Are You a Bull Terrier Fanatic? Here Are the Best 15 Gifts for Bull Terrier Lovers

Bull Terrier Dog

May 11, 2021

Are You a Bull Terrier Fanatic? Here Are the Best 15 Gifts for Bull Terrier Lovers

It’s not hard to understand why Bull Terrier lovers like you take pride in their dogs and anything and everything Bull Terrier-related; Bull Terriers have lovable personalities and likable looks. That’s why we know you’re sure to adore these 15 gifts for Bull Terrier lovers! Some will help you to showcase your dog for all to see, and others are cute little reminders of your pet; all are equally awesome and perfect presents to give for the next holiday or birthday in your family.

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Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Bull Terrier Book

2. Custom Bull Terrier Socks

3. Custom Bull Terrier Face Mask

4. Custom Bull Terrier Portrait

5. Personalized Bull Terrier Mug

6. Personalized Bull Terrier Ornament

7. Custom Bull Terrier Stocking

8. Custom Bull Terrier Blanket

9. Custom Bull Terrier Pillow

10. Custom Bull Terrier Tote Bag

11. Custom Bull Terrier Clothing

12. Custom Bull Terrier Phone Case

13. Custom Bull Terrier Towel

14. Bull Terrier Plush

15. Custom Bull Terrier Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Bull Terrier Lovers


1. Personalized Bull Terrier Book


Personalized Bull Terrier Book 


Your Bull Terrier doesn’t necessarily have to be a TV or movie star dog to be a part of a story: he or she can live out their adventure in a personalized Bull Terrier Book!

When creating a personalized Bull Terrier book for yourself or a friend, the great part is: you get to decide what the illustration of your dog will look like, and you can choose whether or not to add up to two other pets to the storyline.

And, if you have kids, they’re sure to enjoy the book as well. Reading time will never be boring again with your exciting personalized book starring your Bull Terrier.


2. Custom Bull Terrier Socks


 Custom Bull Terrier Socks


What if you could wear your Bull Terrier socks?

Obviously, dogs aren’t clothing so you can’t wear your four-legged friend, but you could wear an image of him or her by decking out your two legs with a pair of custom Bull Terrier socks!

Whether you wear a shoe size 6 or a size 15, you’ll be able to show off a photo of your cherished Bull Terrier on your socks, set against a vibrant background of your choosing. Our fur-bulous backgrounds include:

- Understated, yet fashionable, solid colors

- Trendy custom texts like “Bye Felicia” and “Slay”

- Pop culture patterns

- Fancy floral patterns

- Snack patterns

- And more!

These socks are fun to use to show off your doggo, but that’s not all they can do; for when you’re not out about, your custom Bull Terrier socks are made of comfortable, quality fabric that’s sure to keep your feet warm.

Functional, fashionable, and fun? You can’t get much better than a pair of custom Bull Terrier socks!


3. Custom Bull Terrier Face Mask


 Custom Bull Terrier Face Mask


Wearing a mask or some sort of face cover while out in public is a sometimes inconvenient necessity amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, but you can also find a silver lining by matching your mask to your style. Some people do prefer the simplistic blue disposable mask - it does its job after all - and others like sparkly masks to match their shiny personalities.

As a Bull Terrier lover, your persona is influenced by your adoration for your dog, so a custom Bull Terrier face mask or scarf is suitable for you. Your Bull Terrier mask or scarf will be a breathable, washable, and reusable alternative to the hassle of finding a new disposable mask to wear each day, and is a howl lot cuter! Be sure to customize the background on your mask; choose a snack patterned background (because your dog is a whole snack) or a pretty floral background, among others.

When wearing your custom Bull Terrier face cover, you’ll get to show off your beautiful dog everywhere you go, which is not something that you can do with any old mask.


4. Custom Bull Terrier Portrait


 Custom Bull Terrier Portrait


Many people hang up family photos in their homes to remember their loved ones when they’re away. A simple memento such as this can easily put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

We bet your Bull Terrier is a significant part of your family life, so why not memorialize him or her in the same type of way? You miss your pet just like you’d miss a human family member, after all. With a custom Bull Terrier canvas, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your dog, always and forever.

Customize the artwork of your dog by choosing an artsy background- mosaic, perhaps- that will be displayed on a canvas in one of three sizes:

- Small (12”x16”)

- Medium (16”x20”)

- Large (24”x36”)

You can give custom artwork to a loved one with their pet’s face on it so they can have a reminder of their pet to decorate their walls with, too. They’re sure to love it!


5. Personalized Bull Terrier Mug


 Personalized Bull Terrier Mug


Do you know a Bull Terrier lover who simply can’t go on about their day before they get their required cup of coffee or tea?

Get them a personalized Bull Terrier Mug for the next holiday or occasion. Along with the artwork of their Bull Terrier, you can also add up to two other furry friends when designing their mug. As far as backgrounds go, the donut pattern is one that any coffee drinker will love.

Whoever you give a personalized Bull Terrier mug to will appreciate the thought and creativity you put into their gift and will be elated that each time they go for their daily dose of caffeine, they’ll get a dose of cuteness overload at the sight of their Bull Terrier at the same time!


6. Personalized Bull Terrier Ornament


 Personalized Bull Terrier Ornament


We provide adorable Bull Terrier ornaments to help you celebrate the holidays with your pets in mind. Many families have ornaments depicting photos of the family. Well, we think pets are family, too, and so we've created pet ornaments for your enjoyment.

Choose from star-shaped ornaments, circles, snowflakes, or heart-shaped designs, all with either solid or patterned backgrounds. Make your tree hip and funky or keep it traditional with our wide variety of options.

Suppose you or a friend doesn't celebrate Christmas, no worries. Another great place to adorn some greenery is on your plants. If you or your fellow Bull Terrier lover are plant lovers, spruce it up a notch by hanging an ornament from a sturdy stem!

As always, choose up to three different pets for your custom design.


7. Custom Bull Terrier Stocking

On Christmas morning, one of the most exciting things to wake up to is a stocking full of goodies! Kids, of course, love this pre-gift tradition, but who says dogs wouldn’t enjoy joining in on the stocking fun, too?

With this personalized Bull Terrier stocking, they can!

This stocking will star a photo print of your Bull Terrier and your dog’s name. Fill your Bull Terrier’s stocking with doggie treats and toys so he or she has something to howl about along with the kids!


8. Custom Bull Terrier Blanket


 Custom Bull Terrier Blanket


Everyone loves to be cozy and warm!

This winter, you can snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a custom Bull Terrier blanket. Our custom blankets are fleece lined and extra soft for your comfort and come in 3 fabulous sizes:

- Small (40”x30”)

- Medium (60”x50”)

- Large (80”60”)

Depending on what size you get, this blanket is perfect for your Bull Terrier in his or her pet bed, as a throw blanket, or even as a king-sized bedspread.

Include your friends and family in on the warmth by gifting them a custom blanket featuring their pet (or pets!), too!


9. Custom Bull Terrier Pillow


 Custom Bull Terrier Pillow


Two peas in a pod” is the way to go - good things often come in twos, so why separate them from their better half? Spaghetti and meatballs, PB and J, Bull Terrier blankets and pillows - one simply isn’t the same without the other by its side.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a custom Bull Terrier blanket for yourself or another Bull Terrier lover in your life, don’t forget to get a Bull Terrier pillow or two along with it!. Your custom Bull Terrier will be a dazzling splash of color on your couch, bed, loveseat, or otherwise, and is super squishy and comfortable! Pillows come in your choice of two sizes: 18”x18” and 20”x12”. Also, remember: you can put your own artsy touch on your pillow to make it extra special to you or the person you’re giving it to by selecting a background to go behind the realistic image of your Bull Terrier. (We love the modern, understated feel of the solid colored backgrounds!)


10. Custom Bull Terrier Tote Bag


 Custom Bull Terrier Tote Bag


A custom Bull Terrier tote bag can hold all of your essentials for work, beach day, or a shopping trip, and you can show off your dog while you carry it around!

Of 15”x15” custom totes are made of 100% spun polyester fabric to be extra durable and resistant to wear and tear, and can hold up to 26 US gallons of your things! You get to choose the way the artwork of your Bull Terrier looks on your tote and can also customize the background for behind the artwork.

Outings from now on will never be boring with your Bull Terrier tote!


11. Custom Bull Terrier Clothing


 Custom Bull Terrier Clothing


Why walk your pet when you could . . . wear your pet's face like a fashion statement?

In all seriousness, having custom Bull Terrier clothing is an excellent and creative way to memorialize your pet forever. We have several ways to wear your pet's face on your clothing, such as:

- Bull Terrier Crew Neck Shirts

- Bull Terrier Long Sleeve Shirts

- Bull Terrier V-Neck Shirts

- Bull Terrier Hoodies

- Bull Terrier Sweaters

- Bull Terrier Tank Tops

- Bull Terrier Youth Shirts

- Bull Terrier Toddler Shirts

We can put your or your friends' Bull Terrier's face on a monochromatic square or a fun patterned background. Choose a style that's fitting for their tastes and order up!


12. Custom Bull Terrier Phone Case


 Custom Bull Terrier Phone Case


You can protect your phone with a phone case starring your Bull Terrier!

Choose up to three pets to be turned into the artwork on your phone case set against your choice of background.

We have cases to fit any phone from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and from the iPhone 6/6s to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now, since you probably carry your phone with you all the time anyway, you can keep a reminder of your pet with you everywhere you go!


13. Custom Bull Terrier Beach Towel


 Custom Bull Terrier Beach Towel


Perhaps your pup loves the pool and the beach. Alternatively, they may run when it's bath time! Either way, the next time you and your pup are near the water make sure you have a custom Bull Terrier towel handy! Your 30”x60” cotton terry cloth towel will be super soft and perfect for drying off with or laying across the sand to tan. You’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again when it stars your precious Bull Terrier!


14. Bull Terrier Plush

What’s better than one Bull Terrier? Two Bull Terriers! In addition to their real Bull Terrier, you can give the Bull Terrier lover in your life the gift of a plush Bull Terrier! Soft, furry, and life-like a Bull Terrier stuffed animal is sure to be a lovable, huggable addition to their family for a long time to come.


15. Bull Terrier Jewelry

Is there a glamorous Bull Terrier lover you know who loves to accessorize with bling? Then buy them Bull Terrier jewelry for the next occasion!

Whether they prefer necklaces, bracelets, rings, or otherwise, there’s lots of Bull Terrier bling out there for them.

For instance, if the Bull Terrier lover in your life is on a strict schedule, they can look down at their wrists to see the time and their pup on an Bull Terrier watch! Or, if neck jewelry is more up their ally, a Bull Terrier pendant is the paw-fect gift to give them.


These Are the Best Gifts for Bull Terrier Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted some of the best gifts for Bull Terrier-loving people like you, and you can find our extensive collection of custom Bull Terrier gifts on our website! So, go forth and find some great gifts to wow your friends and family on the next holiday or birthday. We’re rooting for you!