You need a Dog Proof Litter Box in your life!

Dogproof cat litter box
March 24, 2021

Dog Proof Litter Box Reviews: So curious puppies don’t get into your cat’s litter box! 

Have you noticed that your dog finds itself playing in the cat’s litter box? It's no secret that dogs will consume poop! It’s not appealing and bizarre to us humans. Many owners who have both cats and dogs as pets often find it problematic to stop their dogs from eating their cat’s poop. Fortunately, we have a solution – there are a lot of options to guard your cat’s litter box. In this article, we will talk about all kinds of dog proof litter boxes and share with you some of the best ones that you can get for your household. 

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Best dog proof litter boxes to pick from - Recommended Alternatives  

Top litter entry
Choice #1: Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan: This litter box has a top entryway that requires your cat to hop on the box to get inside. For small and medium dogs this one is perfect but if you own a dog of a larger size,  your big dog may or may still be able to sneak its nose in. 
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan
Choice #2: Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box: If you own a medium or large size cat, this big box-like litter box has a cover and a sturdy flap that keeps smells, and visitors aka the dogs at bay. 
 Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box
Choice #3: Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome: Wondering what's up with your cat being a messy one? It's normal, messy cats exist. The petmate clean step litter dome is meant for these clumsy feline friends of ours with its totally enclosed design. Igloo dome litter boxes are large enough to keep dogs out of the house and keep the litter clean. The design has steps that are made of a material that collects litter, allowing your cat to enter and exit cleanly. 

Here are our DIY recommendations on how you can keep your dog safe and free from the cat’s mess. 

  1. An enclosed litter box. Some litter boxes are set up with a separate opening that can be accessed only by cats. However, not every cat likes covered litter boxes – some cats may find that those covered boxes appear intimidating. Although a covered litter box can be a good choice for more laid-back cats, we'll review several models below.
  2. It's Possible To Change How Your Cat's Waste Tastes To Dogs. Some desperate cat owners have switched to feeding their cats certain foods meant to make their feces unpalatable to most dogs. However, picky cats are not likely to take well to this idea. 
  3. Cat Litter Boxes With Automatic Cleaning. Some litter boxes come with automatic cleaning settings, this automatically eliminates the cat’s droppings. However, if your dog is a persistent one it may still be able to sneak its way if it is fast enough. 
  4. Cleaning up cat poop right away could be sufficient to keep the dog from having access to it. This is only possible if you spend a lot of time around the house. Naturally, this is not a possibility for everybody. 
  5. Keep the cat's litter inside gated areas. It may be a good idea to keep your cat’s litter box off-limits to dogs rather than investing in a dog-proof litter box. A cat passageway that has a gate on it prevents dogs from entering while allowing cats to go through. 
  6. You can either raise your cat's litter box above the floor level or on a high surface. This way, only your cat can get into it. Some owners may find this unpleasant, especially if they plan to use the table or raised surface for something other than your cat’s call of nature. 
  7. The Dog Proof Door Latch is the most reliable dog resistant door latch available for doors. You can also buy dog-proof door latches which allow your door to open with plenty of space for a cat to climb through, but not so much that your dog can squeeze. Your dog would have to be much larger than your cat for this to work. You might also need to designate a certain space or room for your cat's use. 
  8. Do Not Let Your Dog Get Bored. A dog might be eating poop because he is bored – and in that case, distractions may help. Consider getting your dog a treats dispensing toy that can entertain him and keep him occupied. 

                The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes: Specially crafted only for cats 

                There are different reasons dogs eat poop, it doesn’t mean we pet parents have to accept and support it! In case you want a dog-proof litter box and have at least one, below are some of our suggested litter boxes. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

                1. Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

                A self-cleaning litter box, the Scoop self-cleaning litter box has sensors that sense when your cat has relieved itself and cleans and removes the offending waste and odor instantly. You don't have to scoop, clean, or refill the litter box anymore since this self-cleaning one does all the work. Designed to trap waste encapsulated in a lockable, disposable tray that can be discarded quickly and easily. It dehydrates the waste and absorbs urine, erasing odors instantly. It detects when your pet deposited litter in the litter box so that the rake timer starts a few minutes after your cat moves out. 

                PROS: Ideal for cat owners who care about convenience and don’t want to pick up their cat’s stinky poop. 

                CONS: Cat’s waste is automatically raked away 20 minutes after your cat has used it, which may not be enough time to prevent dogs from digging in. Although many trays claim to last 30 days, owners highlight in reviews that they need to be replaced more frequently (every couple of weeks or even more frequently, depending on the number of cats). 

                 Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Cat Litter Box

                With the Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan, dogs cannot access the litter box through the front, forcing your cat to climb inside by hopping on top of the box. It is designed in a manner that ensures the fact that dogs cannot easily get to the litter box. There are two parts to this waste container: a slotted lid and a hinged top. Litter settles into the tray when your cat exits. This makes it easier to easily remove waste from the lid. 

                PROS: This dog proof litter box is ideal for small and medium dogs. The entry being at the top means the litter will fall significantly less on your carpet than if the entry was at the side. 

                CONS: Persistent big dogs may or may not be capable of getting their heads through the top. Users also point out a design flaw: litter keeps being dragged off the floor when the lid is opened. Another is there is a portion that is raised in the bottom which is hard to clean. Some users suggested that adding a few additional inches of litter to the container addresses this flaw. 

                Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

                1. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome 

                The Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome has been chosen by millions of dog owners to protect them from the smell of poop. This dome-shaped litter box also shields cats from creating clutter. With a step design, the litter box keeps dogs out while preventing litter from spreading. Keeping litter and odor out with an enclosed dome and larger than most litter boxes, this litter box lets your cat move around freely. The available charcoal filter that it comes with is an additional reason why unpleasant odors are prevented. 

                PROS: Perfect for keeping dogs away and the step design stops cats from getting litter all over the place. Also fit for cats up to 15 pounds, while other models that are covered might not have enough room for heavier cats.

                CONS: Some users have had difficulty keeping the enclosed liner in place, which would mean the litter box may require more cleanings more often if the liner is removed. 

                Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

                1. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box 

                The Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box is a handy litter box featuring a door flap, which helps keep dogs at bay and provides privacy to your cat. The carbon filter prevents unpleasant odors and smells. Great for bigger cats, this larger litter box will fit them perfectly. Designed with a dog-proof flap that is easy to fold up. It helps to deter dogs and keep odors away from spreading through the home. 

                PROS: Owners note that this litter box’s top fits on snugly, preventing any leaks. They also appreciate the foldable door and the bag lock feature, allowing owners to attach a bag to the edge of the box when scooping for straightforward cleanup.

                CONS: Some owners say that their cats jump on top of the box and tear through the carbon filter that sits on top of it. One owner said that applying sticky tape to the carbon filter was effective in keeping them away from it. 

                 Van Ness Odor Control Large Enclosed Cat Pan with Odor Door
                Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan is a covered housing with an access point that is covered with a lid that cats are comfortable with but uncomfortable for dogs. The lid changes from an open to a closed position with the touch of a button. The Odor Filter provides a Zeolite filtration to remove odors, from which it can be cleaned several months after installation. 

                PROS: This litter box is inexpensive and includes a door that keeps unwanted scents, waste, and pups out.

                CONS: Some users think that some dogs can remove the flaps on the device easily.

                Don’t worry if you cannot afford to purchase a dog-proof litter box, as you can try to make your version as well if you see our DIY tips. How do you keep your puppy separate from your cat’s waste? Do you use a dog proof litter box or a different strategy? Share your tips and tricks!

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