Keeping The Dog Away From The Garbage: Top Dog Proof Trash Cans!

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April 1, 2021

Keeping The Dog Away From The Garbage: Top Dog Proof Trash Cans! 

Our Favorite Options: Tried and Tested Dog Proof Garbage Cans

Option A: SimpleHuman Butterfly Trash Can. It protects your dog from putting her head into the trash can making it safe and reliable. Further, the lid's silent operation can help prevent your pet from becoming overly excited when they discover you've thrown food into the bin.

Option B: SimpleHuman Semi Round Step Trash Can. Undoubtedly, a well-made trash can which opens by using a step and has a lock that keeps dogs from getting  into the trash making it relatively simple yet efficient to use.

Option C: Rubbermaid Defenders Trash Can. The trash can's outer shell is made from steel which often means it is too hard for most animals to run into or turn over. 

Those of you with dogs can often find your kitchen cluttered with trash you were supposed to throw out. Sometimes, a dog looking guilty will be seen in the area...

Although the situation appears amusing on the surface, dealing with it every day isn't fun. You need to realize it's more than just annoying and that it is unsafe as well. A mess in the kitchen, an animal that is sick or hurt, all these things ruin one's day. 

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Get a dog proof trash can for your home! Learn how to protect your dog from the garbage, where to buy dog proof trash cans, and what it takes to keep your dog from stealing garbage. Everyone at home will be safer using a dog proof trash can. The fact is, pet-resistant trash containers are a necessity. Dogs in garbage bins cause five main problems: 

# 1 Improper sanitation – a trash can is chock full of things that are laced with bacteria. Bacteria can get on your dog, and it might get on you too!
# 2 Toxic food in the garbage can poison or make your dog ill – Your garbage can contain any of several items that contain toxic ingredients. There are plenty of foods we humans eat that are harmful for our pets such as chocolate! 
# 3 Choking Hazard – There are plenty that may be found in your garbage can that will choke your dog such as bones, plastic food containers or utensils. 
# 4 Injury – Metal from canned goods containers, shattered glass, hardwood skewers, and damaged ceramic dishes are some of the normal finds in our trash can. These items can be hazardous and harm our dogs.  
#5 Hazardous Chemicals – Many trash cans contain products such as cleaners, insecticides, and detergents. These are very hazardous chemicals that can harm your dog. 

Doggy-proof garbage cans: What you should know! 

Dog proof containers may come in various styles, however, some designs are better than others. When choosing a pet-proof garbage bin, look for these features:

Durability - Since dogs usually have strong teeth, strong paws, and a sharp mind, make sure your trash can is sufficiently strong. Usually, dogs will not nibble through the whole thing, but they will tend to find the more vulnerable parts of it.

Lids - Often dog proof trash cans have covers made to exclude dogs, but those covers aren’t helpful when knocked over. You want a lid that stays on the can even when it's been tipped over. Otherwise dog proof trash cans will fail to provide much protection since your dog almost inevitably will endeavor to turn over the garbage can at some point.

Size - Regardless of whether your can is in or out of your home, you should use the largest size possible. A larger can is heavier and stronger than a smaller one, so it will be able to withstand the force a starving and persistent dog would exert. 


Top Five Dog Proof Trash Cans


  1. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


 Simplehuman makes the Secure Semi-Round Trash Can cool, stylish and secure thanks to its slide locking lid that keeps dogs out of trash when you're gone for an extended period of time. Though robust, it is still stylish enough to go in the kitchen.  

Important Details: A steel pedal in a strong trash can that absorbs shock and comes in a number of colors: blue, stone, black, grey, fuchsia, violet, and mocha. And it was created to ensure smooth, quiet closing. Moreover it comes with a 5-year warranty. 

PROS: People said they were satisfied with the product for its quality, particularly with the metal guard bar on the back of the lid that prevents it from hitting the wall when opened. Several users commented that they like this dog proof trash can for its sleek design. 

CONS: This dog proof trash can isn't marketed as such, so people are unaware it can  be used for this purpose. In addition, some users of the trash can reported difficulty assembling it, but most of them managed it with no difficulty.

Dimensions: 13-gallon capacity 14 x 18.9 x 26.5 inches


  1. Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can


Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can


With the step pedal, the Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can keeps your pet away from the garbage and gives you peace of mind. The can makes it simple for you to throw out rubbish, but complicated for your pet to access. 

Important Details: A steel pedal and stainless steel slim shape ensure a clean, efficient, elegant way to dump food waste anywhere. The lid not making noise ensures your pets aren’t too excited when you throw out the garbage.

PROS: Simplehuman’s Butterfly Trash Can has been tested by dog owners in several countries. Users have reported a high level of customer satisfaction. They praised its durable abilities and found comfort in finding an answer to their pet’s garbage-eating problems.

CONS: The Simplehuman Dog Proof Trash Can receives little criticism –  a few persons out of several discovered it bothersome when crumbs tend to get caught in the lip lid section.

Dimensions: 11.9-Gallon Capacity (~45 liters) 23.3 x 10.4 x 26 in.


  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Trash Can


Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Step-On Trash Can


Rubbermaid's Commercial Defenders Trash Can has a heavy lid with push-button opening, a durable metal construction and robust designed materials. 

Important Details: An odor-sealing seal helps protect your pup from smelling garbage. Beautiful ruby finish looks excellent in your home. In addition, a no-hands operation, steel outer shell, plastic inner lining, and sturdy construction allows for easy cleaning.

PROS: It has a nice design. Big and powerful dogs may learn to raise the cover of the box, but it's an excellent option for smaller puppies if you're willing to spend some serious money.

CONS: The lid to this can doesn't lock, but the steel outer shell will stop it from falling onto your dog, as well. Additionally, this trash can isn’t inexpensive because it’s made of steel.

Dimensions: 24-Gallon Capacity 375 inches x 20.375 inches x 32.365 inches


  1. Toter Bear Proof Residential Trash Can


Toter RBR32-R1DGG Atlas Heavy Duty Round Trash Can


The Toter Bear Proof Residential Trash Can is one of the most durable dog trash cans available and it is the ideal choice for problem pets with particularly strong temperaments.

Important Details: A sturdy dog proof trash can, this one has wheels that make it simple enough to roll around in any accessible place. Its Blackstone finish effectively masks scratches and stains, making it look beautiful for many years to come.

PROS: If there is a major challenge with animals going through your garbage, but you still want a normal-looking trash can, this is the best one. It is durable and will easily prevent dogs from getting into the garbage can.

CONS: For its price, a smaller one would look better in your kitchen than the larger size but you’ll get more benefit for your money with the bigger size. The costs are not far apart considering the sizes. 

Dimensions: Available in 64- and 96-gallon sizes 


  1. Trash Buddy Dog Proof Trash Can Lid


Doggy Dare Trash CAN Lock


Basically, this is an animal proof strap placed on the trash can lid, that can be utilized with most household trash cans. 

Important Details: A completely adjustable lid that is easily assembled with a Phillips screwdriver, this light weight, dog proof trash can lid has the ability to be easily put into position. You get three separate brackets to make installation easy, which makes it very simple to assemble. 

PROS: Installing this kind of trash can is an easy, quick, and affordable upgrade. It keeps dogs out of the trash, while also keeping other animals and rainwater at bay.

CONS: Despite most reviewers giving it high scores, some stated that it did not stop raccoons. Raccoons often have more skillful hands, so they fit into trash cans with ease.

We recommend the Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can

There's a lot of dog-friendly trash cans available on the market that will help keep your pup from getting into the garbage. However, in our opinion, the Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can is the best choice in the market. This container's sleek designs work excellently in small kitchens because of it’s quality finish and simplicity of use.

trash dog eat

Why Do Dogs Get Into The Trash?

It's interesting to identify what causes dogs to riffle through the trash, but most dogs end up pawing through the trash for the following three reasons. Being aware of the reasons why your puppy gets into the trash will help you stop this behavior.

Hungry pug

Here are the following possible reasons: 

    1. Hunger - Dogs can be fed a good diet without getting enough calories, which means their stomachs will not feel full. As puppies grow, they require more food, so you will need to adjust your feeding schedule to accommodate their needs. Providing enough food for your dog is essential so he won’t have to go hungry all the time. The dogs that are kept waiting between meals, as happens at night when you get home, are usually hungry in the morning. An automated system to feed your pet that uses a timer can correct this situation.
    1. Scent - Occasionally a well mannered dog may smell something tasty, like a very yummy meal for a special occasion that was thrown in the trash and unfortunately for them (and you!) the smell was too tempting to pass up.
    1. Boredom - Separation anxiety often makes dogs trash the house in search of ways to soothe themselves. Feelings this strong can lead to emotional eating as well. Your dog is likely to show his depressed mood by digging through the trash. And you need to tackle the inherent issue to stop this behavior. One option is to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and is playing with toys that stimulate their mind.

Whatever the cause, it is important for the safety of your dog to have a dog proof trash can or bin. 

Alternative Ways To Keep Your Dog from Digging Into The Trash

While the trash cans and lids mentioned previously should help your trash stay secured, there are other things you can do to decrease the risk of your dog ingesting trash.

  • Do not make it easy for your dog to get to the garbage can. Move the trash can somewhere they cannot reach it, like under the counter, or in the pantry and make sure that it is kept closed often. 
  • It is much easier to buy ready-made dog-can deterrents rather than make your own, and it is more likely to be safer as well.
  • Occasionally, it can be very helpful to adjust your dog’s behavior using Sprays such as Bitter Apple. 
  • A happy dog is a tired dog. Exercise your dog often. If your pup regularly gets into the garbage can, give him extra attention in the beginning or spend additional time with him while he is young. 
  • Offer your pup more suitable choices for his frustration. Dogs have fun with puzzle toys. You can get chewy toys that contain treats to keep them entertained for hours. You may find, for example, that a Kong stuffed with peanut butter is entertaining for hours.
  • Seek help from a certified coach. You can't make your dog think leftover food isn't a treat, but a great trainer can help your dog understand that the trashcan is a no go. This will demand resources: your effort, attention, and exercise. But when you give it your all, it can work out.
  • During all seasons, remember to throw out trash regularly. Regularly emptying the trash can greatly reduces the probability of dogs making a mess. 
  • Disposing of recyclable things will help cut down on the volume of waste you produce, so recycling and composting are also worthwhile. Making sure your garbage can is emptied before you leave your dog alone for a while is particularly important.

Being able to keep your dog out of the garbage is not always a fun task but it is important. Hopefully this article showed you the best solution to take care of your home and provided the best recommendation for you!

Do you know of other alternative ways to keep your pet away from the trash? If so, please let us and our readers know about them by sharing below in the comments.


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