Can't Get Enough of Cockachons? These Are the 15 Best Gifts for Cockachon Lovers


June 30, 2021

Can't Get Enough of Cockachons? These Are the 15 Best Gifts for Cockachon Lovers

Fluffy, soft, adorable, and affectionate? Sounds like a dream right? If you’re a Cockachon owner, we’re sure you understand why - these lovable pets are almost too good to be true!

Luckily for you, the Cockachon is real, and bring joy and excitement into the lives of Cockachon lovers all over the world. We know proud Cockachon parents cherish their pet and love him or her unconditionally, so what better a gift to get for a Cockachon lover than one starring their beloved pet?

So, if there’s someone you know who absolutely cannot resist Cockachon merchandise or Cockachon stuff, or if you’re a Cockachon enthusiast yourself, you’re in luck! Keep reading to find 15 of the best gifts for Cockachon lovers, and don’t forget to check out our website with our extensive collection of custom Cockachon gifts!

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Cockachon Book

2. Custom Cockachon Socks

3. Custom Cockachon Face Mask

4. Custom Cockachon Portrait

5. Personalized Cockachon Mug

6. Personalized Cockachon Ornament

7. Custom Cockachon Stocking

8. Custom Cockachon Blanket

9. Custom Cockachon Pillow

10. Custom Cockachon Tote Bag

11. Custom Cockachon Clothing

12. Custom Cockachon Phone Case

13. Custom Cockachon Towel

14. Cockachon Plush

15. Custom Cockachon Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Cockachon Lovers

1. Personalized Cockachon Book

Personalized Cockachon Book

We believe every pet has a unique story to be told, and you can tell your pet’s story with a personalized Cockachon book!

You can customize the look of your Cockachon in the book and you can add up to 2 other furry friends to your Cockachon’s adventure.

The fun part is: it’s all up to you!

Reading time will be so much fun with your new Cockachon book; you and your pet are sure to enjoy it, and since it’s also very kid-centric, it makes an excellent gift to give to a young family member, as well!

2. Custom Cockachon Socks

Custom Cockachon Socks

Keep your 4-legged friend close when you’re on the go on your two legs with custom Cockachon socks!

We have an array of sock sizes to fit your feet from shoes sizes 6 to 15, so you don’t have to worry about whether your feet are too big or too small!

Your socks will feature a design of your Cockachon set against a vibrant, patterned background of your choice including:

- Solid colors
- Festive holiday patterns
- Custom text like, “Bye Felicia” or “BFF”
- Floral patterns
- Mosaic designs

And more!

3. Custom Cockachon Face Mask

Custom Cockachon Face Mask

A face mask or scarf with a Cockachon face on it is a paw-some gift to get yourself, or a friend or family member: as a necessary safety measure against the transmission of the Coronavirus, but also as a fashion statement.

Both the mask and scarf are breathable, washable, and reusable, and therefore a fantastic alternative to the hassle of finding a new mask to wear every single day.

As always, you have the freedom to choose the background for the design of your Cockachon, as well (we think the “Slay” custom text is a great background to consider because you’ll absolutely slay your mask game with a new custom Cockachon face mask).

Say “goodbye” to boring, plain masks and scarves, and “hello” to exciting face covers starring your pet that are sure to wow everyone!

4. Custom Cockachon Portrait

Custom Cockachon Portrait

Another way to honor your Cockachon is to make their gorgeous mugs into a custom Cockachon portrait!

We can make a small (12"" x 16""), medium-sized (16"" x 20""), or large (24"" x 36"") Cockachon painting that perfectly embodies your pet's looks and personality. Send us your favorite photo, and we'll turn it into something you can hang on your wall.

We hand-wrap and hand-frame every piece of Cockachon art we make. Cockachon decor will add that special something to your house or office.

5. Personalized Cockachon Mug

Personalized Cockachon Mug

It can be hard to get up early in the morning for work sometimes, and a cup of coffee is what a lot of people need to fully wake up. But wouldn’t you love to get a smiley feeling along with that boost of caffeine for a good start to your day? If so, a personalized Cockachon mug is just what you need.

A Cockachon has the personality of a big clown, and seeing the grinning face of your Cockachon on your mug can brighten your day all the same. For all of our Cockachon loving donut-dunkers out there, you should consider designing your mug with a donut patterned background! You can spread the custom mug joy with your friends, family, and coworkers too; a custom Cockachon mug (or any of our custom pet mugs for that matter) is perfect for any occasion - holidays, office parties, birthdays, you name it.

6. Personalized Cockachon Ornament

Personalized Cockachon Ornament

For many, the holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with family and jolly feelings.

A Cockachon ornament is a great way to decorate your home during the holiday season. Also, to add an extra splash of joy and excitement to someone else’s holiday season, you can give a personalized pet ornament as a gift.

Beyond the holidays, a Cockachon ornament is a nice way to accessorize in your car (by hanging the ornament on your rearview mirror) and it could also be hung on a plant.

7. Custom Cockachon Stocking

Speaking of Christmas, a custom Cockachon stocking is perfectly festive and pawsitively adorable!

When customizing your one of a kind Cockachon stocking you can personalize everything from the design to the color. You also can add your name to your stocking (or get a stocking personalized for a friend), or get several stockings for each member of your family, including your Cockachon!

pets like to join in on the Christmas fun and traditions, too!

8. Custom Cockachon Blanket

Custom Cockachon Blanket

Stay warm and snuggly while relaxing with your pet with a custom Cockachon blanket!

This plush, fleece blanket, which features an image of your gorgeous Cockachon on one side, comes in three sizes that work perfectly in a pet bed, as a throw blanket on the couch, and even as a king-sized bedspread.

Anybody could always use another blanket to keep warm with (especially one that stars their lovable pet - who wouldn’t want that?), so get a friend or family member a blanket for their birthday or just because! Whatever the occasion, they’re sure to fall in love with their new custom pet blanket.

9. Custom Cockachon Pillow

Custom Cockachon Pillow

“Two peas in a pod” is the way to go - good things often come in twos, so why separate them from their better half? Spaghetti and meatballs, PB and J, Cockachon blankets and pillows - one simply isn’t the same without the other by its side.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a custom Cockachon blanket for yourself or another Cockachon lover in your life, don’t forget to get a Cockachon pillow or two along with it! Your custom Cockachon will be a dazzling splash of color on your couch, bed, loveseat, or otherwise, and is super squishy and comfortable! Pillows come in your choice of two sizes: 18”x18” and 20”x12”. Also, remember: you can put your own artsy touch on your pillow to make it extra special to you or the person you’re giving it to by selecting a background to go behind the realistic image of your Cockachon. (We love the modern, understated feel of the solid colored backgrounds!)

10. Custom Cockachon Tote Bag

Custom Cockachon Tote Bag

If you’re a busy Cockachon owner, you need something practical to carry around your essentials while you’re out running errands, going to work, or just going on a stroll.

A custom Cockachon tote is not only all of those things, but is stylish and another way to show off your Cockachon at the same time! Our Cockachon bag is versatile as it could be used as a purse, a travel bag, or even a book carrier for your library books, whatever you need it to be to work for your lifestyle!

11. Custom Cockachon Clothing

As the star of your life, your Cockachon deserves to be broadcast on specially designed clothing. Be a trendsetter for your Cockachon loving peers by wearing your pet on a shirt, sweater, and more any time of the year!

Our custom pet clothing options include the following:

- Cockachon shirt
- Cockachon sweater
- Cockachon hoodie

You know the drill: on whichever type of Cockachon clothing you decide to get, you get to decide how your Cockachon will look on it (don’t forget that up to two other canine, feline, or other pet friends can accompany him or her, the more the merrier!), as well as selecting a colorful background of your choice. As you know, there are an overwhelming magnitude of fun, unique background options, so don’t be afraid to take some time to look through them all for the perfect background to match your personal vibe!

With custom Cockachon clothing, you and your whole crew - family, friends, whoever - can rock your pet in style - we’re sure your Cockachon will appreciate the recognition!

12. Custom Cockachon Phone Case

Custom Cockachon Phone Case

These days, so much of your life is probably held within the walls of your phone. Cell phones are devices that hold our work, social lives, and much of our entertainment, so many of us guard our cell phones carefully. No matter how meticulously you safeguard your phone, the occasional mishap is always possible and you may drop your phone and break it.

Phone cases are an extra layer of protection in the event that your phone should slip from your hand or pocket to the ground. You could always choose a plain black or monochromatic case, but as a stylish Cockachon owner, why do that when you could... use a custom Cockachon phone case?

Our Cockachon phone case is a super way to protect your precious phone, and since you can customize it with a photo of your pet, it is also a reminder of your Cockachon throughout the day.

13. Custom Cockachon Beach Towel

Custom Cockachon Beach Towel

On your next trip to the beach or pool, bring along a towel unlike all the rest: a custom Cockachon towel!

Lay your towel out on a pool chair to dry off after a day at the pool with friends, or across the sand to tan. Another perk of your towel is that it will be 30x60 inches in size, big enough to make room for both you and your pet to relax on in the sun!

Beautifully colorful and vivid, and starring your Cockachon, and not to mention, super soft, our custom towels are terrific in every way. From now on, you’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again!

14. Cockachon Plush

Memorialize your beloved Cockachon in the form of an Cockachon plush. This Cockachon stuffed animal can be customized with a bandana or t-shirt with a custom message on it that’s personal to you or the person you are giving it to.

A Cockachon toy is a visual reminder of a furry friend that any Cockachon lover can put on their desk at work or snuggle with at night to always have a piece of their Cockachon, even when he or she is gone.

15. Cockachon Jewelry

Do you know a Cockachon lover who likes to accessorize with bling?

Then get them Cockachon jewelry for the next holiday!

If they like necklaces, a simple yet stylish silver Cockachon necklace is the gift for them. Do they like to decorate their wrist/hand area? Get them a unique Cockachon ring or bracelet.

You can’t go wrong, regardless of which type of jewelry you pick.

These Are the Best Gifts for Cockachon Lovers: What Will You Get?

There are so many great Cockachon gifts out there - and they are all so different. It may feel overwhelming trying to decide between so much Cockachon stuff and Cockachon merchandise, but no worries! You can take all the time you need to sniff out (get it?) which gifts are best for the pet enthusiast in your life on our website, where you’ll find our extensive collection of personalizable gifts for pet and cat lovers alike.