The Best Dog Bike Baskets and Carriers of 2021

March 4, 2021

The Best Dog Bike Baskets and Carriers of 2021

Maltese Dog In A Bike Basket


Here are some of our favorite dog bike carriers and baskets. 

  • CHOICE #1: Solvit Tagalong Dog Bike Basket: With its unique bracket system you can attach or remove the Solvit carrier easily, and it is available in a neutral or mesh style. Good for pets 13 lbs. and smaller.
  • CHOICE #2: Pet Pilot MAX: With a specially designed sway-free handlebar design, it is extremely sturdy and easy-to-mount by itself. Also includes a safety leash. Good for pets 25 lbs. and smaller.
  • CHOICE #3: Snoozer Soft-Sided Pet Bike Basket: With plenty of storage pockets and the rain cover included, this carrier is convenient as well as secure. It's a great choice for small dogs. Good for pets 14 lbs. and smaller.

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Why Get a Dog Bike Basket?

Dogs enjoy putting their noses into the wind, so getting a dog basket will make them eager for rides. Keep your dog happy go lucky by providing them with a dog bike seat.

Continue reading below to learn more about dog bike baskets.

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What Is the Best Dog Bicycle Basket?

You can choose from a variety of dog baskets for your bike as you shop, and different baskets have a number of different features you might want to take into account.

Harness And Leash Attachments. The baskets of some bikes have leash or harness attachments that you can use to hook your pooch to it and keep him from hopping out while you ride.

Dome or Mesh Covering. A mesh-like top can be found on a few other baskets for bikes as well. These are great for keeping your dog from jumping out.

Pockets. You'll want to remember the leash, snacks, and a few toys when taking your dog on a bike ride. Some carriers have pockets so that you can add extra storage, which is simply great.

Positioning. A certain type of dog-friendly bike basket is designed to fit close to a bike’s handlebars, but in comparison other dog carriers are designed so that they fit on your back rack. A few baskets can even fit in both places! You should consider your dog's temperament when deciding on which positioning works best. Having your dog at the handlebars makes it easier to pay attention to him, but the position is best suited to dogs who are small in size.

Multi-Use. There are some pet bike baskets that double as car seats, pet carriers, and dog beds. To find a car seat, carrier, or dog bed that will do double duty, you should look for baskets that can handle multiple functions. Make sure the bicycle basket isn’t too hard to tear down/rebuild if you plan to reconfigure it into a bed or car carrier on a regular basis.

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What Dogs Do The Best in a Dog Bike Basket?

Most dog bike baskets support dogs under 20 lbs. But, not all dog carriers are the same. Large dogs can still bike too!

Large breed dogs can be driven around in a trailer, or carried behind you.

In addition to being relatively chilled, your pet must also be eager to enjoy it. If your pet has a lot of anxiety or gets nervous easily it will struggle to be at ease and has the potential to try to jump out of the bike.

Try putting your pup in the bike carrier and seeing what their reaction is. If they seem relaxed, then go ahead and spin a few laps around the driveway (while dispensing affection and treats).

Begin encouraging your canine companion with patience. If you make it fun, they'll appreciate it so much they'll soon feel like a road warrior.


Reviews of 7 Best Dog Bike Baskets 

Our review features the top dog bike baskets for your dog to help them to enjoy traveling like a boss. You can make the best decision when selecting each pet bike carrier since each one is evaluated for safety, function, and comfort.


1. Solvit Tagalong Dog Bike Basket

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket


With a special wicker design, comfortable sheepskin lining, and various straps, your pet will remain comfortable and safe while riding.


  • This elegantly woven brown wicker makes an outstanding choice for your dog.
  • Keeping your pet comfortable has never been easier. Soft sheepskin interior lining keeps your furbaby feeling at ease and provides extra protection for the back.
  • You can purchase this basket with confidence since it comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Pets smaller than 13 pounds can fit in this bag. Ideal for smaller dogs.


This pet carrier is extremely well designed and comfortable, with multiple straps that keep your pet secure during transit.


Installation is a bit more difficult than many other bike baskets for pets.

2. Pet Pilot

 Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket

Very sturdy bike basket


Designed to withstand sway thanks to its special handlebar mount design, the basket is extremely strong.

The Pet Pilot is an excellent bike basket that was designed to accommodate small breeds.

Using WALD's patented mount and Pet Pilot's improved basket, Pet Pilot worked on improving its weight capacity for pets.

It is now one of the only dog carriers that can support dogs up to 25 lb dogs, so that they are safe enough to carry in a bike basket. This is among the very few bikes with baskets that can easily and safely move heavier pets.

There are reports of users who have even used it with pets reaching sizes as large as 35 pounds and still being very stable. Note that, if you get past 35lbs, it's probably over the amount of weight you should carry on your bike handlebars, as a result we don’t recommend more than 25lbs at this point.

However, we’re eager to see what Pet Pilot has for spring, as they promise to introduce a new version designed to support heavier dogs!


  • You can customize the color of your dog's basket with the 5 color-inserts that are included!
  • Stainless Steel Frame and Handlebar Mount. The metal frames are extremely strong and durable well-designed mounts that will protect your dog.
  • The dog bike basket is constructed with mesh material which serves as a vent to cool the air, ensuring that your dog does not overheat.
  • You will remain visible in the evening with reflective siding on this basket.
  • Has mesh pockets which let you hold your cellphone, keys, water bottle, leash, treats and other essentials!
  • Designed for improved stability and ease of use. Can support dogs up to 20lbs easily. Also has a patented handlebar locking system.
  • It is very easy to remove from the handlebar connection, making it possible for you to swap out the basket readily according to your needs.
  • A leash attachment is included in the basket so that your dog does not jump out.


Customers love this bicycle basket’s solid steel design as compared to that of other basket’s typical metal and appreciate the basket’s incredible stability. Bikers also appreciate the fact they can swap out the basket easily when it isn’t needed.


Limited space for a safety light on the front.

3. Snooze Buddy Dog Bike Basket

 Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

With it's soft sides, you can easily strap it to your bike. It even has a rain guard and multiple pockets for storage.


  • Install your dog bike basket in seconds. Strap it to your bicycle and it is ready to rock.
  • For easy storage, the folding piece folds flat to save space.
  • There are plenty of pockets. The bag has multiple pockets, compartments, such as a large one on the front and a side pocket for your water bottle.
  • Rain Cover keeps your dog dry in the event of an emergency during rain.
  • Wipeable construction makes it simple to clean messes on the bike carrier.
  • The pet bicycle basket is designed to hold dogs no larger than 14 pounds.


Added metal brackets at the bottom prevent your furbaby from bumping into the bike when you hit bumps. It also is very quick to install.


Dogs that are heavier often have problems with clips that sometimes come loose and don’t stay closed.


4. Walky Easy Carrier Dog Bike Basket

 Walky Easy Carrier Dog Bike Basket

A floorboard and secure brackets help holding your dog steady during a bike ride.


  • Assembly is fast and simple. Pop the basket into place and ride. You can also remove the basket in seconds.
  • The padded bottom and reflective strip make this basket safe and comfortable for biking in the evening.
  • The large compartment has a big front pocket with a zipper and a large side compartment that holds a water bottle.
  • With an integrated zipper top, this top prevents pets from clambering out, and also features a secure leash for further security.
  • You can use the shoulder strap to carry a pet when no longer riding.
  • Can hold a medium dog: Holds dogs no larger than 20 pounds.


The floorboard and secure bracket keep your pet stable during the ride, and it is very lightweight and easy to use.


Sometimes clips can come loose if not clipped correctly, which may result in issues with the basket's safety.


5. Snoozer Rear Dog Bike Basket

 Snoozer Rear Dog Big Basket

A secure snap system makes this carrier secure for pets no larger than 24 lbs and works well with current bike racks.


  • Installation and removal is simple. Just click the basket onto your bike and you're ready to go.
  • Ideal for Bicycle Rack. This basket is designed for use with current bicycle racks.
  • It also has a reflective strip so you can ride at night. 
  • Easy to remove the cover. Machine washable.
  • Pet stays in the carrier: With the tight closure strap, your pet stays secure.
  • Perfect for Moderately Larger Dogs. Has a weight capacity of 24 lbs.


Sturdy enough for heavy pets and has a secure snap system so that your pet cannot jump out.


During the ride, it’ll be harder to see your pet.


6. Petsfit Dog Bicycle Basket

 Petsfit Dog Bike Basket Carrier

A bicycle basket complete with a safety leash, drawstring top, and a double-sided mat, will get you through whatever the weather brings.


  • The porous mesh cover lets your dog breathe better and prevents your dog from overheating in hot weather.
  • Reflective trim provides increased visibility when there is low light.
  • You can easily remove the carrier from the bicycle and use it on your person when you’re out on the town.
  • Lots of pockets to keep your stuff organized.
  • Removable inner mat. Mat also features two sides - a plush side for winter, and a nylon side for biking during the summer.
  • A leash clip on the inside keeps your pup secure while a drawstring top adds extra safety to prevent your dog from escaping.
  • The bike handle is secured with straps instead of metal fasteners.
  • It holds up to 10 lb dogs. Perfect for smaller breed dogs.


The extra storage pockets were appreciated, as were the pockets that made this carrier so easy to attach to bikes.


Aside from being too wide for certain handles, several owners commented about security straps breaking. This carrier shouldn’t be used for dogs over 10 lbs.


7. Cocoon DoggyRide Doggie Bike Basket

 Cocoon DoggyRide Doggie Bike Basket

Dog owners may also use the dog bike basket for a dog bed, pet carrier, or pet car seat!


  • It is multifunctional. It can be used as a dog bed, pet carrier, or even a car seat.
  • Pets are protected with a mesh dome. The cover keeps rain out and the mesh dome lets them remain inside the carrier.
  • Designed with tough polyester and water-resistant properties.
  • Recommended for small or medium pet breeds. Perfect for dogs that weigh less than 16 pounds.


Lots of space for storage and easily washable.


Other pet bike carriers have a better support system.


Safety Tips for Biking with Dogs

Be sure to use these safety precautions while riding along with your companion!

  • You Shouldn’t Go Over the Manufacturer’s Weight Limit. You may want to try to fit your medium-sized dog into a bicycle basket, but you should adhere to the recommended weight from the manufacturer to ensure your safety.
  • Make sure you use a Leash Clip. Almost all pet baskets have an attachment on the inside that allows you to tie the harness to the basket. This will prevent your pooch from leaping from the basket. Use the clip only if you have a harness or a short lead that you can add to a harness – If your dog attempts to escape after clipping the clip to his collar he could choke himself!

Hopefully these reviews will help you in choosing the best dog bike basket for your dog! Please let us know of other pet-related recommendations you would like to share!

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