Is your Dog eating Grass? Does it need to stop?

Chihuahua on grass
April 1, 2021

Is your Dog eating Grass? Does it need to stop? 

Since your dog is not a goat, you may be perplexed when you observe your dog digesting grass. Is it hunger? Is it boredom? Is my dog ill? Is your dog in danger of gorging on grass? Your concern is valid, particularly if your dog has been eating grass that makes him vomit.

The behavior of your dog eating things other than food is called pica. This is most commonly associated with boredom, particularly in puppies and young animals. Dogs devouring grass is a pretty regular thing, and this mannerism is usually not considered problematic by most vets. 

A small-scale survey of 49 canine owners who had dogs with frequent access to grass and other plants discovered that 79% of the canines had consumed plants at some point. A study about dog plant-eating found that the most common plant eaten was grass.

Sad dog on grass

Why is my dog eating the grass?

Dogs tend to graze on lawns for a variety of reasons. When dogs are not feeling well, some people believe that they consume grass to make themself throw up, and this helps them feel better. Others argue this assertion is false, pointing out that no research supports that dogs can tell whether to eat grass or not for an unsettled stomach.

Many dogs eating grass do not seem sick beforehand or at the very least they did not look sick. According to their owners, data showed that less than 10% of dogs appear to be sick before they consumed grass. Moreover, grass-eating commonly does not lead to vomiting -- fewer than 25% of dogs that graze on grass vomit regularly.


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Another reason why your dog is eating grass is that it needs better digestion, to treat gut worms, or to satisfy an unmet dietary need.  Increasing fiber intake may be required.  

One study shared a miniature poodle that ate grass every day and then vomited each time after. It stopped eating grass after three days of being on a high-fiber diet. Your dog may not completely stop eating grass if it likes the freshness of it, though a high-fiber diet may help decrease this.  

Dog bowl grass

Do I need to stop my canine from eating grass? If so, how?

Dogs that tend to graze off grass are usually bored with their surroundings, it might be helpful to make sure they are exercising plenty. Keep them busy with games and interactive activities. Make sure to buy them interactive chew toys or throw Frisbees with them.

A nutritional deficiency may explain your dog’s pica behavior, so switching to a higher-quality, high-fiber dog food could resolve this issue.

Grazing is not harmful in itself, but we must remember that some pesticides and herbicides are quite harmful to pets when consumed. Also remember that some house plants are hazardous, which can occasionally lead to problems if your dog consumes them along with the grass. 

The website of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center provides a list of plants that are dangerous and safe for your dog.

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