to use the toilet isn't how you'd like to spend your Saturday, try this Igloo shaped litter box instead. It has grated steps to keep the litter from being tracked outside the dome.

37. An Out-of-this-World Sleeping Experience  

This cat bed is designed to resemble a spaceship and looks great with a modern aesthetic.

A Cat Gift for Everyone

Gifts for cat lovers range from artsy to practical. Don't feel pressured to know the pet's preferences before buying things like cat beds or food.

Focusing instead on the pet owner's personality gives you more options when searching for the perfect gift.

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