Dog Muzzles - Reviews And Everything You Need To Know

Dog Muzzles


April 8, 2021

Dog Muzzles - Reviews And Everything You Need To Know


Many dog owners use muzzles as part of their training plans. The well-trained dog will get used  to wearing the muzzle just as they have become comfortable wearing the collar. By using muzzles, dogs can enjoy being outside when they aren't at their most comfortable yet. Muzzles are also helpful to those working with dogs, such as vets, groomers, coaches, and more.

A muzzle is an effective tool for training and protection, but it is often portrayed in a bad light. Seeing a dog with a muzzle often prompts the assumption that the pet has become an attack dog.  The association that muzzles are worn by "scary dogs" is unfortunate.

However, muzzles not only help dogs but make training more effective while others are around, and they keep them safe from other dogs and people. Many owners muzzle their dogs for safety’s sake. 

Even the calmest dog can be uneasy around babies and small children. It is certainly acceptable to use a muzzle in the event of an unfamiliar setting. Humans purchase bicycle helmets without necessarily assuming they will be injured in an accident. Several reasons exist for needing a muzzle on your dog. Another example is to feel reassured during a vet’s visit that your pet will not be able to wreak havoc around the vet's office or while undergoing a medical procedure. 

Many users muzzle their pets because they fear they may get aggravated by another dog.

 A muzzle keeps dogs from getting into trouble on hiking trails, and it also keeps them away from danger on public walks and outdoor excursions. 


Do muzzles violate animal rights?

Use of a muzzle should not typically be regarded as offensive toward animals. An effective basket muzzle is a helpful tool pet owners can use to keep their pets safe and happy.


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A muzzle can be a perfect tool for new situations 

A muzzle can be effective in scenarios when you aren't certain your pooch will react to situations or individuals. When encountering an unfamiliar situation for the first time, muzzling your beloved companion may be called for. You may not feel confident that your dog will be okay if he meets and plays with young children for the first time. Your dog may appear okay, but you are not certain yet. Don't take any chances! Muzzling your pet can keep you and other dogs safe while encouraging your dog to take part in new situations.


Should dogs with aggression problems wear muzzles?

Dogs with aggressive behavior may benefit from basket muzzles or cage muzzles. The kind of muzzles made of neoprene fabric that only clamp your dog's mouth tight have the side effect of allowing your dog to bite his teeth! So you shouldn't depend on these types  of muzzles a lot. 

It is important to learn how to socialize aggressive dogs. Itt is your responsibility as the dog owner to take the necessary steps so as to encourage the dog to feel secure and safe. Muzzling for aggressive animals is a good tool to train, but muzzles don’t fix aggression. With muzzles, your dog won’t bite, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t assert aggression. Your dog may still growl, lunge, and even pull really hard with a muzzle on. 

Some dog owners wonder if their aggressive dogs are more upset because they're muzzled. If you don't properly introduce the muzzle to your dog, he can get irritable or upset. However, muzzles should not hurt or irritate dogs.


Is a muzzle effective at stopping my dog's barking?

Whether your dog wears a groomer's muzzle or not, you can still hear him bark, no matter how well-fitted the muzzle is. No muzzle, no matter how tight, will stop him from barking. Getting your dog to stop barking is as simple as finding out why he is barking and treating the source. 


Dog Muzzle is effective


Would a muzzle make a difference in stopping my hound from chewing?

A muzzle should not be used to prevent your dog from chewing. Most dogs chew for two reasons: boredom or teething.While a muzzle might help temporarily, it's better to identify the problem and treat it head on by providing more to gnaw on! Providing your dog with something better to chew should be your first priority. 

Chew on the following objects instead:

  • Bully sticks. - This is an excellently safe and tasteful chew toy perfect for progressively or aggressive chewers. The texture is tasty, and the smell is super strong.
  • Puppy teething toys. - Several of these toys are best served frozen, this way it can give puppies numbing comfort. These toys are beneficial for puppies who may be experiencing some gum discomfort.
  • Interactive puzzle toys. These are good when your dog’s not feeling well and would like some companionship and company.
  • Mega-Chewer Chew Toys. Check out various options to provide new chewing option.


How to choose the best muzzle: what you need to consider

When choosing a dog muzzle, consider the following factors:

  • BREATHABLE -  Dogs are known for their ability to regulate their temperature through panting. Dog muzzles that allow the dog's mouth to breathe are safer muzzles for your pet. A muzzle that presses the dog's lips shut can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your pet.


  • STRONG – A muzzle should allow for some movement by your dog. It is vitally important that you choose a muzzle that fits and feels sturdy. Although a muzzle is not entirely escape-proof, a efficiently fitting and resilient muzzle can help train your puppy to wear it happily.


  • SPACIOUS - You should not use a muzzle that does not allow for drinking and eating through the inlet available on the bars. A muzzle that does not permit this type of activity is either unsafe to be used long-term and is only useful for grooming or veterinary appointments for a short time. It also hinders training and will prevent your dog from becoming a trained dog.


  • FITS WELL -  There are many breeds of dogs, so you must choose the type of muzzle that best fits your dog.  A few dog muzzles can be purchased online if you have a giant or tiny dog, since the local pet shop may not carry very small and extra larger sizes. 


  • It is important to note that dogs whose head shape differs from the norm, like Pugs, and Bull Terriers,  may need individualized muzzles.


  • STYLE - Many dog owners look for colorful or humorous muzzles since they can soften stigma associated with muzzles. Unfortunately, often these funny muzzles are groomer’s muzzles that are not meant to be worn for long periods of time.  


Be certain you’re still buying a breathable and well-fitting basket muzzle. Find one that is compatible with your taste. You can paint it, decorate it, or even make your own DIY muzzle to give it a little more personality. 


What are the two kinds of Muzzle you need to know about? Groomer Muzzle or Basket / Cage Muzzle

1. Groomer Muzzles

    Unless the circumstances are urgent, it is best not to use a dog groomer's muzzle. The clamps prevent the dog from eating, panting, or being comfortable, so it's just a temporary measure. 

    2. Basket Muzzles

    The basket muzzles look like a basket that fits over your dog’s face. 

    Some dogs won't even leave home without the comfort of their basket muzzle just like some don’t leave the house without their collars! A basket muzzle that's well-fitted lets your dog pant, consume water and treats, play, and live wonderfully! 

    Various types of basket muzzles are crafted of different materials, each with its own advantages. Here are some examples: 

    • Muzzles made of wire - Basket muzzles like these are great for capturing your dog's affection. Good wire muzzles often need a bit of padding to protect your puppy's nose from getting rubbed raw.
    • Muzzles made of plastic - Today, most of the inexpensive muzzle options are made of plastic, which comes in a range of densities and can be either rigid or flexible. Some people say they're too delicate for strong dogs, but regular dogs should be able to wear them.
    • Muzzles made from silicone -  Due to the fact that silicone muzzles sit so close to the dog’s mouth, silicone is generally thought to be safer than plastic muzzles.
    • Muzzles made from Biothane - Soft and made from webbing that is coated with polymers, biothane is durable and light but comfortable. These ultra-comfortable muzzles have been gaining a reputation for being the best on the market for dog muzzles.


    There are a few things you should avoid in a muzzle.

    Your veterinarian will be able to advise you which material is the gentlest to your puppy’s skin if your pup has sensitive skin or allergies. Avoid muzzles made of fabric or leather with few breathing holes if you plan for them to wear it regularly; they don't breathe well enough for long walks, vet visits, or training purposes. 


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    Here are the finest dog muzzles we've tested!

    These muzzles come in  many designs. All of them permit your pet to eat, drink, and breathe. With one exception, read below: 

    1. Best Overall Muzzle: Baskerville


    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


    Most trainers go for the Baskerville Muzzle. It’s a sturdy plastic muzzle that comes in two basic styles: normal and ultra. Designed for dogs with wider snouts, like Bulldogs or Boxers, the Ultra is attached to the dog's collar with optional head straps for secure fitting. 

    • Soft and lightweight rubber baskets giving full support for the canines 
    • Strappingly designed with ergonomic safety features firmly secures the muzzle in position. 
    • An adjustable and comfortable Neoprene lining provides added comfort.
    • Dog friendly - let your dog hydrate, pant, and be rewarded with a treat. A great option for daily use. 

    Pros: Despite the similarity of some muzzles, this muzzle stands out for its design. It's made of durable, yet comfortable plastic, and it is well-crafted and sturdy. 

    Cons: The Baskerville muzzle was not made for extra-large or extra-small dogs.


    2. Ideal Muzzle for the Extra Large dog: Leather Muzzle


    Leather Mesh Basket Dog Muzzle


    Thankfully, there is an extra-large leather muzzle that is designed for larger dogs with thicker snouts, such as Great Danes and St. Bernards. The extra-large muzzle comes in only black color.

    • It’s breathable, light, and durable. 
    • Made of authentic leather and trimmed with rivets, this muzzle is comfortable and well-fitting. 
    • Measurements for the dog's snout: circumference 18" (46cm), length 4.7" (12cm). 
    • Leather straps that look great and will not scratch the skin.

    Pros: It’s difficult to locate a muzzle that fits big dogs like mastiffs – this one works great! Customers say how comfortable it is and how easy it is to use. 

    Cons: The muzzle may be slightly tough because of its material and may rub dogs with sensitive skin.


    3. Wire Muzzle of the Year: BronzeDog


     Dog Muzzle Wire Metal Basket Adjustable Leather Muzzle


    This silver wire muzzle is specifically manufactured to fit bulldogs though it will suit dogs with similar characteristics. The extra-sturdy wire offers extra strength, and it includes padding to prevent discomfort. Aside from muzzles that work for hound dogs, BronzeDog additionally manufactures muzzles that fit sighthounds, such as Greyhounds and Whippets.

    • Muzzle is constructed of stainless steel and soft padding
    • Fit your dog comfortably with four adjustable straps 
    • Baskets are made of wire. 
    • In the heat, no discomfort of breathing
    • An effective dog muzzle for larger dogs, this offers effective ventilation

    Pros: include a secure metal wire that allows your dog to eat tasty treats and smell the flowers while still being safe for others. There is more space between the teeth on this muzzle than on other muzzles, making treat-feeding more convenient. 

    Cons: Some owners complained that the wire on this muzzle was irritating, as no padding covered the side sections of the dog’s mouth like it should. Some owners had to drill extra holes in the harness, but not all..


    4. Alfie plastic muzzle: the best muzzle for little dogs.


     Breathable Silicone Basket Muzzle


    With a snout size of 2 inches, this Alfie plastic muzzle is suitable for most little dogs. While it's certainly not the strongest plastic, it should withstand a lot of abuse for these dogs. It comes in two sizes: Large and Extra Large. Its bright orange plastic is somewhat less intimidating than darker colors.

    • Ensures your dog doesn't chew, bark, or bite things.

    • The dog will be incapable to open his mouth if it has the same size as his muzzle.


    Pros: the muzzle has a brightly colored design and ample protection so that dog bites are prevented. It’s affordable and durable. 

    Cons: This muzzle's plastic isn't the softest and might agitate your dog's skin with long wear. This muzzle does also not fit dogs with ultra-short noses like French Bulldogs.


    5. This is the best custom dog muzzle on the market: BUMAS


    Bumas custom dog muzzle 


    BUMAS is the place to go when you want a pretty muzzle with the right color accent, a stunning muzzle, or a custom muzzle. Choose from colorful biothane to suit your dog’s style, and modify your muzzle to properly fit your dog. BUMAS solves the issue of finding muzzles that fit some dogs, like Pitbulls or french bulldogs, by making each one by hand to fit your puppy.


    Pros: Only custom made muzzles we’ve seen in the market! You can customize them to match your dog’s features and your own personal style. These muzzles can also be fitted with reflective straps on the sides for extra protection. 

    Cons: The biothane muzzles are very pricey and some owners pointed out they prefered a muzzle with a tighter grip, however most dogs prefer a soft muzzle.


    6. Best Emergency Muzzle: duck bill muzzle


    Duck bill muzzle 


    It's cute, no doubt about it. Sadly, it keeps your dog from panting, eating, or drinking comfortably, which can lead to distress and/or overheating. Nevertheless, this muzzle is a good choice for veterinarians and groomers to keep on hand just in case they need to muzzle an animal unexpectedly.

    • This size is good for mouth circumferences smaller than 4.5" and neck circumferences less than 6.7"-10.0". 
    • The Duck Muzzle prevents biting for small dogs
    • Pets are comfortable and will not be harmed 
    • It has no plastic smell and is safe for the health of your pets.

    Pros: This adorable muzzle helps fight the stigma associated with muzzles, and is easily recognizable because of its cute design. 

    Cons: On our list, this model is the only one that cannot be worn for longer than a short period of time. The muzzle prevents your dog from taking in fresh air or drinking water.


    How to Muzzle Your Dog During an Unexpected Emergency: The Best Approach

    We should train our dogs to be able to comfortably wear a muzzle before they are allowed to train in them. In the midst of an attack on an aggressive dog, wrestling a muzzle onto the dog is a very dangerous exercise. You can teach your dog to wear a muzzle by taking the following steps. 


    1. Just to start out, use the muzzle as your dog's feeding bowl. Let him eat from the muzzle every day as his dinner bowl.
    2. The best thing to do is to get your dog to move towards the muzzle. Don't force it on the dog. Teach your dog to do this by putting some cheese inside the muzzle.
    3. Reward your dog for sniffing the muzzle. Make sure your dog does this on her own. Don’t force her.
    4. Begin shifting the muzzle away from your dog as he eats so that he realizes he/she needs to pursue it on his own.
    5. Put straps on your dog’s neck, not buckling them yet to minimize terrifying your puppy.
    6. As the comfort level increases, build up the duration, holding on longer and longer.
    7. Feed your dog in additional amounts while buckling the straps.
    8. Make sure your dog wears the muzzle on walks, not just in scary situations!


                  Our team would love to hear your opinions about muzzles and how you use them for your dog and how you feel about it. Please make sure to share your thoughts on the topic! 

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