15 of the Best Gifts for Schipperke Lovers


June 30, 2021

15 of the Best Gifts for Schipperke Lovers

The lively personality of the Schipperke has captured the hearts of many, and anyone who’s familiar with these pets can tell you what a lovable - and loving - handful they are.

Clearly, the Schipperke is a pet to take pride in, in every way. So, if there’s someone in your life who loves all things Schipperke - especially Schipperke merchandise or Schipperke stuff - keep scrolling to be enlightened to some great Schipperke gifts to get yourself or a loved one for the next occasion.

Also, don’t forget to get to shop our extensive collection of custom Schipperke gifts, which make fabulous presents for any Schipperke enthusiast or otherwise.

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Schipperke Book

2. Custom Schipperke Socks

3. Custom Schipperke Face Mask

4. Custom Schipperke Portrait

5. Personalized Schipperke Mug

6. Personalized Schipperke Ornament

7. Custom Schipperke Stocking

8. Custom Schipperke Blanket

9. Custom Schipperke Pillow

10. Custom Schipperke Tote Bag

11. Custom Schipperke Clothing

12. Custom Schipperke Phone Case

13. Custom Schipperke Towel

14. Schipperke Plush

15. Custom Schipperke Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Schipperke Lovers

1. Personalized Schipperke Book

Personalized Schipperke Book

We believe that every pet is unique and has its own interesting, important story.

What better way to tell that story than in the form of a book! A Schipperke book is a fantastic keepsake for yourself or another Schipperke lover.

In your personalized Schipperke book, you can design everything from the look of your pet to the storyline, and can even add up to 2 extra furry friends!

2. Custom Schipperke Socks

Custom Schipperke Socks

Socks truly are a fashion statement, and they can make or break your outfit.

Maybe you want to make a statement that you are a professional by wearing dress socks with your suit, tie, and dress shoes to work. Or, maybe you try to express to everyone around you that you love to be carefree and have fun by wearing fluorescent, mismatched socks.

If you own a Schipperke, you may want to use your socks as a way to express your love for your pet.

With our custom Schipperke socks, you can do just that!

We have socks available for customization in shoe sizes 6 through 15, so everyone can show off their cherished pet!

Prepare yourself, because when you’re wearing socks featuring your adorable Schipperke, people will be saying “awe” left and right from cuteness overload.

3. Custom Schipperke Face Mask

Custom Schipperke Face Mask

We’re in the thick of it when it comes to the COVID-19 global pandemic, which means lots of social distancing, online work and school, and of course, mask-wearing.

Masks have become not only a necessity but also a tool to accessorize for many. Besides plain blue surgical masks and black masks, there is a wide variety of colorful, patterned masks out there to fit every personality and taste.

For those of you out there with Schipperke loving personalities, we have Schipperke masks and other face coverings that you can customize with an image of your pet’s face!

Now you can go out into the world with a mask to keep yourself and others protected while at the same time showing off your Schipperke’s face to anyone who is fortunate enough to see!

4. Custom Schipperke Portrait

Custom Schipperke Portrait

Another way to honor your Schipperke is to make their gorgeous mugs into a custom Schipperke portrait!

We can make a small (12"" x 16""), medium-sized (16"" x 20""), or large (24"" x 36"") Schipperke painting that perfectly embodies your pet's looks and personality. Send us your favorite photo, and we'll turn it into something you can hang on your wall.

We hand-wrap and hand-frame every piece of Schipperke art we make. Schipperke decor will add that special something to your house or office.

5. Personalized Schipperke Mug

Personalized Schipperke Mug

Maybe you get your energy from caffeine by drinking coffee or tea each morning, and if so, what better way to drink your daily dose of caffeine than from a personalized Schipperke mug? Another great idea is to give a custom Schipperke mug as a gift for an office secret Santa, someone’s birthday, or another occasion!

Your custom mug will star your Schipperke so every time you go to take a sip of coffee, you’ll get to be reminded of your pet, too! As far as backgrounds go, the donut pattern background is a great choice for your mug if you like donuts with your coffee.

Once you get your personalized Schipperke mug, you’ll never look back; it’s the most pawsome cup you’ll ever have!

6. Personalized Schipperke Ornament

Personalized Schipperke Ornament

In addition to art, ornaments make awesome decorations. Not just on a tree at Christmastime - ornaments can be hung at any time of year on plants or on rearview mirrors to spiff up your car.

You can take your decoration to the next level and give it a personal touch with a personalized Schipperke ornament! When ordering, choose the image of your pet that goes on the ornament as well as its shape (you can choose between a snowflake, round, heart, or star ornament).

Now, wherever you’ve hung an ornament you can be reminded of your Schipperke and smile.

7. Custom Schipperke Stocking

On Christmas morning, one of the most exciting things to wake up to is a stocking full of goodies! Kids, of course, love this pre-gift tradition, but who says pets wouldn’t enjoy joining in on the stocking fun, too?

With this personalized Schipperke stocking, they can!

This stocking will star a photo print of your Schipperke and your pet’s name. Fill your Schipperke stocking with treats and toys so he or she has something to howl about along with the kids!

8. Custom Schipperke Blanket

Custom Schipperke Blanket

Complete the look in your bedroom or on your couch by adding a comfortable, soft blanket into the mix. Better yet, have your Schipperke appear life-sized on it by choosing your favorite image of them and getting it emblazoned.

We provide three sizes of custom Schipperke blanket so you can accommodate a variety of areas in the home:

40"" x 30""
60"" x 50""
80"" x 60""

Whether you've got a King-sized mattress to cover or you just want a decorative throw blanket, you've got options with us. (Oh yeah—the smallest size is perfect for fitting pet beds). Our blankets are made of microfiber fleece so that whoever's using it can feel right at home.

9. Custom Schipperke Pillow

Custom Schipperke Pillow

They say, “good things come in threes,” but in some cases, good can come in pairs! This is certainly the case when it comes to blankets and pillows. You simply can’t have one without the other - they complete one another!

So, before you get settled with your Schipperke blanket, make sure you’ve got a custom Schipperke pillow to lay your head down on, too! Plush and stylish, your Schipperke pillow will be the perfect accessory with which to add a splash of color to your couch, bed, or otherwise. As usual, you are free to customize the artwork of your Schipperke and the background behind it (maybe the floral background will match with the rest of your home decor).

Ahhh. Now you can rest: your set of snuggly Schipperke gifts is complete!

10. Custom Schipperke Tote Bag

Custom Schipperke Tote Bag

If you’re a busy Schipperke owner, you need something practical to carry around your essentials while you’re out running errands, going to work, or just going on a stroll.

A custom Schipperke tote is not only all of those things, but is stylish and another way to show off your Schipperke at the same time! Our Schipperke bag is versatile as it could be used as a purse, a travel bag, or even a book carrier for your library books, whatever you need it to be to work for your lifestyle!

11. Custom Schipperke Clothing

Why walk your pet when you could . . . wear your pet's face like a fashion statement?

In all seriousness, having custom Schipperke clothing is an excellent and creative way to memorialize your pet forever. We have several ways to wear your pet's face on your clothing, such as:

- Schipperke shirt
- Schipperke sweater
- Schipperke hoodie

We can put your or your friends' Schipperke on a monochromatic square or a fun patterned background. Choose a style that's fitting for their tastes and order up!

12. Custom Schipperke Phone Case

Custom Schipperke Phone Case

These days you probably carry your phone around with you everywhere you go.

Our phones are devices that hold our social lives and are used for work and to receive news, so it is important to protect your phone - you’ll be missing out on a lot if it breaks!

One way to protect your phone is with a phone case, and you can do that with pizzazz with a custom Schipperke phone case! Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung device, you’ll be able to enjoy a phone case with your pet’s cute boop-able nose on it.

13. Custom Schipperke Beach Towel

Custom Schipperke Beach Towel

The next time you and your Schipperke go for a swim, make sure to bring along a custom Schipperke towel starring your pet! This towel is made of oh-so-soft cotton terry cloth and is 30”x60”; big enough to spread on your pool chair to lounge in the sun.

You’ll never have to wonder which towel is yours again, and your Schipperke will take pride in how great she or he looks as artwork on your towel.

14. Schipperke Plush

A Schipperke plush is a simple but meaningful gift for a loved one!

They can set the plush on their desk at work to serve as a reminder of their pet when they’re separated, or they can keep it at home as a snuggly Schipperke stuffed animal to hug at night.

Your loved one is sure to appreciate and cherish their Schipperke toy, however they decide to use it.

15. Schipperke Jewelry

Schipperke jewelry is a pawsome gift for anyone who loves their Schipperke and bling. A Schipperke necklace is one wonderful option, but if the gift recipient prefers to keep their neck clear, personalized Schipperke bracelets and rings are something they’d likely treasure. A custom Schipperke watch is a pretty cool present to give them, too - each time they check the time their sweet pet will be grinning right back at them!

These Are the Best Gifts for Schipperke Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted some of the best gifts for Schipperke lovers, but it’s up to you to continue on the exciting journey of actually getting the Schipperke merchandise or Schipperke stuff that caught your eye! We’ll help you get to the next step: head on over to our website to shop our extensive collection of Schipperke gifts and gifts for pet, cat, and bird lovers alike!