Best Books for 3 Year Olds: A List of Books Your Child Will Love

July 29, 2020

Best Books for 3 Year Olds: A List of Books Your Child Will Love

Tired of reading the same books with your toddler over and over again? Here's a great list of the best books for 3 year olds.

Overview: Best Books For 3-Year Olds

Did you know that children who are read to at least three times a week by a family member are twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who aren't read to as frequently?

Reading with your three-year-olds is important in many aspects as they continue to learn and develop.

Books can also help them make big leaps when it comes to learning more words to add to their vocabulary. They can learn about colors, letters, shapes, animals, the weather, or even big concepts through books.

Keep reading for our guide on the best books for 3 year olds and find some awesome books that your child will be sure to love.

Petventures Starring Your Pet

The best book you can get for your three-year-old is one starring their very own furry friend. Petventures Starring Your Pet lets you customize the story and include your pet, whether it is a cat or a dog, and even lets you include multiple pets! You get to customize your pet's name, your home town, and even choose the best way to cartoon your pet for your book.

The creators of Petventures worked hard to give you so many different customization options for this book so that it will really be a book all about your furry friends. Your three-year-old is going to want to read this book over and over again and especially have their pet by their side.

Get started by checking out the sample books! You can see the difference between one, two, and three pets as well as an idea of all of the fun adventures that your pets will go on.

You, your child, and your pet really won't be disappointed reading about the funny cat and dog adventures that this book has in store.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Another great children's book to share with your three-year-old is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This book is a classic and has been read countless times by tons of children everywhere. This is because there are a number of things that your toddler can learn from reading this book.

Your child can follow along the life cycle of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly as you read this story together.

Besides that, The Very Hungry Caterpillar also teaches your toddler counting up to the number five. It even helps to teach them the days of the week as it takes time for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

This book has been around for decades because it's a wholesome story and helps to teach your child a number of things.

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The Gruffalo


If you're looking for something a bit different and exciting for your three-year-old, then check out The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. This awesome story follows a mouse who takes a walk through the woods.

On his way through the woods, he meets several different animals, like a fox, an owl, and a snake. All of these animals want to eat him!

The mouse decides to make up an imaginary creature to scare the other animals away and that is where the Gruffalo comes from. The description of the 'imaginary' Gruffalo is so monstrous that the other animals surely won't want to eat him, right?

This book is so popular that it even became a series. If your toddler has fallen in love with the Gruffalo, then you may want to check out some of the other books written by this author as well.

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Book by Adrian Raeside

One good thing that comes from reading books with children at a young age is that it can help teach them and prepare them for situations. A situation that no one is ever ready for is losing a pet, especially at a young age.

The Rainbow Bridge by Adrian Raeside is an animal lover's storybook and helps to show kids a valuable lesson. The main character and his dog are inseparable and play together each and every day.

Unfortunately, the dog passes away and the main character must deal with the loss. In the book, the main character is reunited with his dog because of a messenger one night.

It's a magical tale that is geared more towards a young audience to help teach them how to get through the loss of a pet. If your child is going through a similar situation, then this would be the perfect book to read with them to help teach them.

Go, Dog. Go!

One thing that most three-year-olds like when it comes to reading is repetition and dog picture books. Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman is another classic that your three-year-old is going to love and learn a lot from.

The rhyme and repetition in this book are what really help to draw children into the book when they first start reading with you.

Of course, there isn't really a plot to Go, Dog. Go! but it is helping to teach your child all about actions. They're learning things like playing, working, going up, and going down.

They're also learning small details such as their colors, shapes, sizes, and even about different vehicles.

Lastly, the dogs throughout are communicating with each other. Some of these dogs are even building relationships throughout the book.

While this book may not capture your attention as a parent, it can definitely capture your three-year-olds attention and teach them a lot along the way.  

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night Book

If you need one of the best books for toddlers at bedtime, then Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night by Brianna Caplan Sayres is a perfect one. This book puts a huge twist on what a normal nighttime routine looks like and instead brings the reader to a construction site.

Your toddler will see diggers, fire engines, dump trucks, snowplows, tractors, and other trucks as they're going to bed for the night.

Do these trucks put their toys away? Do they ask for hugs and kisses? Do they snuggle and sing songs before bed?

This book asks tons of repetitive questions that will get your toddler thinking while you're reading together. They might even find that they have similar bedtime routines with their favorite truck.

It is the perfect book for children who love all things trucks. On the other hand, it is a great way to show your young children that big noisy trucks have a sensitive side too and need to go to sleep at night. If your child is scared of the garbage truck, then this might be a good way to help calm them from their fears.

The Camping Trip

Camping is a whole new world for a toddler and letting them read a book all about it is a great way to introduce them. The Camping Trip by Jennifer K. Mann is the best way to show your toddler what a real-life camping trip would be like.

The main character in this book is very excited to go on a camping trip with her family and is determined to have a good time for her first time out. Yet, she didn't realize just how difficult it all would be.

Follow her as she struggles to set up a tent, hike up a hill, or even swim in a lake with all the fish for the first time.

This is a great book so your toddler can learn all about the wilderness for the first time and get out of their comfort zone. Even as little kids, they're going to be going through new things and new experiences.

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin is a hilarious book that you and your three-year-old will both be sure to love. Especially if you love Mexican foods, then this is definitely the book for your family.

You can read all about chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and even teeny tiny tacos. You can never go wrong reading about tacos and dragons with your toddler.

Although you'll find out that one thing that dragons don't like is spicy salsa. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens when a dragon eats spicy salsa, but just know that it isn't any good!

The other best part about this book is the illustrations. The dragons are perfectly funny and not at all the scary dragons that you would normally imagine.

Don't forget to check out the sequel, Dragons Love Tacos 2!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

If you're looking for a cute and whimsical book to read with your three-year-old, then The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin is the sweetest picture book for you. It talks all about the possibilities that your children's future can possibly hold.

It is a perfect book to share with your little one because it is all about a parent wondering about the things that their child will grow up and be. Many people have compared this book to the classic by Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You Will Go.

This book is bold and clever as well as filled with tons of rhymes that your three-year-old will be sure to enjoy.

The illustrations throughout the book are also very eyecatching. Whether you're looking at animals, superheroes, or plants they're beautiful and marvelous to see.

Overall, as your child grows up they're going to keep coming back to this book and think about all of the wonderful things that they will be when they get older. It can also give them the confidence to dream big and know that you will be there to support them along the way. This is a great thing to learn as a three-year-old.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs And Ham By Dr. Seuss

Speaking of Dr. Suess, another one of his classics that your child will thoroughly enjoy is Green Eggs and Ham. Sam-I-Am is the main character in this book and he just wants his grouchy friend to eat green eggs and ham.

Unfortunately, the friend does not want to eat green eggs and ham in a number of different locations, with different people, or with different things.

Finally, in the end, he decides to try the green eggs and ham and loves them! Now he wants to eat green eggs and ham anywhere and everywhere!

This is an awesome book to teach your three-year-old many different things. They'll learn lots of new words, locations, animals, and colors while reading.

The main thing that they will get from reading Green Eggs and Ham is that it is okay to try new things.

This book is perfect if you're dealing with a picky eater! They might find that they don't want to try something because it looks strange but once they try it, then it actually tastes very good and they will want to eat it all the time!

Lost and Found

Lost And Found Book By Oliver Jeffers

The last book on our list is all about friendship. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is about a little boy, who has a penguin pop up at his doorstep. What in the world is he supposed to do now?

It is clear the penguin is lost and the little boy makes it his mission to help bring him back home. This mission includes a trip all the way to the South Pole. The strange thing about the trip is that the penguin hasn't said a word the entire time.

The little boy leaves the penguin in the South Pole but quickly decides to go back because he misses him. Unfortunately, he cannot find him anywhere but that's because the penguin is looking for the little boy!

This book is the perfect book to read with your toddler to teach them all about making friends and caring for one another especially animals.

The Best Books for 3 Year Olds

Reading with your 3-year-old is important because it can help them learn new words as well as learn new shapes, colors, letters, animals, or anything else in the books that you read. Make sure to keep our list of the best books for 3 year olds handy the next time you're shopping for books that your child will love.

Overall, the best book that you can read with your child is one all about their favorite pet. Our personalized pet adventure book is perfect for your 3-year-old to read again and again. Check out our frequently asked questions before ordering your book today!

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