Do You Love The Mastiff? Here are the 15 Best Gifts for Mastiffs and Mastiff Lovers


June 30, 2021

Do You Love The Mastiff? Here are the 15 Best Gifts for Mastiffs and Mastiff Lovers

Fluffy, soft, adorable, and affectionate? Sounds like a dream right? If you’re a Mastiff owner, we’re sure you understand why - these lovable pets are almost too good to be true!

Luckily for you, the Mastiff is real, and bring joy and excitement into the lives of Mastiff lovers all over the world. We know proud Mastiff parents cherish their pet and love him or her unconditionally, so what better a gift to get for a Mastiff lover than one starring their beloved pet?

So, if there’s someone you know who absolutely cannot resist Mastiff merchandise or Mastiff stuff, or if you’re a Mastiff enthusiast yourself, you’re in luck! Keep reading to find 15 of the best gifts for Mastiff lovers, and don’t forget to check out our website with our extensive collection of custom Mastiff gifts!

Table Of Contents:

1. Personalized Mastiff Book

2. Custom Mastiff Socks

3. Custom Mastiff Face Mask

4. Custom Mastiff Portrait

5. Personalized Mastiff Mug

6. Personalized Mastiff Ornament

7. Custom Mastiff Stocking

8. Custom Mastiff Blanket

9. Custom Mastiff Pillow

10. Custom Mastiff Tote Bag

11. Custom Mastiff Clothing

12. Custom Mastiff Phone Case

13. Custom Mastiff Towel

14. Mastiff Plush

15. Custom Mastiff Jewelry

Summary: Best Gifts for Mastiff Lovers

1. Personalized Mastiff Book

Personalized Mastiff Book

Are you headed to a baby shower soon and still don’t know what gift to bring? Don’t buy the same copy of “Goodnight Moon” that everyone always gets.

For any Mastiff lover especially, a personalized Mastiff book makes a great, unique gift!

Also, if you or a loved one has recently lost your Mastiff, a custom Mastiff book can be a wonderful keepsake to help you hold on to the memory of your pet.

In your personalized book, you’ll get to design the look of your Mastiff and even add yourself into the story. If you’d like, you also have the option to add up to two more furry friends into the storybook adventure.

The illustrations are brightly colored and captivating, and the storyline is adorable, sure to capture the attention of not only adults but children and babies, too!

2. Custom Mastiff Socks

Custom Mastiff Socks

Our custom socks feature an adorable, accurate image of your Mastiff so you can flaunt your four-legged friend on your two legs wherever you go. Be sure to select a background to go behind your Mastiff’s image to make your socks really pop and capture the attention of everyone around you. And, whether your feet are big or small, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your Mastiff on your feet because we have socks to fit shoe sizes 6 to 15.

With cushioned bottoms and ribbed legs, custom Mastiff socks are comfortable, cute, and are just the best!

3. Custom Mastiff Face Mask

Custom Mastiff Face Mask

When you go out in public nowadays, it’s critical to take precautions to protect your health and the health of those around you! That means social distancing and mask-wearing, just to name a few. You can be safe in style and up your mask game by wearing a custom Mastiff mask with the face of your Mastiff on it.

Our custom masks are super soft and comfortable and are both washable and reusable so you can show off your Mastiff in public as much as you’d like!

4. Custom Mastiff Portrait

Custom Mastiff Portrait

Many people hang up family photos in their homes to remember their loved ones when they’re away. A simple memento such as this can easily put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

We bet your Mastiff is a significant part of your family life, so why not memorialize him or her in the same type of way? You miss your pet just like you’d miss a human family member, after all. With a custom Mastiff portrait, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your pet, always and forever.

Customize the artwork of your pet by choosing an artsy background- mosaic, perhaps- that will be displayed on a canvas Mastiff painting in one of three sizes:

- Small (12”x16”)
- Medium (16”x20”)
- Large (24”x36”)

You can give custom Mastiff art to a loved one with their pet’s face on it so they can have a reminder of their pet to decorate their walls with, too. They’re sure to love it!

5. Personalized Mastiff Mug

Personalized Mastiff Mug

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate; whatever drink you prefer, why drink it out of a boring mug when you could be drinking it out of a personalized Mastiff Mug?

You can design your mug by sending in a photo of your Mastiff (and 2 other pets if you so choose) for our artists to turn into the artwork on your mug, and by selecting a background for your custom artwork (the donut background is a fabulous choice if you like to drink coffee).

A custom pet mug is not only a great gift to self, but also to give to someone else for a birthday, anniversary, office secret Santa, or holiday. Share the mug fun with your friends, family members, and coworkers, too!

6. Personalized Mastiff Ornament

Personalized Mastiff Ornament

We fa-la-la-la-love this personalized Mastiff ornament, and we’re sure you and fellow Mastiff lovers would too!

Similar to family photo ornaments, your Mastiff ornaments can be a keepsake to remember your pet every holiday season. You’re not limited to getting one ornament, either; buy several Mastiff ornaments to decorate your tree with your pet’s face all over, and you can also give personalized ornaments as gifts to your loved ones for them to enjoy.

As if all that customizing isn’t fun enough, we also have plenty of fun ornament shapes to choose from. After customizing the image of your Mastiff and selecting a festive background (the holiday pattern is a background worth howling about), you can make your custom ornament round, snowflake, heart, or star-shaped.

7. Custom Mastiff Stocking

While we’re on the topic of Mastiff gifts that are very festive and Christmasy, let’s talk about a personalized Mastiff stocking!

Stockings are often very personal, so for a Mastiff lover, what could be more personal than a stocking with their beloved pet on it? (Nothing, that’s what!) A personalized Mastiff stocking stars your Mastiff in a quality print and can be personalized with your name or your pet’s name.

You could also get a Mastiff stocking for your pet and give him or her some treats to look forward to on Christmas morning along with the kids!

Happy Howlidays to all, human and furbaby alike!

8. Custom Mastiff Blanket

Custom Mastiff Blanket

What are the ingredients for a perfect snuggle time with your Mastiff? Love, togetherness, and the warmth and coziness provided by a custom Mastiff blanket, of course!

Our lightweight custom blankets are made of supremely soft fleece that will without a doubt keep you warm while wrapped up in it. Printed on the top side will be a vibrant image of your Mastiff set against a striking background of your choice (a bold, lime green background, for instance, or a floral pattern).

Also, if an Mastiff lover you know is mourning the loss of their pet, you could get them an Mastiff blanket so they can always have a visual reminder of their Mastiff and feel connected to him or her, in a sense, while wrapped up in their blanket.

Our custom blankets come in three wonderful sizes:

- Small (40”x30”): great for pet beds
- Medium (60”x50”): twin/ full size, can be used for chill time on the couch
- Large (80”x60”): king size

Whether you give a custom blanket just for fun or as a pet memorial, it is the ultimutt gift for cuddling with your furry friend!

9. Custom Mastiff Pillow

Custom Mastiff Pillow

There’s nothing more awesome for snuggle time with your pet than a custom Mastiff blanket, but there is something that’s equally awesome: a custom Mastiff pillow!

Your pillow will boast a bright image of your Mastiff (and up to two other pets if you’d choose to include them) set against a background that you get to choose; so you can add a pop of color to any room, couch, or bed. Our custom pillows come in two sizes - 18”x18” inches and 20”x12” inches - so you can make your pillow work in any space, big or small.

10. Custom Mastiff Tote Bag

Custom Mastiff Tote Bag

A custom Mastiff tote bag is a fur-bulous way to show off your pet wherever you go while carrying your essentials at the same time.

Your 15”x15” Mastiff bag starring your adorable Mastiff has a capacity of 2.6 US gallons to hold everything you need, and is made of ultra-durable 100% spun polyester so you can enjoy it for years to come!

So, don’t be afraid: head on over to our website to get your Mastiff tote bag to show off your gorgeous pet on your next shopping trip, at work, or on a casual stroll.

11. Custom Mastiff Clothing

As a person with a stylish pet, you can’t let your clothing game slack. Custom Mastiff clothing will help you to flaunt your pet in a designer way (the fun part is, you’re the designer!). You can wear your Mastiff on:

- Mastiff shirt
- Mastiff sweater
- Mastiff hoodie

Choose a background that suits your style, like a snack patterned background or perhaps a mosaic background.

Get some custom Mastiff clothing for your friends and family, too, so your whole crew can proudly represent your pooch!

12. Custom Mastiff Phone Case

Custom Mastiff Phone Case

We get it: maybe you don’t care about getting the hottest new phone model each year. Why get a new phone when the one you already have still works just fine and does exactly what you need it to do?

Or, maybe you’re the complete opposite: you’re very trendy when it comes to your phone (which you guard with your life, of course) and you can’t wait to get the newest iPhone or Samsung.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, you need a phone case. Chances are, we have a case to fit your phone model - one that not only protects your tech, but also boasts your beautiful dog, cat, rabbit, or even fish!

For any type of iPhone and Samsung device we’ve got the perfect Mastiff phone case for you.

13. Custom Mastiff Beach Towel

Custom Mastiff Beach Towel

Make a splash at the beach or pool when you use a custom Mastiff towel with a picture of your Mastiff on it! Or, if that’s not your scene, brighten up your bathroom at home by hanging one up.

Our 30”x60” soft towels can show off just one of your furry friends, or up to three! And, per usual, you can select a background from a wide array of options.

14. Mastiff Plush

A Mastiff plush is a great gift for a child to remember their pet with. You could also give a Mastiff stuffed animal to your pet as a soft friend to snuggle with at night, or keep it for yourself to put on your desk at work.

Whoever the person who you give a Mastiff toy to is, their heart, without a doubt, will be warmed at the sight of it and the reminder of their Mastiff.

15. Mastiff Jewelry

Do you know a Mastiff enthusiast who likes to accessorize with jewelry?

Get them a gift that combines both of their interests: Mastiff jewelry!

If they like more understated, simple jewelry, then Mastiff stud earrings are the gift for them.

Maybe they prefer brighter, more expressive jewelry? Buy them a colorful Mastiff necklace.

These Are the Best Gifts for Mastiff Lovers: What Will You Get?

We’ve highlighted some terrific gifts for Mastiff lovers like you, but don’t stop here!

Discover and explore all of the Mastiff stuff and Mastiff merchandise options on our website, where you’ll find our extensive collection of personalizable and custom Mastiff gifts for all pet lovers.

It’s time to shop!