Do You Adore Animals? These Are the Best 15 Gifts for Animal Lovers


June 30, 2021

Do You Adore Animals? These Are the Best 15 Gifts for Animal Lovers

The lively personality of the Animal has captured the hearts of many, and anyone who’s familiar with these pets can tell you what a lovable - and loving - handful they are.

Clearly, the Animal is a pet to take pride in, in every way. So, if there’s someone in your life who loves all things Animal - especially Animal merchandise or Animal stuff - keep scrolling to be enlightened to some great Animal gifts to get yourself or a loved one for the next occasion.

Also, don’t forget to get to shop our extensive collection of custom Animal gifts, which make fabulous presents for any Animal enthusiast or otherwise.

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Animal Book

2. Custom Animal Socks

3. Custom Animal Face Mask

4. Custom Animal Portrait

5. Personalized Animal Mug

6. Personalized Animal Ornament

7. Custom Animal Stocking

8. Custom Animal Blanket

9. Custom Animal Pillow

10. Custom Animal Tote Bag

11. Custom Animal Clothing

12. Custom Animal Phone Case

13. Custom Animal Towel

14. Animal Plush

15. Custom Animal Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

1. Personalized Animal Book

Personalized Animal Book

Every hero has a story: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and loads of others have had their lives and adventures chronicled in comic books and movies.

Not all heroes wear capes, though! The heroic Animal in your life deserves treatment akin to that of superheroes - bring your pet’s story to writing in a personalized Animal book! You can choose everything from the storyline to the look of your pet.

Buy one for the enjoyment of you and your pet, or several to share with friends and family!

2. Custom Animal Socks

Custom Animal Socks

Do you wear socks for style or for comfort?

You can do both with a pair of custom Animal socks!

Our custom socks, which feature a design of your pet set against a colorful background, have a ribbed leg and cushioned bottom for optimal comfort on the go or for lounge time at home. They come in a variety of sizes to fit women’s and men’s feet; we probably have a size for you!

When you’re wearing your custom socks, you can keep your precious Animal near to you anywhere you go.

3. Custom Animal Face Mask

Custom Animal Face Mask

It’s imperative that you have a face cover or mask on when going out in public amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that’s effective in guarding against the transmission of the virus.

A custom Animal mask or scarf with the image of your Animal on it checks all those boxes and is fashionable at the same time! Both the mask and scarf are washable and reusable and are made of breathable fabric, eliminating the hassle of disposing of and finding a new mask to wear each day.

Plus, you get to show off your Animal, as opposed to wearing a plain, impersonal mask.

4. Custom Animal Portrait

Custom Animal Portrait

There’s no denying that a Animal radiates a certain air of distinction. Whenever your Animal walks into a room, all attention goes to him or her.

Even when your pet isn’t physically with you, you can still feel a bit of the vibe he or she gives off by hanging up a custom Animal portrait; somewhere in your house, office, or otherwise. Or, give a custom portrait to a loved one as a gift - they’ll truly appreciate and cherish it forever!

You can show off your regal Animal painting on a canvas in one of three sizes:

- Small (12”x16” inches)
- Medium (16”x20” inches)
- Large (24”x36” inches)

Per usual, you get the artistic freedom to choose the background for your Animal art, too. Choose from:

- Solid Colors
- Custom Text such as “Bye Felicia” and “Doggy Style”
- Pop Culture patterns
- Floral patterns
- Snack patterns
- Mosaic patterns
- Holiday patterns

Wherever you choose to hang your canvas, it’ll look great, and your Animal will feel proud that he or she is pawsome enough to be put on display. We’re fur-real about that! Animal decor will add that special something to your house or office.

5. Personalized Animal Mug

Personalized Animal Mug

Do you know a Animal lover who simply can’t go on about their day before they get their required cup of coffee or tea?

Get them a personalized Animal Mug for the next holiday or occasion. Along with the artwork of their Animal, you can also add up to two other furry friends when designing their mug. As far as backgrounds go, the donut pattern is one that any coffee drinker will love.

Whoever you give a personalized Animal mug to will appreciate the thought and creativity you put into their gift and will be elated that each time they go for their daily dose of caffeine, they’ll get a dose of cuteness overload at the sight of their Animal at the same time!

6. Personalized Animal Ornament

Personalized Animal Ornament

In addition to art, ornaments make awesome decorations. Not just on a tree at Christmastime - ornaments can be hung at any time of year on plants or on rearview mirrors to spiff up your car.

You can take your decoration to the next level and give it a personal touch with a personalized Animal ornament! When ordering, choose the image of your pet that goes on the ornament as well as its shape (you can choose between a snowflake, round, heart, or star ornament).

Now, wherever you’ve hung an ornament you can be reminded of your Animal and smile.

7. Custom Animal Stocking

Speaking of Christmas traditions, switch out your normal stocking for a custom Animal stocking this year!

Seeing your pet on your mantel Christmas morning is sure to bring joy to you and everyone else in your family. A Animal stocking can be personalized with an intricate illustration of your Animal along with your name. You could even get multiple Animal stockings personalized with the name of every member of your family, or get a stocking for your pet so he or she can enjoy some treats on Christmas day along with the kids!

8. Custom Animal Blanket

Custom Animal Blanket

The thermostat may take a while to heat your house, but you don’t have to shiver while you wait; snuggle up together on your couch or bed with a warm Animal blanket.

The blanket, starring your Animal, could be used as a throw blanket, a blanket for inside your pet’s crate, or even a king-sized bedspread and comes in three sizes tailored to fit your needed levels of coziness:

- Small (40”x30”)
- Medium (60”x50”)
- Large (80”x60”)

9. Custom Animal Pillow

Custom Animal Pillow

There are certain things that are just better in twos: Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and our custom Animal blankets and pillows are a few of those magical pairs.

Our custom Animal pillow stars your pet, and as with all of our products, you can add up to two other furry friends, canine, cat or otherwise, to your pillow. That’s not all: we have two pillow sizes - 18”x18” and 20”x12” - so you can fit your pillow in any space (you could always get multiple pillows too!)

10. Custom Animal Tote Bag

Custom Animal Tote Bag

A Animal tote bag is the gift that just keeps on giving. No matter where you go, you’ll always be able to show off your Animal when you’re carrying your tote!

It’s incredibly versatile: you could use it as a book bag, purse, or use it to carry around your essentials on a shopping trip. Made of supremely durable 100% spun polyester fabric, your Animal bag will be able to stick with your through the thick and thin, prevail through any wear and tear it may endure during its many adventures out in the big wide world (and trust us, you’ll want to bring your Animal tote bag along for plenty of adventures!)

11. Custom Animal Clothing

Shirts can be such a fun way to show off your interests; maybe you have a t-shirt with characters from your favorite movie on it, or perhaps you have one that communicates important messages that you believe in.

We’re sure Animal enthusiasts like you would love to be able to do the same kind of thing with your Animal...but how?

We know! With our custom Animal Clothing!

We have:

- Animal shirt
- Animal sweater
- Animal hoodie

Fret no more, our beloved Animal aficionados, now you and your whole crew can sport shirts boasting your cute Animal!

12. Custom Animal Phone Case

Custom Animal Phone Case

We bet you and your phone are practically attached at the hip. How could you not be? Cell phones are devices that hold our social lives, news, and help us to take pictures of our adorable pets!

Protect your phone with a custom Animal phone case so you can carry your good boy with you everywhere you go with a personal touch.

And don’t worry - we probably have a case that fits your phone, as our collection includes cases for Samsung phones beginning with the Galaxy S7 and iPhones starting with the iPhone 6/6s.

13. Custom Animal Beach Towel

Custom Animal Beach Towel

If you take your Animal on trips to the beach often, or to the pool, don’t use a drab, boring towel; bring along a custom Animal towel!

Your 30”x60” towel will be made of soft, cotton terry cloth, and will feature striking pop art of your Animal (and up to two other furry friends).

From now on, you’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again!

14. Animal Plush

What’s better than one Animal? Two! In addition to their real Animal, you can give the Animal lover in your life the gift of a Animal plush! Soft, furry, and life-like a Animal stuffed animal is sure to be a lovable, huggable addition to their family for a long time to come. A cute Animal toy can also be an important memorial keepsake of your pet.

15. Animal Jewelry

Is there a glamorous Animal lover you know who loves to accessorize with bling? Then buy them Animal jewelry for the next occasion!

Whether they prefer necklaces, bracelets, rings, or otherwise, there’s lots of Animal bling out there for them.

For instance, if the Animal lover in your life is on a strict schedule, they can look down at their wrists to see the time and their pet on an Animal watch! Or, if neck jewelry is more up their ally, an Animal pendant is the paw-fect gift to give them.

These Are the Best Gifts for Animal Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted the best gifts for Animal lovers like you, but it’s up to you to pursue the gifts that caught your eye!

On our website, you can find our extensive collection of customizable Animal gifts for pet, cat, bird, and rabbit lovers alike, and get shopping for gifts for your pet-loving family and friends.

Whatever Animal merchandise or Animal stuff you choose, make sure they show off your Animal pride!