Getting On The Road With Your Hound: The Six Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers!

Motorcycle Dog Carrier
March 23, 2021

Getting On The Road With Your Hound: The Six Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers!

If motorcycle adventure is your thing, it’d be great to have your equally adventurous shaggy companion with you. You can bring your furry pal along as you ride off into the sunset! But to do so, you need to keep your dog firmly strapped to your bike and out of harm’s way. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog carriers for motorcycles. 

Our Top Recommendations

1. Kuryakyn Pet Palace –– This elite,  trunk-quality motorcycle dog carrier features several mesh panels for fresh air to pass through and a metal frame for durability. Its top-of-the-line attributes make it another pricey item but your little dog will feel comfortable like a baby while riding it. Perfect motorcycle carrier to fit small dogs. 

2. Pillion Pooch –– With the unique benefit of providing unrivaled support and security, the Pillion Pooch is the best overall dog motorcycle carrier we have found. We are confident that nearly all owners will see this to be a good deal since it has plenty of legroom for your dog. 

3. Outward Hound Pooch Pouch — Though it isn't really designed to be a pet carrier for motorcycles, its soft details allow you to firmly bind your dog to your body to ensure your pup is always in sight. One great feature is that it is incredibly affordable!  

Can Dogs Ride Motorcycles?

Where motorcycles are concerned, dogs are like people: a few enjoy riding them, others don't. It differs from one pet to another. Dogs with strong self-confidence appear more easily to endure the intense vibration, sound, and strong winds than more timid canines. These same principles apply to miniature breeds, who have huge and unapologetic personalities, despite their small size. Little dogs are often more at ease riding on bikes than bigger dogs because they are familiar with being held and carried. The concept of being held and carried can be a bit terrifying for their big counterparts. Large dogs tend to flail about and try to escape. In addition, because they fit more easily into smaller spaces, small-scale dogs are also more acceptable as passengers logistically speaking. Occasionally, riders get to bundle up their large canines on their bike and remain chill, quiet and composed but that is just an exemption, not the norm.  Your free-spirited Japanese spitz may just be a way better riding companion than your confident Great Dane. 

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Motorcycle Dog Carriers Important Considerations

Dog carriers are available in different designs for your dogs comfort during the ride. And like other items bought for pets, there is a great deal of difference between carriers that are effective and mediocre ones. Pick out a motorcycle dog carrier based on the following factors: 

Crate-Style Carrier versus Wearable Carriers

The two main styles of the carrier are: 

  • The mini crate-style can be mounted on the rear of a bike.  
  • Knapsack or chest pack which you can wear across your body. 

Both styles can work effectively for yourself and your buddy, you just need to choose a method that fits your preference and your pet's personality. Crate carriers provide more protection against road debris, wind, and any other mishaps. Despite their advantages, however, they prevent you from being in close proximity to your pup and there are breeds that feel more comfortable riding securely fastened to their parents.


The carrier must contain your dog securely no matter what style you choose. It is best for the carrier to feature latches or leads as well as secure locks to prevent your pup from jumping out of the carrier, and it should connect to your motorcycle perfectly. Carriers that are wearable must limit excessive wiggling and prevent you from being thrown off balance. You may want to make sure your dog is wearing shields like glasses or goggles to prevent anything from getting into his eyes. In case of an accident, he can better protect himself by wearing his own head protector. Hence, you should consider fitting your little pal with a helmet. 

Design that’s weatherproof 

A little sprinkle is probably not going to happen often, but you will likely have to ride through a downpour sometimes. On occasion, you may encounter a little snow. During such times, you will need to make sure the carrier can keep your buddy cozy and dry. Wearable carriers made of impermeable materials work well in this respect as well, but ostensibly crate-style carriers work better.

Comfort for dogs

Dogs won't enjoy the ride if they aren't comfortable in their carrier. If you choose a wearable carrier, make certain it is made out of cozy materials and does not rub your puppy's fur and skin. It is best for your companion to have sufficient space inside the crate to lay outstretched, spring up, and move around.

Installation and Assembly

Choose a carrier that has been created to suit your particular motorcycle. Many units have many settings, making them suitable for a wide variety of bikes, while some are limited to certain brands or models. The same goes for wearable carriers – they must be able to fasten perfectly to your frame. Those with extremely long, short, slim or slender legs are very likely to have this problem.

Product Durability

Even your pup-designed carrier will take a beating when you rack up the freeway miles. Whenever possible, choose products made from durable parts and are well-crafted to ward you off from buying a replacement carrier.


Dogs on motorcycles are not permitted in certain municipalities. Consult with any local authorities to stay within the law. It may be mandatory to conform to certain standards or authorities can completely forbid it.


When considering motorcycle dog carriers, much attention should be paid to the styling, particularly if that is crucial to you. The primary determinant of your choice shouldn’t be the style (you should prioritize things like comfort, durability, and safety first), however, it will still play a significant role for most bikers. 


Many carriers double as portable kennels; you will likely find you need to move it around every now and then. A wearable carrier will tend to be more portable since they typically include handles that facilitate mobility.

The price

Different motorcycle dog carriers come in different price ranges. The carriers that can be worn on the body are more affordable than crates, but prices can also fluctuate within and between categories. Try to steer clear of the inexpensive products (there usually is a reason why they are so cheap), and stick to related products for price comparisons. 

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Six Motorcycle Dog Carriers – The Best for Driving Miss Daisy (err...Your Pup) 

The market for motorcycle carriers isn’t that crowded these days, but it is also a great place to have some great options. Below are six products that are the best in the business: 

 1. Pillion Pooch

Pillion Pooch (2-Pup, Silver)

What it is: A comfortable and roomy motorcycle dog carrier, the Pillion Pooch is a product of necessity and was designed to make it easy for dog owners to bring their pets along with them! When you need to take your four-footer out on the road, this carrier's got you covered with a roll cage which is constructed from strong aluminum, a firm base, and water and ultraviolet proof cover.


  • With a rigid floor and flexible frame that fits the vehicle, your dog can easily get in and out of the Pillion Pooch. 
  • It has a restraint designed to safeguard dogs weighing around 30 kg. (66 lbs.) 
  • Designed to fit right onto your handlebars. 
  • An exceptionally durable cover keeps your pooch from experiencing rain, grit, and wind, but you are free to zip off the front in order to let them feel the breeze.  
  • Comes in a two-pet layout, it has a 39 cm by 62 cm footprint, which provides a number of dogs with plenty of headroom, and is 55 cm tall, providing them with plenty of legroom. Also, it weighs only 15 kilograms (33 lbs.)
  • Easy to put on or to take off. 

Is it the right size for my dog?

Since it’s one of the biggest motorcycle carriers, it’s going to surely attract attention among riders who have giant dogs. This makes you think: Is the carrier large enough to fit your canine? Your decision-making process should be based on the following features:

According to its manufacturer, dogs around 66 lbs. can be restrained with the Pillion Pooch. Because of this, the safety guidelines suggest doing the following. Put some adhesive tape on your floor to create a mockup of what the spacing is. Then, determine how cozily your dog fit in such an area. While we perused the manufacturer's lovable photo collection, we observed that puppies had no problems riding with ease in the carriers.


  • The best motorcycle dog carrier that is designed for pretty large dogs. 
  • Overhead restraints are not tangled, therefore, it is quite safe for its use.
  • An optional roll cage gives extra safety for your canine. 


  • While it is definitely a great product, the Pillion Pooch is slightly pricey. That said, it still offers good value for its price. 

2. Kuryakyn Pet Palace Bag 

Kuryakyn 5288 Grand Pet Palace

What it is: Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Bag is the ultimate motorcycle dog carrier for all your riding needs! It's a great-looking and safe way to transport your pet. Made of UV-resistant 1200 denier material and a rigid frame to support it, the Kuryakyn Pet Palace is perfect for companion while breezing along the road. The carrier consists of several windows with mesh for better ventilation, a foam cushion that can be removed for improved comfort, and a strap attached so that it can also serve as a portable carrier on wheels. Additionally, the model comes with a sissy bar attachment, several D-rings along adjustable straps for fine-tuning a custom fit. 


  • Sturdy firm bottom and high-quality.
  • Added comfort for your dog with a detachable bottom pad.
  • Leash attachment and D-ring inside the product for dog's security.
  • A top panel can be opened when desired. 
  • Great ventilation with several mesh windows.
  • With multiple pockets and straps that are adjustable
  • Backpack measures 13 inches deep, 18.5 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. 


  • Ample pockets, connections, and tapered tie-on straps.
  • Easy to modify so your dog felt comfortable. 
  • Made from superior materials 
  • Mesh openings allow your pup to appreciate the breeze.


  • Although expensive, it still represents a good value for money. 

3. Saddlemen Pet Voyager

Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager

What it is: The Saddlemen Pet Voyager is a versatile motorcycle dog carrier with a bunch of features that give your dog safety and comfort while you go about your daily business. Not only does it feature pouches and pockets for storage, but it can also be attached to bicycles in two ways: via an adjustable sissy bar strap system or a versa-mount seat harness.  


  • Its multiple access flaps and vents let your dog relish the fun 
  • Removable comfort pad and bottom tray.
  • Loading or removing your bag is quick and easy thanks to the quick-connect straps. 
  • Includes a tether ring for keeping your pup securely fettered. 
  • Pet carrier is 15.3” tall, 18.4” wide, and 15.9” deep. 
  • Easy carrying thanks to the strong grip and handle straps. 


  • It has all kinds of awesome extras (flaps, pockets, straps, etc.) 
  • Some owners were surprised by the bag’s excellent quality
  • It is way cheaper than other steeply-priced carriers.


  • Though this carrier has the option to be installed in different modes, a few owners encountered compatibility issues with the bike itself. 

4. Outward Hound PoochPouch

 Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier, Medium, Grey

What it is: This product gives a comfortable, safe, and secure ride for pets and their owners who choose to ride together. The Outward Hound PoochPouch was created by the Outward Hound company. With its water-proof nylon-type fabric, this is an ideal pet carrier to accompany you wherever you go, either on a bike or on foot. 


  • Integrated safety harness and an adjustable drawstring hood for your safety. 
  • Padded straps will make wearing it super comfortable. 
  • You can easily watch for your dog whenever you wear it in your front pocket. 
  • Sides with mesh provide ventilation. 
  • The small dog bed measures 11.5” wide; suitable for puppies that are around 12” tall. 
  • An adult medium model has a 13.2” base, which would be suitable for a dog up to about 15” high. 


  • Excellent for short trips, but great for longer trips. 
  • A clever front facing design makes it easy for your dog to ride. 
  • Very easy to use -- you just open it, put your pup in, and wear it.


  • There have been some complaints that the bands aren't heavily cushioned. 

5. NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier

NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier

What it is: In the NICREW Front-Facing Pet Carrier, the pup is free to extend his or her legs or paws in such a manner that they remain free. The design is extremely interesting, supporting your dog effectively and letting you bring them along in a cozy and secure fashion. 


  • 1.5 inches wide, straps with comfort are easy on the shoulders.
  • They come in a four-size range to ensure the best possible fitting. 
  • Available in three colors: black, blue denim, and stripes. 
  • Mesh panels for great ventilation. 
  • Suits dogs with girths around the chest up to 24 inches.


  • Useful for walking and biking with your dog. 
  • The wearable carrier is favored by owners who have a dog weighing over 20 lbs. 
  • The product’s color patterns and sizes available in a variety of sizes.


  •  The straps were reportedly not comfortable for some owners.

6. Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Milwaukee Performance MP8103 Black Heavy Duty Textile Motorcycle Pet Carrier Sissy Bar Bag - One Size

What it is: An on-the-go pet carrier, that is a heavy-duty model, created to make your pet safe and secure, while comfortably traveling along with you. 


  • Ventilation panels made of breathable mesh.
  • Easy mounting with adjustable clips and traps.
  • There are multiple pockets on the outside of the coat for additional storage. 
  • Dimensions: 16 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 13 inches tall.


  • A premium carrier at a great price for those who are on a budget.  
  • The carrier is made of durable, high-quality components.
  • Easy to install on your two-wheeler. 


  • There were a limited number of user reviews available. If you have used this carrier, please send us your story. 

Is your dog one of the cruising companions that like to go on the road with you? How would you describe the type of carrier that you use? Have you learned anything from using a motorcycle dog carrier that can be of use to those looking to purchase their first? Please feel free to sound off below or send us your thoughts! And do check out our personalized pet merchandise that will surely make your pet feel love and pampered!