15 Great Gifts for Puggle Lovers


June 30, 2021

15 Great Gifts for Puggle Lovers

The lively personality of the Puggle has captured the hearts of many, and anyone who’s familiar with these pets can tell you what a lovable - and loving - handful they are.

Clearly, the Puggle is a pet to take pride in, in every way. So, if there’s someone in your life who loves all things Puggle - especially Puggle merchandise or Puggle stuff - keep scrolling to be enlightened to some great Puggle gifts to get yourself or a loved one for the next occasion.

Also, don’t forget to get to shop our extensive collection of custom Puggle gifts, which make fabulous presents for any Puggle enthusiast or otherwise.

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Puggle Book

2. Custom Puggle Socks

3. Custom Puggle Face Mask

4. Custom Puggle Portrait

5. Personalized Puggle Mug

6. Personalized Puggle Ornament

7. Custom Puggle Stocking

8. Custom Puggle Blanket

9. Custom Puggle Pillow

10. Custom Puggle Tote Bag

11. Custom Puggle Clothing

12. Custom Puggle Phone Case

13. Custom Puggle Towel

14. Puggle Plush

15. Custom Puggle Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Puggle Lovers

1. Personalized Puggle Book

Personalized Puggle Book

There are many books and articles that have chronicled the history of the Puggle as a whole, but who says each individual pet’s story shouldn’t be told too? After all, they’re each unique.

Bring your pet’s story to life in a personalized book! You can customize everything from the look of your Puggle to the storyline, and you can even choose whether you want the book to be hard or softcover. As with all of our products, you can add up to two other pets into your book, as well!

Your personalized Puggle book will be lots of fun to read with your kids and can make a great gift for a family member or friend.

2. Custom Puggle Socks

Custom Puggle Socks

Socks truly are a fashion statement, and they can make or break your outfit.

Maybe you want to make a statement that you are a professional by wearing dress socks with your suit, tie, and dress shoes to work. Or, maybe you try to express to everyone around you that you love to be carefree and have fun by wearing fluorescent, mismatched socks.

If you own a Puggle, you may want to use your socks as a way to express your love for your pet.

With our custom Puggle socks, you can do just that!

We have socks available for customization in shoe sizes 6 through 15, so everyone can show off their cherished pet!

Prepare yourself, because when you’re wearing socks featuring your adorable Puggle, people will be saying “awe” left and right from cuteness overload.

3. Custom Puggle Face Mask

Custom Puggle Face Mask

Your Puggle can’t protect you from contracting or transmitting COVID-19, but a custom Puggle mask or face cover (scarf) can!

A mask with a design of your Puggle on it is not only fashionable and adorable, but it’s also reusable and great for everyday use so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a new mask to wear all the time.

If you prefer to wear a scarf for protection, it’s a fantastic breathable, washable, and reusable alternative.

You could even get both a custom Puggle mask and scarf so you have options, and either way, you’ll be able to show off your Puggle in style.

4. Custom Puggle Portrait

Custom Puggle Portrait

All the best kings and queens have been honored with paintings of themselves. We bet you treat your Puggle like royalty, so why not honor the little prince or princess in your life accordingly with a custom Puggle portrait of him or her?

Our custom canvases come in three sizes to fit in any space nicely:

- Small (12”x16”)
- Medium (16”x20”)
- Large (24”x36”)

As always, the custom artwork of your Puggle will be based on images you provide, and you can select the background for the artwork of your pet to make the portrait even more unique.

Hang your Puggle painting on the walls of your house to add a pop of color to any room, or at work in your office to show off your Puggle to your colleagues.

The Puggle art will represent your pet's image beautifully, and anyone who is graced by the sight of it will almost be able to feel your pet’s air of regality through the portrait. Puggle decor will add that special something to your house or office.

5. Personalized Puggle Mug

Personalized Puggle Mug

Do you know a Puggle lover who simply can’t go on about their day before they get their required cup of coffee or tea?

Get them a personalized Puggle Mug for the next holiday or occasion. Along with the artwork of their Puggle, you can also add up to two other furry friends when designing their mug. As far as backgrounds go, the donut pattern is one that any coffee drinker will love.

Whoever you give a personalized Puggle mug to will appreciate the thought and creativity you put into their gift and will be elated that each time they go for their daily dose of caffeine, they’ll get a dose of cuteness overload at the sight of their Puggle at the same time!

6. Personalized Puggle Ornament

Personalized Puggle Ornament

Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! Whether it’s May or November, Christmas always seems to arrive in the blink of an eye, often so quickly that you end up forgetting to get presents ahead of time!

Skip the holiday rush and get a leg up on your Christmas shopping by ordering a personalized Puggle ornament as a stocking stuffers for your friends and family this holiday season. You can be sure they’ll be thrilled to receive a beautiful reminder of their Fido or Tom to hang on their trees!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas or want to use your ornament year-round, ornaments are also a great accessory on plants and rearview mirrors.

7. Custom Puggle Stocking

Speaking of Christmas traditions, switch out your normal stocking for a custom Puggle stocking this year!

Seeing your pet on your mantel Christmas morning is sure to bring joy to you and everyone else in your family. A Puggle stocking can be personalized with an intricate illustration of your Puggle along with your name. You could even get multiple Puggle stockings personalized with the name of every member of your family, or get a stocking for your pet so he or she can enjoy some treats on Christmas day along with the kids!

8. Custom Puggle Blanket

Custom Puggle Blanket

Ah. After a long day of work, you’ve finally gotten back home and have a chance to unwind. You sit down in front of your TV on your couch with a snack, ready to relax, when a sudden realization interrupts your comfort. You’re cold! You can’t relax when you’re shivering, of course, so you whip out your new custom Puggle blanket to keep warm. This situation is hypothetical, but we’re sure you want to make having a custom blanket a reality! (Who wouldn’t?)

If you head on over to our website, you’ll be one step closer to that reality. When you start to design your blanket, you’ll discover that it will star your dazzling pet in vibrant color on cozy fleece fabric. You will also have the option to choose between three blanket sizes:

- Small (40”x30”) - great for use in a pet bed!
- Medium (60”x50”) - twin/full size
- Large (80”x60”) - king size

Do you know a Puggle lover who’s an avid traveler? A custom Puggle blanket makes a fantastic gift for them!

At home or on the go, our custom blankets are the best.

9. Custom Puggle Pillow

Custom Puggle Pillow


You’ve showered and brushed your teeth, and you and your Puggle are ready to hit the sack after a long day of work and pet-things!

Relaxation and joy hit you as you plop down on your bed and rest your head on a soft, cloudlike pillow... with your Puggle’s cute face on it!

Not only is a custom Puggle pillow paws-itively plush, but you can also use it to add a pop of color to your couch or armchair.

10. Custom Puggle Tote Bag

Custom Puggle Tote Bag

A custom Puggle tote bag is a fur-bulous way to show off your pet wherever you go while carrying your essentials at the same time.

Your 15”x15” Puggle bag starring your adorable Puggle has a capacity of 2.6 US gallons to hold everything you need, and is made of ultra-durable 100% spun polyester so you can enjoy it for years to come!

So, don’t be afraid: head on over to our website to get your Puggle tote bag to show off your gorgeous pet on your next shopping trip, at work, or on a casual stroll.

11. Custom Puggle Clothing

Hot or cold, sun or rain, you can show off your furry friend on a:

- Puggle shirt
- Puggle sweater
- Puggle hoodie

When you’re walking down the street wearing your custom Puggle clothing, heads will turn toward your glamorous Puggle style.

12. Custom Puggle Phone Case

Custom Puggle Phone Case

Keep your pet close-by . . . by always having a reminder of their sweetness right there on the back of your phone.

People love using their phones to express themselves. There are different colored phones, cases, patterned cases; maybe it's decked out in stickers or PopSockets or fancy Bluetooth headphones. Another fantastic way to make your phone unique to you is by including a photo of your Puggle right on the back.

Have you got an Android? An Apple device? It doesn't matter if you're team Samsung or team iPhone, we have a custom Puggle phone case to accommodate all styles, sizes, and shapes of phones—even if you haven't upgraded it in a while (we're talking to you, iPhone 6 users).

13. Custom Puggle Beach Towel

Custom Puggle Beach Towel

If you know a Puggle lover who loves to go swimming at the pool or beach, this custom Puggle towel is made for them!

Made of supremely soft cotton terry cloth, your towel starring your Puggle can be laid over a pool chair to tan on and will effectively dry you off. It’s also big enough for drying off too - so if you happen to bring along your Puggle for a swim both of you can dry off in style.

You can avoid the confusion of wondering which towel is yours once you have your custom Puggle beach towel!

14. Puggle Plush

When it comes to cuddly things, the more the merrier! Maybe you have more than one Puggle, but if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on snuggles with a Puggle stuffed animal.

A Puggle plush is just as soft and cuddleable as the real thing, and you can bring it with you to work to sit on your desk to remind you of your real Puggle at home, or you can leave a Puggle toy with your Puggle so he or she has a friend to cozy up with while you’re away.

15. Puggle Jewelry

If you’re a Puggle lover and also like to adorn your neck and wrists with necklaces and bracelets, you can combine your two interests with Puggle jewelry!

With everything from Puggle earrings to Puggle pendants, you’ll be able to make your style paws-itively amazing!

These Are the Best Gifts for Puggle Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted the best gifts for Puggle lovers like you, but it’s up to you to pursue the gifts that caught your eye!

On our website, you can find our extensive collection of customizable Puggle gifts for pet, cat, bird, and rabbit lovers alike, and get shopping for gifts for your pet-loving family and friends.

Whatever Puggle merchandise or Puggle stuff you choose, make sure they show off your Puggle pride!