Do You Adore Newfoundlands? These Are the Best 15 Gifts for Newfoundland Lovers


June 30, 2021

Do You Adore Newfoundlands? These Are the Best 15 Gifts for Newfoundland Lovers

Fluffy, soft, adorable, and affectionate? Sounds like a dream right? If you’re a Newfoundland owner, we’re sure you understand why - these lovable pets are almost too good to be true!

Luckily for you, the Newfoundland is real, and bring joy and excitement into the lives of Newfoundland lovers all over the world. We know proud Newfoundland parents cherish their pet and love him or her unconditionally, so what better a gift to get for a Newfoundland lover than one starring their beloved pet?

So, if there’s someone you know who absolutely cannot resist Newfoundland merchandise or Newfoundland stuff, or if you’re a Newfoundland enthusiast yourself, you’re in luck! Keep reading to find 15 of the best gifts for Newfoundland lovers, and don’t forget to check out our website with our extensive collection of custom Newfoundland gifts!

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Newfoundland Book

2. Custom Newfoundland Socks

3. Custom Newfoundland Face Mask

4. Custom Newfoundland Portrait

5. Personalized Newfoundland Mug

6. Personalized Newfoundland Ornament

7. Custom Newfoundland Stocking

8. Custom Newfoundland Blanket

9. Custom Newfoundland Pillow

10. Custom Newfoundland Tote Bag

11. Custom Newfoundland Clothing

12. Custom Newfoundland Phone Case

13. Custom Newfoundland Towel

14. Newfoundland Plush

15. Custom Newfoundland Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Newfoundland Lovers

1. Personalized Newfoundland Book

Personalized Newfoundland Book

What if your Newfoundland could be featured on not only the cover of a book but star in it too?

You can make that a reality with a personalized Newfoundland Book! You can customize the design of your pet in the book (and you can add up to two other furry friends) and can even add three owners to the story.

While you could always get a personalized Newfoundland book for your own enjoyment, this book is relatively kid-centric with its colorful illustrations, so it would also make a terrific gift for a baby shower or as a gift to a young family member as a keepsake to always remember their beloved pet.

2. Custom Newfoundland Socks

Custom Newfoundland Socks

Are you a fan of silly, patterned socks?

Then we have just the thing for you!

Custom pet socks make a wonderful addition to a silly sock collection and are a terrific way to show off your Newfoundland.

Our custom Newfoundland socks are ribbed and have cushioned bottoms for optimal comfort, and come in three sizes:

Medium (6-8)
Large (8-12)
X-Large (12-15)

3. Custom Newfoundland Face Mask

Custom Newfoundland Face Mask

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is crucial to be safe while out in public. This means practicing social distancing, washing your hands often, and, of course, wearing masks.

While having to wear a mask out in public can feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, you can still make a fashion statement while doing so with custom pet face covers! You can choose between a Newfoundland mask or a scarf to put an image of your adorable pet on.

Order away, and soon you’ll be able to go out in style with a cool mask designed by you with an even cooler Newfoundland on it.

4. Custom Newfoundland Portrait

Custom Newfoundland Portrait

Let everyone in the room know how big a deal your Newfoundland is to you with a custom Newfoundland portrait.

The pop-art artwork on your canvas will be based on pictures of the Newfoundland art that you provide to our artists, and per usual, you can really make your portrait unique by selecting a vibrant background for your artwork. Newfoundland decor will add that special something to your house or office. Background options include:

- 10 stylishly simple solid colors
- 10 custom texts like “Slay”
- 10 pop culture
- 10 fabulous floral patterns
- 10 snack patterns (pizza, donuts, etc.)
- 10 mosaic
- 10 holiday-themed patterns

You also have three different canvas sizes to choose from to add a pop of color to any room for your Newfoundland painting:

- Small (12”x16”)
- Medium (16”x20”)
- Large (24”x36”)"

5. Personalized Newfoundland Mug

Personalized Newfoundland Mug

A personalized Newfoundland mug is a great gift for someone who likes to drink coffee or tea and would appreciate seeing their pet every time they take a sip.

The design on the mug is so cutesy, and you can personalize it for whoever it’s for.

Whoever the person is, they’ll break out grinning ear to ear from how much creativity and thought you put into the mug!

6. Personalized Newfoundland Ornament

Personalized Newfoundland Ornament

Imagine: it’s Christmas time and your friends and family are over for dinner. They can’t wait to see the beautifully decorated tree that you told them about; your tree is always nicely decorated, but this year, you’ve added a special touch!

What is that special touch, you ask?

Your tree is decorated with a custom Newfoundland ornament featuring your cute Newfoundland! They truly add a personal touch to your tree, and everyone (including your Newfoundland) loves them.

7. Custom Newfoundland Stocking

Speaking of Christmas, a custom Newfoundland stocking is perfectly festive and pawsitively adorable!

When customizing your one of a kind Newfoundland stocking you can personalize everything from the design to the color. You also can add your name to your stocking (or get a stocking personalized for a friend), or get several stockings for each member of your family, including your Newfoundland!

pets like to join in on the Christmas fun and traditions, too!

8. Custom Newfoundland Blanket

Custom Newfoundland Blanket

For the next time your Newfoundland wants to curl up in your lap and snuggle, be prepared with a lightweight, yet cozy custom Newfoundland blanket.

This blanket stars your pet’s charming face set against a background as lively as him or her, and comes in three sizes to work wonderfully in a pet bed, couch, or even a king-sized bed!

As if this isn’t awesome enough, your custom blanket will have a superbly soft fleece underside, and up to three pets can share the spotlight on the other side!

9. Custom Newfoundland Pillow

Custom Newfoundland Pillow

A custom Newfoundland blanket is a fabulous gift for any holiday or occasion on its own, but it’s even better paired with a custom Newfoundland pillow!

Our custom pillows starring your lovely Newfoundland are available in sizes 18”x18” or 20”x12” so you can decorate with your pet’s face in any space, big or small. Choose a background to match the other decorations in your space, such as a solid-colored background or a floral pattern.

Use your plush pillow on an armchair, your couch, or on your bed for the most relaxation and comfort you’ve ever had!

10. Custom Newfoundland Tote Bag

Custom Newfoundland Tote Bag

A Newfoundland is a vivacious pet and has a real zest for life. They love to be involved in everything and anything, but that’s not realistic for every situation.

For instance, you probably can’t take your Newfoundland with you to work, nor on a shopping trip to the grocery store.

So, while your beloved pet can’t physically accompany you to some places, he or she can in spirit with a custom Newfoundland tote!

Super durable and versatile, your 15”x15” Newfoundland bag will proudly boast your pet’s face and will make you feel like you have a piece of your precious Newfoundland with you everywhere you go."

11. Custom Newfoundland Clothing

A Newfoundland is the perfect pet to show off. We have an array of personalized pet clothing so you’ll be able to do just that, even when your Newfoundland isn’t with you!

Our personalized Newfoundland clothing includes:

- Newfoundland shirt
- Newfoundland sweater
- Newfoundland hoodie

Show your Newfoundland off solo, or with a whole army of Newfoundland lovers if you buy clothing for your family and friends, too. Either way, your Newfoundland will be proud!

12. Custom Newfoundland Phone Case

Custom Newfoundland Phone Case

These days, so much of your life is probably held within the walls of your phone. Cell phones are devices that hold our work, social lives, and much of our entertainment, so many of us guard our cell phones carefully. No matter how meticulously you safeguard your phone, the occasional mishap is always possible and you may drop your phone and break it.

Phone cases are an extra layer of protection in the event that your phone should slip from your hand or pocket to the ground. You could always choose a plain black or monochromatic case, but as a stylish Newfoundland owner, why do that when you could... use a custom Newfoundland phone case?

Our Newfoundland phone case is a super way to protect your precious phone, and since you can customize it with a photo of your pet, it is also a reminder of your Newfoundland throughout the day.

13. Custom Newfoundland Beach Towel

Custom Newfoundland Beach Towel

On your next trip to the beach with your pet, bring a custom Newfoundland towel. You can spread your 30”x60” inch soft cotton terry cloth towel out on the sand for you and your pet to lay down on or just use your towel to dry off with after a quick dip in the ocean.

You’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again, and your Newfoundland will be glad he or she helped to make your towel truly unique.

14. Newfoundland Plush

Place a Newfoundland plush on your desk at work as a visual reminder of your pet at home throughout the day, or give one to your pet for him or her to snuggle at night.

Fluffy and squishable a Newfoundland stuffed animal can also be a great keepsake for anyone (especially a child) mourning the loss of their Newfoundland.

No matter who you give a Newfoundland toy to, and no matter the occasion, they’re sure to cherish and appreciate it forever!

15. Newfoundland Jewelry

Do you know a Newfoundland enthusiast who likes to accessorize with jewelry? Then Newfoundland jewelry is the gift for them!

If they like necklaces, then get them a stunning gold Newfoundland charm necklace. Maybe they like more understated jewelry? There are plenty of simple yet beautiful Newfoundland bracelets, earrings, and rings to explore.

These Are the Best Gifts for Newfoundland Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted some of the best gifts for Newfoundland lovers, but it’s up to you to continue on the exciting journey of actually getting the Newfoundland merchandise or Newfoundland stuff that caught your eye! We’ll help you get to the next step: head on over to our website to shop our extensive collection of Newfoundland gifts and gifts for pet, cat, and bird lovers alike!