Best Toys For Pitbulls: Making Your Power Chewer Happy

Toys for Pitbull

March 30, 2021

Best Toys For Pitbulls: Making Your Power Chewer Happy

All dogs must enjoy chewing since their wolfish origins influenced them to chew bones for nutrition. Even today, they still need to enjoy chewing. "Power chewers" are quite different from your typical pup. A powerful chewer will do more damage to their favorite toys than an average puppy would.

This presents two problems. Power chewers such as Pitbulls and other types of dogs will consume more toys than normal dogs. Power chewers are most likely to develop health problems when they swallow bits of toys. In extreme cases, when plastic pieces or poorly digested products accumulate in the intestine, death can result. You may be lucky enough to be able to remove the blockage, but your dog will most likely have to face a long and painful rehabilitation and you’ll all likely lose a great deal of money. However, this will not prevent him from destroying it, swallowing the parts, and taking us to the poorhouse. Power chewers must chew. When you don’t offer them something to chew on, they will find something of their own, such as your phone or shoes. It is very dangerous, and it is much more expensive, for both of these things. Therefore, it still makes sense to give them a chew toy. Just make sure you get your dog one that can stand up to his impressive teeth.


What makes them so powerful chewers?

Let us be clear: Any breed of dog can exhibit high-intensity chewing instincts. A yorkshire terrier can destroy a poor toy just as quickly as a pitbull. Yet pitbulls appear to have something in common with most other breeds. They have a tendency to be powerful chewers. In the first place, we need to dispel some myths. Pitbulls are not vicious or bloodthirsty despite what is commonly believed.

Furthermore, pitbull’s can’t lock their jaws. That is not only anatomically ridiculous, but it would also not make sense logically – how would they digest their food? Wouldn't their jaws end up stuck all the time?

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All three qualities make pits the power-chewers they are – despite all their myths and fables.


  1. A pitbull's head is usually large.

Many dogs who power chew will destroy a toy in seconds, while others will do the opposite. Despite pitbulls size being less than 50 lbs, they still have jaws and heads twice the size of dogs twice this heft. This larger head size usually spells trouble for weak toys.

  1. Pitbull's jaws are uncommonly wide.

Pitbulls have strong jaws, which is primarily due to their large heads and wide jaws. However, their mechanical advantage also contributes to the shape and power of their mouths. With wider jaws, pits can make quick work even of the most durable items because they can put more leverage and force with their toys.

  1. Pitbulls are well-known for being tenacious.

The willingness to accomplish tasks is a trait that pitbulls possess regardless of the circumstances they face. During the old days, pitbulls were chosen for their willingness to fight, regardless of their pain and injuries. In particular, pitbulls tend to stick with chew toys until they're destroyed since as a toy they don't fight back.


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 Dogs are powerful chewers

How to keep your Pitbull safe with their toys?

Toys are not indestructible, regardless of the manufacturer's claims. Dogs with high motivation can dig through bones and metal toys. 

To make sure it is safe for your pitbull, you should follow a few safety guidelines when giving it a toy.

  • Never leave your dog alone with their new toy until you have seen how well the toy stands up to your dog's attention. You do not know until you actually use a product how well it will hold up, regardless of how diligently you examine it.
  • It is advisable to remove broken toys immediately. Solid toys are stronger than broken toys, so when broken toys are in pieces, they can lead to intestinal blockage. And they should never play with broken toys again. 
  • Make sure your dog does not swallow a toy of such a small size. It is safer for your dog to chew on a large toy than a small one, so choose toys that are larger.
  • If you pick toys with large gaps, your dog may find that they fall over his muzzle, which could potentially lead to the toy becoming stuck. Although this may not be problematic in and of itself (if you release them quickly), a sensitive dog may panic, resulting in stress and possible injuries.
  • It is important to purchase toys that are manufactured in places with high-quality standards of production. Poor-quality toys may contain toxic substances, making your dog sick. A dog toy made in the USA can significantly reduce the chances of purchasing a tainted product, although it cannot guarantee 100% safety.
  • Please pay attention to any safety signs or wear indicators. Toys of high quality change colors or make other visual cues to indicate it's time to replace them. Stay on the safe side and replace such toys without delay – new toys are much less expensive than veterinary care.

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Great products for Pitbulls: Tough Stuff!

These five toys, in particular, are among the strongest and most durable toys available in the market. 


  1.  Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy


KONG - Extreme Goodie Bone  

Among KONG’s most popular products are their Extreme Goodie Bones. These chews are made from KONG’s famous Extreme Black Rubber which is guaranteed to hold up against the tooth wear and tear of a pitbull. 


  • Dogs love the shape of the bone 
  • There is a space in each end for storing treats or flavor pastes.
  • Large and medium sizes available.
  • Designed and built in America.


KONG Extreme Goodie Bones have been reported to be well-liked by dogs for years (several customers report longer use than five years). Others have praised the dog-friendly shape, or compartments in each end that can be filled with something tasty. This is a top-quality product at a reasonable price for its high quality. 


However, many owners reported their dogs were able to rip through the Goodie Bone in less than 60 minutes. 


  1. Maxx 50 Stick by Goughnuts 


Goughnuts MaXX Pro 50 Stick

One of the toughest chew toys from Goughnuts is the Maxx 50 Stick.

Seeing only a green or black color on a Maxx 50 stick will keep your dog from becoming injured. However, if the toy turns red, it no longer protects your pet.


  • This toy floats, making it a great option for the swimming pool, lake, and beach.
  • More durable than standard Goughnut toys with 50% more carbon.
  • It measures 9” in length and 2” in thickness and is suitable for big dogs of all breeds.
  • Designed and built in America.


Most owners who have purchased it for their pets describe it as one of the toughest chew toys they have ever owned. 


Most owners claimed that their dogs disliked the taste, and some proprietors claimed that it smelled rubbery. It is more expensive than other chew toys due to its durability. 


  1. Rubber Ball Extreme by KONG


KONG - Extreme Ball

Despite the popularity of tennis balls, most dogs – including your pitbull – do not enjoy chewing them. 

This ball is designed to stimulate your dog's sense of smell and engagement, while at the same time lasting years if handled properly. 


  • The 3” diameter is slightly larger than a tennis ball.
  • That means it's tough enough to stand up to hours of chewing, hunting, and catching. 
  • You can play fetch with this ball for hours and hours of fun. 
  • Designed and built in America.


The Rubber Ball Extreme can withstand the jaws and teeth of puppies and dogs. Most owners rave about it. If your pet is very good with tennis balls, but quickly chews them over, the Rubber Ball Extreme may be the answer you're looking for. 


A dog with especially strong gripping power has been known to break the toys apart, which is why so many people have had complaints about Rubber Ball Extreme. But few owners have commented on this. Others said the ball was hard to throw. 


  1. Jive Zogoflex - Dog Ball by West Paw


 West Paw Jive Tough Dog Chew Toy

Jive’s dog Ball is another toy that is built to last a long time, and it is also extremely durable.


  • Jive's dog ball is still easy to toss and comes with a 100% manufacturer's guarantee against dog damage, despite its unusual shape.
  • Designed and built in America.
  • Balls come in three sizes: 2.25", 2.6", and 3.25", to suit pitbulls of different sizes. Dishwasher safe.


In our review of the Jive’s dog ball, the toy received the best user reviews of all the toys we reviewed. Most owners enjoyed how well the toy held up and even mentioned how their dogs had lost or destroyed previous Zogoflex toys. 


A few cases of dogs destroying the Zogoflex have been reported, which is extremely rare. Some owners were disappointed with the ball’s weight — it may not be the best choice for elderly or disabled pets.


  1. Benebone Wishbone - Rotisserie Chicken Flavored


 Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

With its nylon-based bones, this Benebone Wishbone is suitable for picky dogs. These nylon by-products are durable and flavored with real chicken.


  • During playtime, your dog can rest against a wishbone-shaped toy. The grooved surface allows your dog to make more contact with the edge of the toy with his teeth and tongue. 
  • Nylon keeps your dog's teeth clean since he can chew on them. 
  • Designed and built in America


Owners love the Benebone because it's durable and easy to use, and dogs love to chew on it. Even furry pups can chew for hours on the unique toy because of its ergonomic shape. Even power chewers couldn't keep away from it for that long. 


However, pets do break off large chunks and dislike the taste and texture just like most other chew toys. These complaints are very rare. 


Did you find any toys that deserve the term "durable"? Can you tell us about your experiences with any of the other toys we covered? Share your experiences in the comment section below and let's hear from you about your own dog's breed or type and size. 

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